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The Mobster-in-Chief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/29/mobster-chief

What’s with the bizarre flag fetishes? What’s with the bizarre gun fetishes? Why aren’t men like that ashamed of their weird fetishes?

And here’s another question. It looks like most male rump supporters identify with a macho image. They spurn flashy hair styles, fakery and bling. So, why do they throw their support behind a big phony like rumpdump? I mean, come on, the dude wears a bizarre orange-tinted hairpiece! Why aren’t they ashamed of being rumpish sycophants? What on earth has happened to these male rump supporters? Did rump slice off their testicles? Why is there so much weirdness and creepiness around the rump movement?

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There is “so much weirdness and creepiness around the rump movement” because the GOP has been weird and creepy at least since Goldwater became their standard bearer in 1964. Its more a cult than a “movement”, that is why the macho wannabees will need a 12 step program to shake the cult.

Feffer frames the current “mob rule” as Trump problem despite the GOP having functioned as an organized crime syndicate from the county level to the national level at least since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago. Rather than use its power to discipline Trump, Congress has been serially complicit.


Defunding the police doesn’t mean not funding them at all. It is usually meant to mean giving them less money. Police reform has to come from changing laws and enforcing them. Giving police money to ‘reform themselves’ is an absurd approach thjat has never worked only made it worse because of no real change and the appearance of reform.

Yes the word “defund” has become a rally point for trumpites. Defang may have been a better choice. Defang and retrain from top to bottom.

I like that! Defanged like they do with rattlesnakes.

A debate comment as I;m watching it. The moderator must have control over the mics. I was of this mind the last time trump played this game of interruption. He is a spoiled child when he is in public discourse.