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The Monster and the Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/17/monster-and-trump

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As some hats say these days:’ Make Orwell fiction again.’ Let’s not look at our actual history because white people may have to look at their behavior and it may make them feel unexceptional. I don’t know how many non whites are not aware of the reality of our history. If hopefully Trump loses I think he will try have a radio show or network to keep up the hate and adulation for being hateful. The Twitter won’t stop and his people won’t disappear.


The Donald likes to call others names; I call HIMM a fuckin a—hole!!

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Hi EriktheRed:

Actually, I am thinking that his correct name should be: The man with no brain." OR— maybe a small worm that reacts if you touch it, and moves away from the source of pain. But, I think my favorite is the jelly fish----as its anus and its mouth are the same orifice. .

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Don’t wait till November 3rd, Dump the “Donald” out of Air Force One accidentally on the way to his next rally.

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He’ll lose–he won’t “Make America GAG Again!”