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The Mosquito and the Politician


The Mosquito and the Politician

Christopher Brauchli

[A] vile insect that has risen up in contempt
against the majesty of Heaven and earth.
—Johnathan Edwards, The Justice of God . . . . (1734)


It's not true that congress doesn't realize the consequences of their failure to act - they just don't care.


Exactly what I thought when I saw the headline.


I have a question: why did so many politicians go haywire over Ebola and why are so few so unconcerned about Zika?


Most of Congress are Men. They dont think about anything but themselves. If men got pregnant then they would react quickly. That means that they fail to think about their wives and children and grandchildren.


Don't worry, we''ll see plenty of Congressional action -- when one of their wives or daughters gives birth to a Zika baby. Till then, snorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre.


It would be useless to tell these morons anything because they are incapable of rational thought.


If I was one of these blood-sucking parasites (of the non-winged variety) and was in the back pocket of big biotech, amongst others, the last thing I'd do is facilitate the distribution of these prevention kits to where they could be used most effectively. Doing so would not only be reasonable, but would also help to prevent the 'emergency' conditions that supposedly call for the great, inadvisable and uncontrolled experiment of releasing GMO mini-drones into the environment down in the Keys. Being beholden to my real paymasters, making sure this experiment goes ahead would be a top priority for me. It is a shame this aspect of the story didn't seem to warrant mention in the article.


Yes but mosquitoes actually have a purpose as parts of the ecosystem. Politicians don't have a purpose worth existing for.


Democrats, Republicans and me all differ mightily on this issue.

Democrats see lots of money to be made by a) Pharma if they can come up with a vaccine, and b) Monsanto for generalized mosquito bombing. Now, you must realize that Haiti and Brazil both had massive Zika outbreaks at about the same time. Brazil had 1600 microcephaly cases. Haiti just had its very first microcephaly case last month. Those numbers don't add up in the least, by the way. So, thoughtful investigators will look either for alternate causes of the microcephaly or perhaps for cofactors.

Suspect #1: Glyphosate, Roundup, used like crazy in the agricultural areas of Brazil where human microcephaly was reported. Scientists have shown that glyphosate causes microcephaly in chicken embryos and in frog embryos. Now that's a suspect!

Suspect #2: The TDP vaccine. It has never been tested on pregnant women. Nevertheless, the Brazilian government gave it to millions of pregnant women two years ago.

Suspect #3: a mosquito larvacide that has been dumped into way too much Brazilian drinking water.

The Democrats are now going to play deaf, dumb and blind to any science that shows their patrons to be slaughtering babies. Really, if the Republicans could only teach the Dems the finer points about climate denial, the Dems might pull it off for a while.

Now we get to the Republican view of Zika. It has everything to do with abortions! Women are going to look at the deformed little heads in their wombs and are going to march right over to Planned Parenthood and have that kid aborted!