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The Momentum is Real: Poll Shows Sanders Widening Lead in Wisconsin


Just finished watching Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders with Rachel Maddow. The most striking difference between the two candidates was the use of the words “I” and “We.” Hillary peppers her discourse with "I will, I am, I have, etc. etc. etc. Bernie, on the other hand, always manages to say “We.” That’s a HUUUuuuuuge difference!


Thanks. What Albert Camus said is true, and one should take it to heart, without giving up. The problems we are facing in this country and in others will not be solved by whoever wins a presidential campaign here or elsewhere. Much more needs to be done, from the ground up. And this, as always, remains an ongoing, hard, protracted struggle, beset with perils, with every hard-won victory matched by both outright defeats and from seeing seeming victories turn to disasters. The forces of establishment and hierarchy have been strong all over the world for a very long time. They resist challenges, as is to be expected. The suppression can be done adroitly or clumsily, with minimal violence or with tremendous bloodshed and suffering.

But we still have to fight on. What is the alternative?

Thanks again.


Thanks, countup33. That’s a good idea.

I am not sure how to find out who are the superdelegates from my state (NY) and how to get their contacts, but it’s definitely worth a try, especially if the word gets around about doing this–and how.

That would still only directly help the Sanders campaign, however, not the many deserving candidates who might also be trying to challenge establishment ones in the Democratic primaries. Most of these establishment candidates are oriented towards big money and its interests.They are not all like that, but far too many are clearly so.

In my state (NY), I have contributed a small amount to the campaign of Zephyr Teachout, a law professor who investigated corruption in New York State government, and gave Andrew Cuomo a scare in the last primary. She is pro-worker, and this time she is getting the full support of the Working Families Party, which is also supporting Sanders.

I have also contributed small amounts to the WFP, Democracy for America and MoveOn.

Thanks again! I will try and follow up on your suggestion. I am hoping Sanders can win in Wisconsin.

The Republicans, such as Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, are more to be feared than Hillary and Bill, in my opinion.



Now if they can only prevent Bill Clinton from making another run on the polling stations…


I gave you an upvote since I hadn’t seen that video and it is very revealing. Conclusion: You just can’t fight the Big Party Machines from the outside unless you’re smart like Bernie and develop some camouflage.

Had Dr. Flowers joined the Dems prior to that meeting, maybe she would have been allowed to speak?

Anyway, it’s far too late to organize independents this cycle. Ride the Dem Donkey with Bern if you are a true progressive and appreciate the progressive debate that Sanders has aired for the first time since Nader.


Good post ajanah and welcome to CD!

Should our guy, Senator Sanders win the Dem nomination, we will see interesting times since he will become the first US president in living memory to have be elected without corporate strings attached.

We will be in uncharted waters, imho, and as an educator you raise a most perplexing issue; you are already thinking of the structure required to support a victorious Candidate Sanders in November.

Since those of us of limited means cannot support progressives across the whole government all I can think of is that we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it. I’d advocate throwing 100 percent of your support to Sanders realizing that he’s risen to the top of the Senate food chain without any party help via his street smarts and sterling reputation alone, as the longest serving independent in Congress. He’s been doing something right all these years, so I leave it to him to call for a General Strike or Boycott or Blue Flu, or whatever to support his platform should he deem it necessary to shake up his Wall Street enemies.

It will be most interesting indeed to see how it unfolds and I simply have no idea how he will herd a crowd of opportunistic corporate lackeys into real leaders. But if anyone can do it, it’s Bernie Sanders. See my post here for my thoughts on why we should just trust Bernie: Easter Rebellion: Three States Give Bernie Sanders Landslide Victories

My two cents for whatever it’s worth.



African Americans are not voting for Sanders because they don’t know who he is, let alone know that he is Jewish. In fact I will bet your average voter doesn’t know he’s Jewish.


Thanks, Thomas_Jefferson.

I will read your post at the link you posted.

Arjun Janah


Way, way less. But it’s a good Hillary voter meme.


No. It is a meme here.


No need for all that, we already have Black voters don’t count because (pick your reason, red states, anti-semitism) and the self announced Sanders Trump voters.


That’s pretty much it.


What is historically true is that Black Americans have identified with Jews in their captivity and enslavement. Black churches especially. Listen to a gospel or two.
The easy adoption of this anti semitism slander is more evidence of the distance between many Sanders supporters (distinguished from Sanders himself) and Black America. It was funny how so many dismissed the votes of the Deep South as being in red states, but have been euphoric about victories in Utah, Idaho,
Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Alaska. It appears the issue with those votes was not red, but Black.


Clinton is obsessed with money and would keep us in the pit where we are today with big Wall Street banker doing all the same economic scams that have destroyed our economy in the past.


Sanders will be on the ballot. The Democratic chair for D.C. says so, the Sanders campaign says so.
Why get all excited about msm sensationalist reporting?


This is just slander, itself. Many of us are in the streets with AAs, live next to AAs, etc.

I thought at first you might be a reasonable Hillary supporter, but i think i will not reply anymore, because it is obvious that you are trying to generalize fervent Bernie supporters as racist, in order to drive voters to HRC, the one whose policies hurt us all, no matter the color.


Gooooooo Wisconsin!


OK. Polar bear.

I am sure what you say about living and being in the streets with Black Americans is true of many. Though not so many in Idaho, Utah. I have not generalized. I have been very specific about the comments here about Black Anti Semitism, Deep South voters etc. if you find nothing objectionable about such comments, then yes, my comments may be generalized to you as well.


braj, please accept a reserved but representative protest from this “less connected” 72-year-old who favors MSNBC and Al Jazeera over FOX, daily reads TPM, Alternet, Crooks & Liars, Hullabaloo, and passionately devours every word and video on Peter Sinclair’s “Climate Denial Crock of the Week”.

The hair may be snowy, but the brain’s still warm ‘n’ pulsing… Go Birdie Bernie!


The masses must pay homage whenever the overlords demand homage. It is so written and will be enforced.

Does anyone believe that our country is still a democracy? Unless the masses join together to defeat this assigned expressway to Armageddon, we will not survive.