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The Monsanto Tribunal’s Legal Opinion Reinforces Movements’ Struggle for Basic Human Rights


The Monsanto Tribunal’s Legal Opinion Reinforces Movements’ Struggle for Basic Human Rights

Ruchi Shroff

On Tuesday, the Monsanto Tribunal of international judges presented in The Hague their legal opinion after 6 months of analysing the testimonies of more than 30 witnesses, lawyers and experts.


There is no more important topic of our times, these killer industrial food corporations. How many ways are they killing? let us count the ways:

destroying ecosystems
destroying soil structure
destroying soil fertility
accelerating desertification
accelerating climate change
killing bees, butterflies, and other pollinators
killing soil biota
polluting water
causing oceanic dead zones
destroying biodiversity
poisoning water
poisoning soil
poisoning people
pushing small farmers off the land
stealing the right to seeds
robbing food sovereignty
causing cancers
causing birth defects
causing respiratory disease
causing kidney disease
causing autism

This is ecocide and genocide. Hell is empty and the devils are here, and their names are Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Dupont, BASF, Syngenta, ChemChina, Yara. And their deputies are legion in Washington, Bonn, Brasilia, New Delhi, London, Zurich, Beijing . . .


We have a long way to go to bring these criminals to justice.
Their corruption rests not just in their poisonous products, but in their undermining of democracy in implementing the world order of corporate governance free from public accountability, transparency and efficient regulation.
A culture that worships these suits is a rotting culture.


Like Wal-Mart, Monsanto’s primary business is monopoly. Their products are just lubricant needed to achieve that goal.


I read the Opinion and shouted “Y-E-S-!!!” No longer can these companies claim they have some sort of RIGHT to poison our air and water, and families, and future. This is OUR planet and OUR lives these corporate bullies have been snuffing. We are seven-plus billion red-blooded, living human beings. Those corporate “weapons” formed against us have no life of their own. In fact, all they really are is row after row after row of lifeless filing cabinets (or computerized filing cabinets) holding ton after ton of lifeless paper, yet our Courts have long given these lifeless entities power over our lives. Corporations are FICTION. FANTASY. Poisoners of our minds and bodies and our beautiful planet. Never pass up a chance to disobey and reject the illegitimacy of a corporation, especially one such as Monsanto with a goal of making living people and things all dead.


Certainly the entities like Monsanto, Dow, etc., are destroying the environment for profit but who else is to blame? How about all the happy stockholders of these companies and all the funds that are marketed on Wall Street? Mutual fund companies I’m sure are invested and those who invest in same funds can equally shoulder the blame.


How to deal with this? Socialism is a viable system that can be used if implemented. Socialism attacks the “sacred” rights to private property and profits. What’s not being said here is the private property of the "little person"will be done away with, but the multi billion dollars corporations that are actually ruling the world for the gain of just a few people at the expense of the rest of us will be owned by the socialist state. Control of seed and food along with education, healthcare, safe secure housing, clean water, and self government are human rights. It is good to see that the Hague has recognized this and is talking about moving forward in strengthening the rule of law against these pirates.


and don’t forget suicide seeds in your list…


Monsanto has the patent for these suicide seeds, aka “Genetic Use Restriction Technology,” or GURT that they inherited when they acquired Delta & Pine Land (DPL) which developed them.

However, Monsanto has chosen not to introduce these commercially and is one of their talking points that shows the goodness of their hearts.


didn’t know that thanks


Monsanto should go the way of Enron. It does a lot of false advertising in its commercials. It says its products are so good and safe. Their products are good for nothing and safe to destroy.:scream::rage::triumph::fearful::scream_cat::head_bandage::skull_crossbones::space_invader::imp::smiling_imp::rage::flushed::japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin::skull: