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The Most Vital Amicus Briefs for High Court's Abortion Case: Women's Stories



I wish them the best of luck, but having watched the decisions of the Supremes for the past two decades, they will have an uphill battle. They have a just and legal case that fits the Constitution well. That sort of case seems to go down the tubes if money and power may be affected. Especially now.


How many women's life stories have to be told in order for the powers-that-be (SCOTUS in this case) to leave Roe v. Wade alone and allow women to make choices that directly affect their lives and futures? Considering how old the justices are, I would bet that there is not one among them who has not heard about a woman they are related to or know or with whom their spouses are acquainted who has had to make that choice for very personal reasons. NO government, body of law, or policy should have access or the power to infringe on or invade the most personal and private part of a woman's life. Even Scalia, the constructionist that he is, knows that the era in which the Constitution was written and affirmed, the populace practiced midwifery and abortions were accepted/performed with the patients maintaining their privacy and anonymity (although his Catholicism and recalcitrance may subvert his common sense and/or his comprehension of what women experience when faced with making such decisions).


Too many cathoholics on the bench.