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The Most Politically Savvy Thing Democrats Can Do


The Most Politically Savvy Thing Democrats Can Do

Ryan Cooper

If one were to ask Hillary Clinton why she spent so much of her campaign sequestered in fundraisers with the ultra-rich, she would no doubt point to cold-blooded electoral necessities. Campaigns are expensive, and you must hunt where the ducks are. In an age of extreme wealth inequality, that means the plutocrats.


Savvy or Smart is not in the Democrats political vocabulary.

“Sellout” is.


Good article and so true. Election reform is one of our biggest issues. This is supposed to be a Democracy! Get the money out of politics! Run-off voting! Nationalize elections–free media coverage! Fair and truthful debates! State a clear platform and then give the candidate the first 100 days in office to start implementing their platform – or out they go!!!


Wanna be savvy? Join the DS of A. Take a hard left turn and don’t look back.


The Most Politically Savvy Thing Democrats Can Do:

DUMP Dirty Debbie, and Ditch The Bitch*!

* Amy, Becky, Chelsea, Diane, Elaine, Freida, Gina, Hilliary, Irene, Jackie, Kendra, Lynne, Monica, Nancy, O’Bummer, Pelosi, et al . . .   Take your pick, or choose ‘All of the Above.’


Trump got so much free TV time that I would not use him as an example. That was a case of the networks trying to increase their profits even though they were sending the speeches of a racist and fascist almost every night into American living rooms. This was probably one of the the worst examples of greed in the history of the US. Basically they sold out their values for money. They got ratings on the violence at Trump rallies and after the rallies. The news became would violence occur and what outrageous thing would Trump say next. The fact that he was spouting stuff that completely conflicted with American values didn’t seem to matter. It was now okay to continually televise a loud mouthed political candidate bash blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims and have his loyal followers scream “Lock her up” in a country that does not jail political opponents. With fascist rallies a candidate doesn’t need to spend that much on TV ads.


One best way to end “cold-blooded electoral necessities”.


The most politically savvy thing the rest of we progressives can do is admit that the establishment Democratic Party is: 1) Totally corrupted by fat cat donors and lobbyists, and 2) Unreformable in the extreme, by those entrenched power brokers and officeholders. The only real solution is to support killing off the party and replacing it with some form of the Green Party, which is the only other party that has any significant ballot access in the states, but which is in danger of losing a lot of it in this cycle. The “Justice Democrats” and “Our Revolution” (which might be an effort to co-opt or sheep dog malcontents back into the party fold), cannot overcome the power politics of Chuck and Nancy and the rest of the establishment. We have to go around them and put the establishment party out of business.



Listen to Genedebs, Goggle “Green New Deal” and see how a true progressive political party functions.

Be a part of the Political Revolution, not a part of the political problem.


I think there should be some concern about Ocasio-Cortez’s honesty since her story of where she grew up keeps changing. The fact seems to be that she moved from the Bronx to Yorktown, NY at age 5 and attended the public schools in Yorktown through high school. Yet it appears now she is claiming she commuted to Yorktown from the Bronx to attend school. I don’t get this. The County land records show she lived with her family in Yorktown.


Not unexpected that you leave out that the networks were following orders from the Clinton campaign on this. Oh well.


Ditch the US system and adopt the Swiss system:


Nice fantasy you have there. I agree with everything you wrote but just one question. How do you propose actually getting any of that actually implemented? Can’t be done and that is the problem.


I have often offered defenses of your rather backward views, accepting you as sincere but misguided. Certainly no troll. But finally, definitively, screw you. May the Bronx girl win by the biggest margin in the New York general elections. Down with progressivism. Down with the Green Party. Up with Socialism!


Wow, we agree!

Here’s how “savvy” the dems are in the run up to the midterms.

President Trump, whom I believe we’ll also both agree is a political neophyte, has got the dems running on these issues…

Sanctuary Cities
Abolishing ICE/Protecting Criminals
Abortion On-Demand & Funding
Repealing a Tax Cut
Attacking Cabinet Members in Public
Impeachment 4 No Reason

Every one of them a sure fire winner huh?!?!

Note also reasons 1 & 2 are immigration related and the most recent Rasmussen Poll has 74% of (sane) Americans agreeing with President Trump’s stated policy goals.

I say it’s gonna be a RED Wave in Nov. You?


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

She has HEART. She has MEANING. She is REAL.

Her district is a thousand miles from me, yet she touches me with her genuine demeanor. She makes me cry tears of goodwill. May we be blessed with more of her strength and character.


Yeah, just like the story about where she attended university changed because smear merchants like you stupidly assumed that BU stood for ivy league Brown University instead of her actual alma mater, Boston University.
Ocasio-Cortez is the real deal and no amount of gutter sniping will keep her from winning in Nov and going on to honestly and tirelessly represent her hitherto ignored constituency in the 14th district.


Suppose they run on:

Fidelity to the inscription on the Statue of Liberty
Abolishing expensive and redundant federal agencies
Protecting women’s reproductive rights
Fair taxation
Confronting public officials for the cruel unamerican policies they promote
Impeachment for lying, slander and the betrayal of the working class
Medicare and free public higher education for all

Sounds like a winner to me

I’ll take a blue wave over a red tide any day.


The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to honor our alliance in the Revolutionary War and our ideals. It had nothing to do with allowing millions of unskilled people into this country to live at the expense of the producers.

The poem you reference was added almost 20 after the Statue was erected and the poet was persuaded to pen it after being convinced it would give hope to arriving immigrants. LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

I’m all for reducing the size of the massive federal bureaucracy.

“reproductive rights” is semantic ju-jitsu for abortion

Fair taxation? Yamean reducing the percentage of what the top 10% pay compared to what the top 10% earn(probably not)

You say unAmerican, I say America(and Americans) first

Betrayal of the working class? The same working class that just got the largest tax rate reduction and regulation reducing administration in history? The same working class that has received billions in salary increases and bonuses? The same working class that after decades of wage stagnation is finally seeing salaries bump up?

More freebies? Does this sound familiar, “The problem with socialism(communism) is that they eventually run out of other people’s money.” Every time I’ll add. EVERY TIME.



It is naive in the extreme to expect big money donors to favor regulating the very system that made them so rich. They may be liberal on some issues, but they are almost always conservative, economically. Bloomberg and Soros have already indicated their preference for centrist Democratic candidates. A few progressive leaning candidates may be shunning corporate cash, but the party establishment remains solidly corporate and centrist.