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The Modern History of ‘Rigged’ US Elections


The Modern History of ‘Rigged’ US Elections

Robert Parry

The United States is so committed to the notion that its electoral process is the world’s “gold standard” that there has been a bipartisan determination to maintain the fiction even when evidence is overwhelming that a U.S. presidential election has been manipulated or stolen. The “wise men” of the system simply insist otherwise.


Let's not forget the 2004 election where Republican shenanigans in Ohio stole the election from Kerry and gave it to Bush II. The whole thing has been conclusively documenedt by Robert Kennedy Jr in his writings. In this case too, the Democrats rolled over and played dead.


Trump seems to be claiming two types of rigging. One is that pointed out in the article that refers to African Americans cheating in big cities. But he also seem to be saying that there is a conspiracy among the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the media to elect Hillary Clinton. Much of his base thrives on conspiracy theories so many of his supporters probably believe him. Basically he is undermining democracy. According to the NY Times today some of his supporters are threatening violence if Hillary Clinton wins. Trump is clearly playing a dangerous game by advancing his conspiracy theory. People suggesting rigging need to be aware of this dangerous context. Many people on the right are well armed and seem to be making threatening statements.


The most egregious conspiracy theory of 2016 is the DNC and Clinton claiming that Russia hacked them despite having no evidence other than some Obama appointees who are serial liars.

The media hoopla about Trump's rigging comments, and Clinton's response stretching it so far that this week she is accusing Trump of "challenging democracy itself" is no different than the mushroom cloud ads the LBJ Regime used in the 1964 election and the Dubya Regime ads promoting the Iraq invasion in 2002-2003.

My initial reaction to Trump's comments were duh, rigged elections are the rule not the exception.

Trump's only fault in this case was failing to mention that he is as much a part of the rigging as anybody or anything else when you consider that he is the first POTUS candidate in our lifetime to deliberately not expand his base post nomination.


According to Barack Obama, the US elections and the systems that process the count of the vote are beyond reproach given it the worlds indispensable nation. US officials are claiming that any accounts of election fraud in the upcoming elections will likely be the work of Russians fabricating false stories.

So to all of those elections past where such frauds occurred and were documented, those never in fact occurred. It was the Russians! Putin has a time machine and planted those articles 30 years ago.

This article itself was fabricated by Russia!

That the Government of the USA and the DNC has to twist itself in such knots to claim all of these allegations of fraud are due to Russia is all I need to know to convince me that both the US Government and the DNC engage n vote fraud.
It sort of like the little child claiming a martian raided the ice box and took that last ice cream bar when a parent asks what happened to it.


Thank you for this excellent article. It's great to find all these references and history in one place.
It's "here we go again" as Hillary pounces on Donald for saying he won't automatically accept the results. In the 3rd debate, Hillary promoted the fiction that the loser has always accepted the reported results and has graciously conceded quickly. The next day the media jumped on this fictional narrative as the bedrock of democracy. Truth is, any candidate SHOULD contest the results IF there is a reasonable case to be made for fraudulent activity and the vote was close enough to change the outcome. Of course Donald is neither smart enough nor coherent enough to say something like "if there is plausible evidence of fraud or manipulation on a scale large enough to change the outcome, then yes I would contest it." Instead his criterion for challenging the result is whether he loses, which puts him at the level of maybe a 5-year-old.


For Trump to say at this point that the whole process is rigged is like a "professional" wrestler standing up and yelling, "It's rigged!" Well, of course it's rigged you dumb MF. It was rigged to get you into this ring. It was rigged that your opponent is scripted to "win" and not you. It's rigged that the audience is fully aware of its being rigged and is still going along with the charade.


What more proof does one need that the election for POTUS is rigged than this: OUT OF OVER 350 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE US..WE GET TO HAVE TRUMP OR HILLARY FOR THE NEXT POTUS!


Yes, I was hoping there would be a mention of this in the article. Perhaps Parry could do a followup addendum to this article.