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The More Joe Biden Stumbles, the More Corporate Democrats Freak Out

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/14/more-joe-biden-stumbles-more-corporate-democrats-freak-out

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I interpret the recent series of Wall Street and corporate Democrat attacks against Warren, as their reading to her of the Riot Act. They find Sanders unacceptable, but they seem to think that, like President Obama, Warren could be pressured to be another tactic supporter of the plutocratic, imperialist, warmongering status quo .


I don’t disagree with Solomon as my wife and I continue to support Sanders (and Gabbard) and hope he doesn’t eventually embrace the official DNC candidate like he did last time. I don’t, however, share his framing of Warren as a second choice for progressives. Warren met with Hillary this past summer-- that is very disturbing.
I think we will see some major shakeups between now and the Iowa caucuses. My guess: Sanders will be out, Gabbard will also be out. Warren will be the remaining sortof progressive left and she will move right. Meanwhile the U.S. empire is collapsing at a remarkable rate which will have a major impact on what remains of our domestic policies and program: health care, schools, immigration, prison reform, trade wars, wall street etc. The DNC has effectively managed to keep our imperial/foreign policy agenda and actions out of the debates.
Bottom line, the DNC rigged primary will leave the Party in tatters. What is the next step?


Don’t count Hillary Clinton out by the way. In spite of the fact that she shares the same “friends” as Biden, they are competitors and they have both demonstrated the sociopathic behavior needed to wedge out rival candidates. Ukraine gate smacks of an inside “hit” which will probably finish off Biden but I have no proof of it at this point.

IMO, all of the corporate hullabaloo about how ‘Warren must be stopped’ is an attempt to bamboozle the electorate to believe that she is somehow ‘dangerous’ to corporations and therefore good for the people! BS. CEOs would like progressives to think that they hate her, thus dividing the vote between her and Sanders. Frankly, I think that’s a big part of why she’s in the game - to keep Sanders out. She will, if elected, morph into a CorpoMonster, just like Obama did.


Solomon mentioned foreign policy briefly, skipping past the Biden family predilection for brazenly cashing in on the Biden name. I don’t like it when Trump’s circle practices crony capitalism, I don’t like it when Democrats do it either.

And the reason impeachment will fizzle is because it’s going a long way toward exposing both sides of the duopoly for the influence peddlers that they are – can’t have that, now can we?


Trump wins POTUS in 2020 ?

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I was reading this article as to how “Neuropolitics” has introduced itself into election campaigns. Frightening stuff indeed and it suggested that while in its infancy Political parties already are implementing some of this.

You are probably correct about Warren and (sadly) Gabbard, but Bernie barely trails 'Beth in donation totals and actually leads her in the number of individual donations — hopefully a good indicator of his wide support among voters.  IMHO, it is Biden who will be gone after Iowa & New Hampshire – and certainly after California – once the Fat Cats begin to shift their Big Bucks from supporting him to at least attempting to corrupt Warren.  As noted in the article:

Good Luck keeping the recent foreign policy blunders out of the next debate, given their domination
of the current headlines . . .   It appears that Steinbeck was anticipating Trump and Giuliani and Barr
et al when he wrote in 1941 (emphasis mine),

Personally, I think Warren is going to win the nom. She has built a broader base than Bernie which, yes, includes conservative members of the Damn Dems, but is also a champion of great legislative actions that other senators can’t boast of. The fact that she is “attacked” by the left for being “Indian” is just shameful. The fact that she is attacked for being capitalist is insane. You really think that only capitalists are greedy and harmful to people? It’s humans who hurt others, using any economic system to screw others. And all this pearl clutching about how she has “compromised” on positions is just childish. Of course she comprises! That’s what politicians DO! They aren’t kings, they are policy makers and have to work with other policy makers to get things done. If you want better policies, work in your own state to get better policy makers in office. This whole masculist notion that the “guy” at the top is all powerful is so antithetical to real democracy it just stinks. We’re having a slow revolution in this country. If you want a real one, vote for a woman who knows how to fight the patriarchy with the weapons of the patriarchy, not go off quixotically doing face to face battle with powers that have already sewn up the battle.


HIlldawg’s an intriguing possibility. “Don’t tempt me” she says to Trump.

Yet, her online social media activity has been increasing the past few months. She’s constantly getting her mug in the press and that rate is increasing. She’s also spending much of her speech time taking on Trump in a campaign-style attack and mobilizing her groupies to organize.

I suspect she’s been shadowing Biden the entire time watching to see if he was good enough to carry the banner.

If he goes down, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see her come in and swoop up his assets, war chest, donors (they were already hers first anyway) and organization. Add a pinch of David Brock to take care of us, and voila, 2016 redux.

Even if she doesn’t wind up running, she’s been shadowing this entire thing too closely to be merely an interested observer. The Red Queen is nothing if not a schemer.


If she announces that she will run again in 2020 she will singlehandedly guarantee a Trump reelection. The Dems have already made a 2nd term Trump a real possibility by focusing these past few years on Russiagate, and now Ukrainegate, while not improving at all or learning from their mistakes. If Hillary were to run again, I expect even apolitical people will run towards Trump just to spite the witch.


Anyone who thinks Status Quo Joe is electable is simply lying to themselves. “nothing will fundamentally change”, will not get enough people off the couch.

Norman Solomon is correct, it is ridiculous to even consider Biden as the Democratic Candidate, he is Hillary Lite and Trump will devour him in the Debates.

Not to be insulting or mean-spirited, but any astute observer can tell that Biden is obviously suffering from the early stages of Dementia.

He is Inarticulate, cannot follow his own trend of thinking, has NO progressive ideas and his Son Hunter has done nothing illegal but can certainly be accused of being Immoral and Unethical.

Hunter Biden used his Father the Vice President of the USA to Influence Peddle his way onto a Gravy Train in the Ukraine and China. Disgraceful.

Do Not allow the DNC and the Mass Media to Drive Bernie out of the Race with Insults about his Socialist Ideas, like Medicare For All and scare tactics about his Health.

Bernie is Articulate on his Feet, is offering what the Majority of the Populace wants and can easily handle Trump in a Debate.

Lets not select another Male version of Hillary, a Warmonger and a Puppet for Wall Street Tycoons.



Do you consider Native American/Indigenous People pointing out Sen. Warren’s baloney on her " high cheek bones " cruel and unusual punishment, from their unique point of view? Then go on to blame the left, for good measure, as well?
That’s as blatantly ill-informed a comment as Sen. Warren’s original co-option of Cherokee blood.
Get real, please.

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VP is a real possibility?

The facts absolutely do not support your assertion that Warren has a larger base than Sanders.

She’s Obama 2.0. Campaign to the left, govern to the right.


" Biden’s campaign … lapped in the money chase by multiple Democratic rivals, most notably Senator Elizabeth Warren."
From the article linked to by Solomon, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/05/us/politics/biden-donors.html

But, but… BERNIE SANDERS! is ahead of Warren in fund-raising, I believe, so isn’t it diagnostic that the NYT leaves BERNIE SANDERS!’ name out, commenting only on the 2nd best candidate–in their corporate view?

(Just trying to make up a tiny bit for corporate ignor-ance of BERNIE SANDERS! Of course it won’t make up for it at all; it needs to appear in corporate media as if it weren’t Pravda or Izvestia disappearing people who are still alive.)


Again while I do not agree with all of Tulsi Gabbards policies she is speaking to issues far too many candidates try to ignore.

Here she speaks to how she considers boycotting the next debate as she feels just as in 2016 the DNC and Corporate media are rigging the debates so they can select the next candidate for President.


She is also the only candidate who suggest Assange committed no crimes and all charges against him should be dropped.


Not to mention, if there’s such a thing as “staying home again, but harder this time”, she’d definitely inspire a lot of that.

You gotta admit, tho, this would be such a classic DNC kind of face plant move.