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The Mosquito and the Politician


The Mosquito and the Politician

Christopher Brauchli

[A] vile insect that has risen up in contempt
against the majesty of Heaven and earth.
— Johnathan Edwards, The Justice of God . . . . (1734)


Actually, the mosquito represents the Majesty of Heaven and Earth. It kills plenty of human beings, but from the viewpoint of Mosquito kissingerii (Washingtonensis), there are plenty of those where they came from.

Having lived in in tropics for 17 years and having been bitten countless times by the plague-raddled mosquito, I loath the little beasts and sympathise with their victims. But mosquitoes have their place in the grand scheme of things, if only to provide larvae so as to feed fish and tadpoles. And unlike politicians, they don't go out of their way to deliberately kill humans; they are merely an unwitting vector.


By George, you nailed it !


I think we all know what has to happen. A couple of high ranking members of Congress have to have their families contract the disease. Then it will be clear that this is A NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!! Happens all the time. Why is empathy so hard for some?