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The Most Dangerous Place on Earth


The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Dilip Hiro

Undoubtedly, for nearly two decades, the most dangerous place on Earth has been the Indian-Pakistani border in Kashmir. It’s possible that a small spark from artillery and rocket exchanges across that border might -- given the known military doctrines of the two nuclear-armed neighbors -- lead inexorably to an all-out nuclear conflagration. In that case the result would be catastrophic.


The sky fairy ain't serving Khasmir nor humanity so well...


What great documentation of Insanity. So great that 1/3 of the way down I had to start gleaning it, not reading it. So great I cannot type, there are constant miss-hits on the key-board. How do these people look at themselves in the mirror or sleep at night? Stop the Madness. Stop Killing. Violence is Insanity Realized.


The concept is of free will. Don't blame God for the evil that men do. I believe that quote that says that we were made in the image of God isn't physical as if God were a primate but that we can exercise free will like he does and that we can use abstract thought ( the knowledge of good and evil) which are not what animals do.


We should obviously trust the dictatorial and fascist governments that the wonderful people of these two countries have ELECTED and sleep peacefully at night.

Where my Rum?


Sometimes it's somewhat refreshing to hear that our own (US) "leaders" aren't the only crazy irresponsible greedy ignorant destructive thugs on the planet.

But not this time ..


Meanwhile, experts like Helen Caldicott refer to Fukushima as a LONG TERM extinction event. Most Cancers take more than 5 years to form so those involved in the Nuclear Industry can always claim that OTHER factors generated the Cancers.

There is a great and tragic irony to the true outcome of the so-called "peaceful atom's" usage: That all over the world as nuclear power plants age, and as unstable regimes build up their stash of radioactive materials (some for the purpose of building nuclear bombs), the leakages, radiation stuck in the atmosphere from prior nuclear bomb tests, and the serious emissions streaming over from Fukushima essentially sign death warrants for the whole of humanity.

This idea that the most dangerous substance can make (some) people safer is turning out to be the thing that ensures human extinction.

In Gordon Michael Scallion's book, "Notes from the Cosmos," he uses his clairvoyance to explain what brought about the demise of advanced life on Mars.

Essentially, one generation motivated by fear of outsiders built some kind of atmospheric shield. Its purpose was to ward off dangerous outsiders. This shield remained intact for several decades; but a time came when the new generations wanted to take it down.

These individuals, however, were not the ones who engineered, designed, or built the shield and thus in their attempts to take it down, they managed to cause a major destructive event.

Anything that's motivated by fear tends to eventuate in harm.

Only LOVE and putting down (fire) arms to join hands can SAVE humanity from the Mars-ruled beasts of prey who have led mankind to a perilous juncture.

It amazes me that with the threats of Fukushima, the known terror of Chernobyl, the near fatal wound (Maconda) to the U.S. Gulf, the recent methane release just outside of L.A., Hanford's old nuclear waste materials leaching into the nearby river system.... that with these GENUINE threats, wounded boys pretending to be men use The People's money to build the things that will surely annihilate them.

Time for a global course correction before today's "leaders" lead us all straight into the abyss. "No Return" style.


India is downwind from Pakistan and they probably know that.

Similarly, Iran is downwind from Israel and Iranians probably know that, too.

US nuclear scientists had the timing down for how long radiation from the Nevada test site took to go through the alfalfa harvest, on into milk and then children's teeth.

Dr. Strangelove seems to be the same character in every country.


Really what percentage of the species called homo sapiens sincerely believes that if they are going to die everyone else and everything else must die as well.? How many of those people going to work each day in Pakistan or in India would sincerely believe that "If a person from India was in charge or were a person in pakistan in charge we are all better off dead?"

Nut cases are in charge.


Isn't it amazing that amid all this trouble in the world that humanity manages to find a way to significantly up the ante? It doesn't help that climate change will send temps soaring upwards of 120F come the summer over there. Crop yields are already suffering from increased temperature and that won't change. Local commanders no less???? Insanity or a death wish?

I keep thinking our only hope is an easier life for our species instead of this oligarchy and peasants type of society that is returning around the world. We could and we should because we have the wealth to make a better world but we won't because somewhere along the way we never took the time to make a better human being. Times up!

How good are we as people? We will soon find out. How stupid are we as a species? Tactical nukes? Does that answer the question?


I keep thinking that "people of faith" the so-called religious, have such a mindset that the here and now have been totally misplaced in favor of the "hereafter" - a pathology that infects near every religion and society.......

Don't worry, be happy, Jesus or some other entity/construct/mythology will come-back or intervene in "fixing" the destruction/extermination/extinction.......usually reserved only for the "faithful" true-believers and all others will be destroyed - like the "rapture".........although its clear that hasn't yet occurred.... what will it take to trigger the believed-in intervention and salvation we wonders.........


I am a religious minded person. Others may not think so...lol. I see an attitude where punishment for sins is just part of human nature. A sense of justice. But I believe in free will and fundamentalists do not. Theirs is an ancient mentality of an angry deity (Gilgamesh and Noah for example) but it isn't just religious folks and even atheists believe that an extinction is nigh etc. oh naughty humanity you blew it mindset whether religious or not.

Call it an excess of cause and effect. Even atheists will list sins. Call it right and wrong and whichever it is ...it's our own fault anyway.

Maybe we are being intervened daily? We never think that way. See this madness of local commanders having their own little holocaust buttons they can press. Just maybe something is keeping our worst natures from getting that stupid?

Whatever happens I blame us. I hope something good happens though because I will credit us just as easily. People may want an intervention or a paradise and heaven or reincarnation or whatever. I don't expect an intervention because life is a gift and whatever we choose to do with it is up to us. Neither punishment nor intervention. That was not part of the deal. Life and free will was.

It is up to us.

Personally I think God is an actor rather than a judge but it is an internal reality. If we choose to we can join his team or be like the Nazis ...it is our choice but it is all voluntary. It is our choice. So don't expect an intervention and if someday tactical nukes start going off and that triggers hydrogen bombs going off and that triggers the end of the world (or very close to it) that will be our choice.

I figure God will miss us if we choose to wipe us all out. We have many good points as a species. I mean it. I think he will miss us but it would be our own choice if we check out not His. So don't expect an intervention because free will is a terrible gift but the best one of all. The problem is that we are stupid fuckers ain't we?

Oh and by the way fundamentalists/evangelicals/whatever's are not what most people believe in. The rapture is a relatively new and very controversial concept. It is actually unchristian in principal extolling your rapture and gloating at someone else's being left behind etc. Jesus would have taught us to offer our place to someone else...lol.


There are a number of Nuclear Incidents that are not even reported on and that people not aware of.

Here a list of one in the USA This hardly the only one but was among the worst. A number of Countries including Canada, France, the UK, Argentina and many others have had these "accidents" as well.

If one reads the article one will note that there elevated rates of cancer after such events that are significant. The shills that post simply discount this and suggest the Cancers would have occurred anyways and or the elevated rates the result of "better diagnostic techniques"


Humanity. A stunning example of when the definition of the word contradicts that which it defines.


Palistan didn't exist until Britain left India in 1947. The Kashmir problem goes back to the war with the Sikhs in the Punjab in 1842. It is now flaring up because India wants the water from the upper Indus Valley in Kashmir as does Pakistan, countries which have both behaved with utter irresponsibility regarding the poverty of their own people and the consequent explosive growth in their populations.


Yeh, humanity is an oxymoron. Especially the 'moron' bit.


Pakistan has been created by the British to make the region unstable. The history of India would uphold that fact. British divided the nation and created a religion oriented country. The basic goal is to keep the enmity forever. Right from its birth the country never saw the light of democracy. It was the play field of CIA. From where the jihadis were created which becomes the biggest problem of this day. Saudi's cash and American arsenals find most use in that country. A group of old landlords who are the military leaders control the country. It ceratinly helps the western powers to deal by seducing them with money. After so many years the country is showing some good will to live in peace but there are some groups funded from outside wants to destabilize it while holding the people being poor for ever. That way jihadis will grow in number. Unfortunately whenever any internal problem arises those people enter India for better security. India has more Muslim population than the Pakistan and a good part of ME together. So Kashmir problem is just a mere show. The real purpose is to help continue the animosity which would cetainly hinder the economic progress.


Thank you for an intelligent analysis. It's refreshing... and a distinct contrast again the mediocre thinkers whose answer to EVERY crisis is that WE are all bad, WE are all stupid, WE are all guilty, WE are all responsible; and most notable of all to this juvenile thesis--that there is NO differentiation based on individuals, just a one size fits all universal condemnation that the Tag Team takes turns validating.


Are you rewriting history? Correct me if I am wrong but I thought the creation of Pakistan was to avoid a bloodbath in India and was sought mainly by the Muslims and not by the British who had sought unsuccessfully to maintain the raj in India and eventually agreed to end the raj by creating the division. You have it backwards since the region was 'unified' under the British Raj and it was the inhabitants who were seeking independence from Britain. The Muslims pushed for independence from India as I remember it and the British finally agreed when the two political/religious entities agreed to the division's specifics thus avoiding a terrible bloodbath. The religious aspect already existed and the violence erupting over the whole region and had only worsened as the British agreed to leave. The division saved lives without question. The British had tried to maintain the Raj not divide it (as you seem to think) and then leave but they had not the strength, the will nor the economy after WW2 to militarily maintain commonwealth control.

I have no idea of what some people are talking about but your comment about the CIA seems specious and off by a decade and a half until Vietnam by which time the British had retained ties both economic and to some extent political/cultural ( making it more the bailiwick of British intelligence rather than American in any case at least up until then anyway.).

Moreover my comment to emphyrio referred to the species increasing the danger of our own extinction in reference to these local commanders being given tactical nuke permission.


Double ration of Victory Gin, coming up!