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The Most Dangerous Time for Women’s Rights in Decades

Hi Gerry,
There is a play, Lysistrata ( sp? ) that covers that very area of thought.— where the women of the city refuse to have sex until they are treated well! Besides, many of those men who want t control women bodies have daughters and if their daughters were raped or became pregnant, we know that their dads would take give them a trip to relieve themselves of any pesky baby burden. Besides, the morning after pill still works wonders too.
Again, remember I was previously laughing about the potential all male chastity belt—which worn under pants makes a pretty amazing codpiece too!
In fact Carnival cruises will have a whole new theme to sell, of shore of course------ for women only parties, or oh wait----I think you are right—women will leave those states, and maybe we will have the first Gay mens state in the Union. That sounds fair. Or maybe even more weirdly, certain states will only admit people or religions, which fit what they think their God is telling them to want. I think the east and west coasts would still have a mix of people , philosophies , genders , religions and all in varying skin colors too! So America won’t be just one bland vanilla of a tired married people state of mind.
I can hear advertisers smacking their lips right now on all the different ways for women to control their own bodies! Oh the ideas they will sell, as remember, we have all been turned into consumers in this sad and citizen less and less human world. : (

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This is true. The GOP has made a systematic effort to control the states. With the gerrymander they also will continue to control the Federal House thru the next census. Like the Dems the GOP is a party of the 1%. But they actually do give their “base” something: they give them these “wedge” issues like the attacks on women’s rights and 2nd Amendment.

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I still believe, as a Christian, that abortion is the destruction of innocent life. Both men and women have to be more responsible (control) during their sexual encounters. There are medical issues that might require an abortion but that doesn’t mean that it should become a method of birth control. The death penalty should only be used for violent criminals and that seems to be more under attack than Roe v. Wade. As I have always maintained: keep the Death Penalty safe and legal.

meal –

YES – the theory is Patriarchal War on Nature comes from their jealousy of
women – their procreative powers – and so they’ve warred on all of that.

Also see: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – the male inability to create life leading
to frustration which creates a Monster. That pretty much sums it up!

What’s lacking is “spirituality” – not religion – based in NATURE –

and a return to the theory of REINCARNATION where men will come back as
women – and I’m putting my hopes are on every rising Goddess, the Fates and
the Tricksters that I NEVER come back as a man.

Turnaround is now said to be 9 days instead of 45 days –
Presume that’s because of our wars and overpopulation crowding the Reincarnation

There are a number of interesting movies which have touched on REINCARNATION –
only recent one I’m aware of – and it’s good – is “Defending Your Life” with Meryl
Streep – and a male comic whose name I can’t think of at moment.

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Going back to reality a bit ( I know, right)? there are plenty of good and great men who are all for equal rights and live that way. As far as jealousy goes, that sounds sick and psychotic, but you do raise some good points. If you are a man - then accept yourself as an aware and supportive one. These sickies who want control of everything must hate themselves, and Dump is a joke of a symbol to them. Thank you for your support of nature. Of course we are part of nature- whoever does not believe it is living a nightmare.

What are you doing on a progressive site? There are plenty of other spaces for you to go. I suppose you are against birth control also? Some battles are not worth having.

I have a good one for you- would you like it if condoms were illegal? You know we have to save all those little " swimmies " that might develop into babies. Also, what do you mean by control? Your types want to make all birth control illegal- ever hear of overpopulation- there are over seven billion people on this Earth and it is growing constantly. Also, what if a woman is raped? I can’t wait for that reply because I already know what is coming.

meal –

We are still existing here under a system of patriarchy –
Patriarchy is as much a political system as Colonialism was a political system –
All organized patriarchal religions underpin Elite-patriarchy –

And our government is funding those male supremacist religions by granting them
tax-exemptions not only for their churches and surrounding property, but also for
their real estate holdings/bequests and for all of their stock portfolios.
All while pretending to be support Separation of Church & State – basic “sleight of hand.”

Too many males do not understand that their lack of support for women causes
suffering in their own lives. For instance patriarchy cannot send men to war unless
male bonds with women and children are broken. And they work on doing that in
many ways – especially in creating ideals of macho muscle men/he-men who dominate.
And by spreading propaganda – “Pornography consumption – both violent and non-violent
is associated with verbal and physical sexual aggression.”

Some of the most well known men have proclaimed to be for “equality for all” and yet
created an Elite-Patriarchy (Our Founders) and that great myth lives on.

Men who actually support women openly are few and far between even today – we have
pretty much a Congress of old white male dinosaurs/“Christians” who live with their feet on
women’s necks and don’t give a crap for children. In fact, give them a chance and they’ll
return us to the days of child labor.

Yes – We have had our Howard Zinn’s and Michael Moore’s – but they’re countable.
Meanwhile we have uncountable numbers of male who fail to give sufficient thought as to
how they are controlled by Elites-Patriarchy when females are excluded from rule making
and decision making in our societies.

Women all over the world are still being beaten in cases of domestic violence.
Women are still being raped all over the world. Here in the US recently it’s been found
that there are warehouses full of records of rape filed by women, often with DNA evidence
where they have never been processed … because the states weren’t given the money to
actually prosecute the cases. In other words, not only were these charges brought by women
ignored – the men who raped them were left on the streets to rape other women.

Male violence turned the world upside down –
And the violence continues on sadly – many of the men that women fear are also men
who are feared by other men.
You really have to take everything you’ve ever heard about males and reverse it –

It’s more than “jealousy” – in order to salve the ego, men try to dominate over women –
in other words they may not be able to do what women do but there is satisfaction then in
controlling women. That’s what we’re seeing from Trump.

And, I arrive at the same conclusion you do – hatred for others is based in self-hatred.

Our communities also have to be grounded in NATURE – that’s the only way we can survive.

“Slavery was once Constitutionally correct – gender inequality remains so–!”

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Oh, you poor oppressed woman. Where do you live? in Pakistan, perhaps!

Women’s rights are human rights, and politicizing a woman’s body is unacceptable.

And I would like to add women’s rights are not all about abortion- that is a lack of critical thinking to say the least. This is a progressive site. I am sure you can find one that is more to your liking. Women 's rights are about anything a human needs. Would you like to have women being paid less simply because they’re women? Should women be barred from working in certain fields etc. That is what women’s rights are about also, and no it is not all about abortion. If you are a man think about thiis: Without men women would not have babies! Instead the powers that be are acting like a woman can do that all on her own, and men bear no responsibility. People are angry due to the financial crash of 08 and they continue to take their anger out on anyone but the rich and the banksters… That includes women, anyone who is in a minority, anyone who is not rich, etc. You wait- who will they target next?

Mussolini tried that tactic after WW1 and it worked for awhile until it didn’t for him.

Risks to the freedom of any – oppression – is a threat to all of us … if we
properly understand liberty and freedom.

Where do you live that you are so unconcerned with the status of females?

Or perhaps I should say, where is your mind that you are so unconcerned with
patriarchal oppression throughout the world?