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The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History


The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History

Chris Hedges

The release Thursday of the 5,544-page text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership—a trade and investment agreement involving 12 countries comprising nearly 40 percent of global output—confirms what even its most apocalyptic critics feared.


I read this piece yesterday, he mentions a lady running for the Senate whom he supports. Why? He dismisses all elected officials, the very structure of the government, yet he supports this lone soul. He says don't bother with the campaign, participate in massive civil disobedience. Waiting for that is like waiting for Godot. No one has consistently, over a long period of time, articulated a stronger opposition to these trade farces than Bernie Sanders. It almost seems Hedges relishes the idea of Ryan as Speaker of the House, McConnell as Senate Majority Leader, and Hillary Clinton in the White House.


Dr. Flowers shows where Obama is LYING about this disastrous trade deal... as Clinton lied about NAFTA, its predecessor.

The Bush Junta lied the nation into wars that are spreading like a conflagration that cannot BE contained.

Since these trade deals are war as executed by treaty, and they accompany very real wars that qualify as Crimes Against Humanity (adding conscious attacks on hospitals and doctors to the latest mix); and both items impact citizens of many lands... the time has come for an International body that can rein in the trespassers.

The same Shadow Elite that took over the mechanisms of the U.S. govt. (to thereby access its massive military) are doing likewise to other lands.

WE are not citizens whose fealty is to corporate overlords who think it's their divine right to poison the atmosphere, denude the landscape of all plant life, and rob species after species of their right to life. WE never gave our allegiance to those who make war their business.

This heist is global and the individuals orchestrating it are less than human.

A global mechanism must arise that holds these sociopaths to account for their crimes.

I would be willing to go to Washington. Are there specific events? How would those of us who live in other states stand in the streets for a solid week there?

And if Occupy Wall St. was broken apart by police muscle... it's likely that the same thing will happen in Washington.

LAW must once again trump naked power be it expressed through fiscal graft and political arm-twisting, or all-out military might.

Today's oligarchs are no different from those monsters who have stained history in so much wasted bloodshed and stolen treasure.


I felt the same way when he manages to say Hillary won't be much help preventing this. Bernie wouldn't sign it and Hedges knows it. What is with this guy? He is becoming mesmerized by what he thinks is his legend I think?


Where are the tea partyists and the conspiracy nuts railing about One World Government?

Well here the f'k it is! This is the ONE WORLD CORPORATE GOVERNMENT ... for real.

Dismantling national sovereignty and giving corporate entities elementary control of social/local institutions. One wonders if unions are long for this world?

One World Government... get yours today!


It's too early to say whether Bernie will be our savior or not. It is more important at this stage to get the word out about how corporate America is going to enslave us. Until the majority of Americans realize that corporate fundamentalism is the greatest threat to us all, our leaders will be powerless to change anything.


Fair enough, but if Bernie is history after the Democratic Convention usurps him, should we all lower our heads in despair or should we rise up with massive displays of civil disobedience? I am a Sander's supporter, but American history has shown that anytime a potential anti-corporate candidate appears, he or she are quickly removed from the political arena. I really doubt that the primaries will play out the way CD readers are hoping.


Tea Partyists and the conspiracy nuts only do what the Koch brothers (and other funders of their faux grassroots performances) tell them to do.


Are you serious? So-called "conspiracy nuts" are seldom sympathetic to corporate interests.

It's engineers and scientists who know that the tale of 911 is bogus.

It's health conscious individuals who rebel against enforced one-size-fits-all standards that question the proclaimed safety of gen-tech foods and the massive immunizations pumped into infants' bodies.

Lumping these camps together and branding them under the Kochs is a means of silencing dissent and maintaining the hegemonic control of what the corporate media deems valid.


They believe what they were told and some still do. In any case there are many who believe in that One World Government tag line , so maybe they need to be shown where it really is this time?

This really is that One World Corporate Government in actuality.

What amazes me is that people can see all manner of hidden conspiracies real or imagined except when the conspracy is out in the open and not hidden.

This actually is the One World Government... The New World Order. It was never the UN nor the mythological Illuminatti nor the Girl Scouts (okay the jury is still out on them as yet)... this is the corporate coup in action, the step by step corporate take over.

Jonathan E was everybody's hero in ROLLERBALL!


That is completely unfair of you to assert that "Hedges relishes the idea of Ryan as Speaker of the House, McConnell as Senate Majority Leader, and Hillary Clinton in the White House". How can you possibly believe that.

Hedges is not about to support Bernie Sanders for his stated reasons. I will vote for Sanders if he ends up on the ballot but with an acknowledgement that I am compromising on my principles to do so. That is how fucking depressing things have become in the US, that to see a last shred of hope is to go with a person who supported Obama not prosecuting the Bush Administration for war crimes, and supporting Pelosi taking impeachment "off the table". Also, I can hardly stomach supporting anyone who ultimately supports the MIC and overall US foreign policy.

No doubt someone is going to call me names now for uttering such criticisms.

Speaking of these corporate power grabbing trade agreements, Bernie Sanders has not to my knowledge come out against the TTIP which is an even larger trade pact being negotiated in secret. If you have information to the contrary, please let me know.


I'm already seeing "polls" showing that Hillary leads Sanders.


Some seem to be upset with my point of view, the default position of Hedges, whether he says so or not, is a government under the leadership, or lack thereof, of the three people I mentioned. He doesn't say, I can't support Bernie for such and such a reason, but all should use their good judgment with regard to these matters, no, he doesn't encourage anyone to vote. If Bernie doesn't make it, Hillary, unfortunately, will. And Hedges, to quote the often quoted Paul Street from Counterpunch, accuses Bernie of "funneling" voters to HIllary, a variation on the Sheep Dog theme. (The Paul Street Piece is constantly being linked to by the Green crowd here on CD.)

No one should lower their heads for anyone. Do what seems appropriate in the locales in which one lives. If Bernie loses I'll do what I can for progressive casues in my neighborhood on this planet, I won't be voting for anyone but Bernie for president though.

Last time Hedges, at the eleventh hour, came out in support of Jill Stein. Why not now, if he supports Ms. Stein?


My Senator used to be decently progressive, he sold out long ago, and supported the majority report of the infamous Simpson/Bowles Commission, his name, Dick Durbin. He also is in support of Hillary, though he did not vote for fast track.


we can each do whatever we can to make sure that he does win, though.


typical of today's "liberal," = two-faced, lying, traitorous neoliberal.


i agree, his refusal to support the one person that has a fighting chance to slow or even stop this rush to death is very, very weird. basically saying, let's not even try.

maybe his reputation as a radical is at stake. i love him but am so disappointed in his stance on this. he could help rally so many....




I suggest before you resort to all caps, you might want to make sure you have read the post you are responding to. The choice of blue lettering was a nice touch however.

Speaking of these corporate power grabbing trade agreements, Bernie
Sanders has not to my knowledge come out against the TTIP which is an
even larger trade pact being negotiated in secret. If you have
information to the contrary, please let me know.


Sorry, i just cut and pasted--i was tired. I'll keep my eye out for a similar stance on the TTIP, as I'm sure Bernie feels the same way about that one as the TPP--they are very alike.

The blue letters meant it was a link to a larger document.

Enjoy your posts, psychedelic, no shouting intended.