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The Momentum is Real: Poll Shows Sanders Widening Lead in Wisconsin


The Momentum is Real: Poll Shows Sanders Widening Lead in Wisconsin

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With less than a week to go before the Wisconsin primary, a new poll shows Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders harnessing his post-weekend momentum into a widening edge over rival Hillary Clinton.

The Marquette Law School poll (pdf) published Wednesday shows Sanders leading Clinton, 49 to 45 percent.


Maybe eventually the polls will reflect the reality shown by the disproportionate attendance at Sanders and Clinton rallies - which is pretty much like the attendance at an NFL game vs. a game between local High Schools.


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I'm happy to see Bernie doing so well this last week or so. However, as I've been saying since this all started last fall, he's losing this because of the deeply ingrained cultural anti-semitism of the older African American community, not because this same group just loves the Clintons. They don't and showed that they don't in huge ( Yuge) nos. in 2008, when they basically voted for Obama the same way they're voting for HRC today. HRC is basically a surrogate this year for Obama and Clinton is being rewarded for her service to his administration. She certainly isn't being rewarded for all of her and Bill's great deeds done for that community. You know, like putting more black men in jail then anyone else in history or ending A.I.D and throwing millions of black women and their kids out on the street while at the same time putting their men in jail. No, instead they forget all that because they don't like the look , name or religious affiliation of Sen. Sanders a white man and JEW from NYC. Shame on them, if they weren't so blind in their prejudice and took a moment to see what he's proposing , like their own kids are they might have decided differently about the Clinton's. They're IMO no different in their ignorance then the crowd voting for Trump. Both, groups frankly don't even know what their own self interests are. Pathetic!


Hmmm, while Wisconsin may indeed make or break Bernie, the same can be said of Hillary Clinton. If Hillary does poorly, this could very well be the state that breaks the dam wide open.

Who would you rather be at the moment? Bernie Sanders with a growing army of followers or Hillary Clinton attempting to stop the bleeding of support. I think Bernie will take this state being an open primary; it is just a matter of how much.


I did just see that they will debate. Of course, I also just saw that Bernie is leading Hillary in Wisconsin. So yeah, I guess she's more amenable to a debate now.


//While Sanders was in Madison on Wednesday for several appearances including a town hall meeting, Clinton was scheduled to be in New York City at a fundraiser hosted by former Morgan Stanley Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat.//

So she is off to meet with the banksters while Sanders meets with the voters. That says everything right there.


I think you are wrong, I think they are going with who they know, who they have been told through propaganda is always on their side (she isn't) and that's what we see. Older people that are less connected to wider streams of information and discussion. It is up to Sanders supporters to try and reach out to these communities, calling them anti-semites does not help at all. If I make something that tastes good, I just have to let people smell it and they'll want to have a taste themselves. That's our job, introduce people to the revolution.


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Looks like Wisconsinites, in the great tradition of fighting Bob La Folette, are finding their inner progressive populist. Go Wisconsin!


I suddenly have a desire for some cheese :wink:


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I agree. There are several posters pushing this "African Americans are anti-Semitic and thus the 'cause' of Sanders not winning" CRAP.

It's a racist statement in that it puts blame onto African Americans, and it also generalizes an anti-Semitism that, if it exists, is hardly a major player.

I agree with you: Given the cost of Internet, less African-American families CAN afford it; and thus they tend to get their "news" directly from the corporate media's T.V. menu. And it's all about Brand Recognition... and as has been documented, it makes Bernie into the loser and/or invisible.


Clinton was scheduled to be in New York City at a fundraiser hosted by former Morgan Stanley Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat.

Secretary Clinton is shameless in addition to a large number of other unflattering things.


I was 100% with you until this odd conclusion.

The media pushes a constant pro-war narrative. I can't recall the poster who shared a link based on how the mindset of victimization works. But that is what's been operating since 911 and it's "the card" that Trump plays so expertly.

Since many people refuse to question the evidence and believe that the U.S. was attacked by outsiders on 911, they feel PERSONALLY attacked. And it's this "they attacked us" mentality that's constantly kept at a fever pitch.

Like many, I happen to believe that some of the "terrorist" events are inside jobs meant to retain this same threat level because it's through this fear of outside attack that the entire military juggernaut and its impossible costs are kept up.

The media drives the message, and the media sets the agenda. It hammers in its talking points through its chorus of talking heads until ANYONE who deviates feels marginalized, alienated, rejected, and sometimes... a very real "price on their heads."

So let's not generalize to the American people the result of a very real and ongoing Conditioning Process that makes WAR inevitable since the MIC has become everything Eisenhower warned about; and its annual budget at OVER $500 billion cannibalizes a HUGE segment of U.S. treasury monies.

Imagine all the people who don't want THAT blood-soaked gravy train to stop?

What is meant by "American thinking"? Is it generic? And who gets to define that?

See what I mean.

Pavlov's dogs didn't set the clocks for feeding time, you know.


I liked this bit especially:

Albert Camus, talking about the doomed Spanish Civil War in the 1930s wrote, “Men of my generation have had Spain in our hearts. It was there that they learned ... that one can be right and yet be beaten, that force can vanquish spirit, and that there are times when courage is not rewarded.” It’s true the light was extinguished for generations in Spain. America was sleeping, but it finally did the right thing and went to war against Fascism. I believe Fascism is still our greatest enemy and its face is everywhere in our so-called “democracies.” It was always about the moneyed interests that had the power. That is what Fascism is and that is the danger we are in now. Sanders talks about money, listen to him. He talks cogently about money and its power to distort. He’s the only one who has raised his voice against the corruption in our politics. Clinton has embraced this corruption.


This is an outrageous claim, based on nothing but racial stereotyping. It is just another effort of Sanders most crazy supporters to discount the votes of African Americans. "Millions" of Black women and their children thrown out on the streets in the 1990s? How did the rest of us miss that event? Sanders may be an honorable man. His most fervent supporters, like this one and those promising to vote Trump in the general, have a real problem with race.



"I want to cancel this post as it was meant to be a stand alone post not a reply to
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Max, find the edit tab on the post you submitted, then remove whatever text you didn't want. Suggest you add the word deleted in place of what you removed.


No, this is not the new Spamish Civil War. It's a political campaign.