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The Most Impeachable President in US History vs. The Most Hesitant Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/16/most-impeachable-president-us-history-vs-most-hesitant-congress


It’s a failure of leadership, and falls to Pelosi and her hesitant, fully compromised conservative crew. Pity that the move to replace her could not get traction. It would have made a huge difference.


I wonder Ralph, if spanking the ass of one corporate state stooge,
will change the Democratic Party leadership? Remember what it did to you?

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Democrats are playing the politics of low expectations.–in short, they are cowards.



It looks to me that the Democrats are not just playing to topple just the crown, but watching and waiting on see what other rats scurry to help the biggest one.

It appears last night William Barr, chose sides with the rats by denouncing the left and their tactics in calling out the crimes of this president.

I’m all in for ensnaring them all, and removing them all at once.

When removing a cancer, you must get it all or face it returning.


I know the Republicans and Democrats like him now, but how in the heck is the Bush tyranny being ignored by Ralph Nader? Back then you wouldn’t see anyone criticizing the regime on State Department TV. While this Trump era is about nothing but criticism of Trump(from the right of course).

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Thank you Ralph Nader for all you do! Your principled words speak truth, so incredibly absent in today’s political charade.

"The Democrat’s narrow impeachment move on Trump focuses on his attempted extortion of Ukraine for personal political gain. The current House inquiry does not yet include the far more serious systematic “high crimes and misdemeanors” he is brazenly committing. These affect the daily livelihoods, freedoms and just treatment of all the people where they live, work and raise their children.

A president who lies and fabricates by the hour is destructive to life-preserving science, reason, truth, and public trust. Trump separates those who believe his delusionary tweets and rantings from the realities they need to confront. No family, neighborhood, community, or workplace can operate under such thunderous falsifications. Trump even lies about his promises when challenged"

Those words from Nader tell it like it is and do not mince words, or fail to speak the obvious, unlike the craven DINO establishment corporate tools and complicit cowards!**

Ralph Nader lays-out the enormity of trump regime crimes and abuses, as well as the timidity and collusion of the DINO establishment “leadership”.

The failure of our criminal justice system, propaganda corporate media, Congress, and citizens to demand real change and a sustainable future is beyond all reason - a craven abdication of Republic, US Constitution, Bill of Rights, common decency and truth, and the Common Good.

The political display of insanity from sociopath trump and his regime, complicity and hyper-partisan support from today’s depraved Republican extremists, and complicit cowardice from the DINO DP is beyond the pale. We all will be lucky to survive.


They missed the boat.
Mueller provided them the smoking guns.
That is plural !!
Now, the delay and walking forth with only a weaker
case and Schiff is stiff, hostile, snearing. The prewritten
script, rehearsed and acted must convince the Trump
supporters that they themselves are wrong. Tough sell.

Notice DOW average closed just above $28,000.
How big is this bubble?


Congress is complicit in crimes against humanity and Earth.


Ralph, I suspect the Democrats are hesitant to open all those other doors in your list because, if they did, there would be a fair share of Democrats behind them. Even with something as simple as the Ukraine issue, there’s Hunter Biden in the background.


Well, when most of them are taking bribes from the same Corporations and 1% crowd…

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

― Upton Sinclair,


I’d put money on it


The GOP is not hesitant. They are CRIMINAL and TREASONOUS. They are behaving like authoritarians, targeting innocent people who were following the law to alert their country that our democracy was being hijacked by Putin’s mass-murdering regime. It was time people saw them for what they are instead of acting like it was just another party with political differences. The GOP is a threat to this nation.


I love your summation Kaylie. I would add to it that the rethuglicans have the smugness to chuckle it up during hearings. They are putting on a show because the facts are too solid for them to muddle them up. I wish there was a way to charge them with the obstruction of law and order. And why the heck are the subpoena deniers not held in jail until they testify. Put them all in one big holding cell with one deck of cards and watch them kill each other.


“Amid the worst Republican President and Republican Party in modern times, the Democrats are playing the politics of low expectations.”

No, that’s W. Okay technically W never won the Electoral College (no not in 2004 either) so he was never president.

“Tyrant Trump is the most impeachable president in the country’s history—hands down.”

No, that’s again W. Though Trump has committed many impeachable offenses that have nothing to do with Russia or Ukraine, or the Bidens.

Really, Ralph, and I voted for you 3X, and went to see you speak at the Great Hall of CU in 2008.


Indeed, the Republicans that make a farce of the crimes of their arrogant leader, would be well to be reminded by Adam Schiff, that there is plenty of room in the History books for the co-conspirators of the Constitutional crimes he will be charged with.

And plenty of room in the prison system too.


Speaking of failure of leadership, here is a prime example of that:




The GOP is hardly concerned. They already have everything they want, and now have a federal judiciary to protect their scorched earth America.
They will now go down with Trump, and they don’t care. And they will sleep very soundly in 2021 knowing that, even if the democrats take back all three branches of the government, it will most likely be with a cadre of Nixonian buffoons who lack any vision for a progressive future, and no chutzpah whatsoever to even begin to reverse the damage done to the nation since 2016.
In short, very little is going to change after the 2020 election cycle. And even if it did, the newly minted fascist court system will preserve the status quo.
Oh, and by the way, while this debacle plays out, the earth will still be warming out of control. Good times ahead!


More musings from America’s Uncle Tom.
People waited for years for Barack Obama to actually stand up and say something of substance. And now that he finally speaks we see who he stood for all along.
And it wasn’t us.


I rather doubt it.