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The Mop Closet of American History

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/11/mop-closet-american-history


This is how America’s version of a “Christian Nation” operates. It is quite ironic since these asylum seekers are as a whole typically more devout than the “Christians” who exert power over them. Jeff Sharlet’s (2008) The Family was an eye opener for me regarding the pervasive infection of the dominionists throughout the nation’s political sphere. They claim a “Jesus plus none” mantra but really genuflect before power. That is why they are stuck on IQ45, they wish they had his aggression. Not having it nor any dog on hand to kick, they exert their cruelty on the weak–asylum seekers with next to nothing but the shirts on their backs. Psychopaths, each and every one.


“A majority of Americans ….” There was an online article recently tracing the history of the term, “American.” I wasn’t able to find the link. In the early years, United States citizens felt it was a derogatory term, referring to lands in Central and South America. The United States is one country among many on the North, Central, and South American continent. So I doubt all those “Americans” are in favor of the treatment of asylum seekers at the United States southern border.


The Dominionists/Fundamentalists/aka: “Christian Taliban” in Jeff Sharket’s book “The Family” RARELY MENTION JESUS–or offer a MACHO/Violent “Jesus of the SWORD”. These people are a CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER (& have been for DECADES): but, the “liberal/moderate Christians” who SHOULD have been on FRONTLINE challenging them were mostly SILENT. Too many others dismissed them since they were “only” gong after LGBT & Women–“identity politics” docha know, the way to dismiss the HUMAN RIGHTS of anyone who’s NOT a white heterosexual man. But, these fanatic s are the TIP OF THE SPEAR for AMERICABN FASCISM (read CHRIS HEDGES!!!). These people have NO concern for ALREADY BORN CHILDREN—which tells you that their so-called “pro-life” stance is TOTALITARIAN BS.
I hope people share this essay far & wide–esp. to those who call themselves “Christian”.

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Time we too take out that mop and clean away all the bigoted, racist, exploitive ideas the US Americans have for far too long allowed to poison our collective consciousness and free this child who languishes in the closet and realize he is us. We cannot undo the crimes of the past but we can bring to birth a new way that will never again allow such wrongs to be perpetrated on others.

As our Jewish brothers and sisters, in the best Judaic tradition, say, No, Never Again Means Not To Anybody!

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The underlying issue is what immigration costs taxpayers, assuming ignorantly of course the neverending American mindset of “I-pay-more-taxes-than-you-than-anybody” AND ignoring the reality that immigrants who get through are paying taxes on Pepsi, cigarettes, diapers, razor blades, etc, etc,etc within 72 hours anyway.

Damn, sometimes I think I pay more in sales taxes in a month than I pay in income tax all year.