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The 'Mother of All Bombs' is Big, Deadly – and Won't Lead to Peace


The 'Mother of All Bombs' is Big, Deadly – and Won't Lead to Peace

Medea Benjamin

“I’m really very good at war. I love war, in a certain way,” bragged candidate Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Iowa. This is the same Donald Trump who avoided the Vietnam draft by claiming a bone spur in his foot, a medical problem that never kept him off the tennis courts or golf courses, and miraculously healed on its own.


Sadly, the MSM has done little but drool over the big bang, the blast and crater this bomb creates. Makes a great story for those bloodthirsty Americans who get giddy over destructive power and the ability to annihilate. How sad and how revealing that a monster like Trump can get better poll ratings by bombing the daylights out of other countries. Welcome to the most warlike country in the world, if not the most warlike country the world has ever seen.


It'll be interesting to see whether this will bring about mass demonstrations. I'm not holding my breath.


Trump: " I am very good at war; I love war, in a certain way."

Looks to me like the Fourth Reich has its perfect Nazi leader!


I guess 30 million for a bomb that killed 34 is somewhat more economical than 100 million for a missile strike that killed 7 but one can't help but wonder how much more bang for the buck it would have been had we dropped 100,000 ounces of gold on the surrounding villages.


Seems Trump is the third phase of Bush's foreign wars policy.


The bomb needs to be renamed for the Mother F***ing men who created it.


It would be interesting for some investigative journalist like Mr. Skahill, to track the armaments lobbyists who travel through the offices of the Pentagon, the Halls of Congress and who reside on K-Street, delivering their blood soaked bags of bribery-


Since those who love war are a$$holes in my book, let's call it the "A$$hole of All Bombs". When the establishment or MSM starts misusing words like Mother, I start using alternative names that are more appropriate. Terms I like to use that I've borrowed from others are "mis-administration" or "mis-leader". It's really the Trump mis-administration as they can't administer anything that really benefits the people.


The same Trump who gets emotionally distraught over a legal abortion gets all proud and excited at the insane raves he is getting from the media about his love of war....something about bombing other people makes an otherwise unqualified president somehow suddenly presidential. Churches that were outraged about abortion being legal, seem to see little immorality in releasing deadly weapons unexpectedly on other countries. Budgets that begrudge covering the health of our citizens, will be OK with spending millions on weapons of mass destruction. America is becoming great again?????


The 'average American' citizen has no real basis for complaining about the current wars of aggression and dominance when YOU are the ones that bore, raised and assisted in brainwashing your children into thinking it was an 'honorable and noble' thing to do by joining your evil, murderous, barbaric, brutal and terror inducing military, air force or navy . .and being proud of their 'contribution' to death and destruction around the globe .. even making them into heroes. Soldiers are NOT heroes, they are trained killers and terrorists of the highest order ... and have NEVER been in any country 'fighting for your freedom' since your perverted raw sewage pool of a society began. Anyone who 'claims' to love their children yet willingly and proudly sends them off to slaughter or be slaughtered 1000's of miles from home against people who never had any issues with you ... until you showed up there with your fucking guns and bombs .. never 'loved' their children at all . .or at least not as much as the 'fame and publicity' of having a 'killer' the family. >:frowning:


Apart from being the revolting weapon it is, there is something not quite right about Trumps new toy. First of all, as a matter of record, it isn't the MOAB the Americans claim it is. During WW2 617 Squadron Lancasters of RAF carried a 22,000 lb blockbuster to drop on hardened submarine pens and V-2 factories,etc. The bomb could penetrate 130 feet underground, or 20 feet through concrete. At first we were told Trump's MOAB was an air burst bomb,like that used over the Highway of Death north of Kuwait in 1991, that incinerated fleeing Iraqi conscripts in their vehicles, leaving acres of burnt vehicle shells with barely recognisable remains in them, thus demonstrating the US interpretation of the Geneva Conventions. Such a weapon would have little effect on underground tunnels, since it is detonated at least 100 feet above the ground, spreading a vast cloud of gasoline vapour which is then ignited, the most it could is suck the oxygen out of the tunnels, if an opening were found.
Then we are told that it was intended to destroy underground tunnels. It has a very sharp nose for penetration, which an air-burst bomb wouldn't need. This would suggest it is ground-penetrating. If a WW2 Lancaster was the only aircraft that could lift one, what happened to the more powerful jets of today, like the B-52. To achieve penetration it has to be dropped from a great height, but they used a C-130'to,launch it, pulled out of the back by parachute. Very Heath-Robinson. Either way it's a barbaric weapon, but very American.


“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

This is what the plutocracy that Kissinger serves really thinks of the military. All that praise and worshipping on the media is just a thick curtain of hypocrisy to maintain morale among the deceived imperial troopers.


All we can hope to do as a specie is survive Trump's term and hope there won't be another, or that what follows isn't even worse.


They all love war, particularly the ones who don't fight in them...
and the ones that fight or have fought in them, and still say they love war are totally insane!


This is a basic law of US nature: Unless a president has sunk elbow-deep into blood, he is not respected. Hail Trump! Finally, he has lined up in the great line of predecessors Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagon, ...


True. The only people that love wars are the cowards I call CHICKEN HAWKS! THAT NEVER HAVE TO FIGHT ON ANY BATTLEFIELDS!

If I could, I would say to Trump: " since you love war so much, here is your gun and a parachute. I will let you and your fellow, yellow, chicken hawks lead the next charge!


Gosh..I bet Donny and his supporters have big hardons. Imagine killing all those people with a single $314millionUSD explosion! OooWeeee....that'll show everybody. And just think, U.S. people get to go to work and make another BIG BOMB!!! I bet they got their lunch box packed already!


It makes a lot more sense for any sane person but it makes no sense for American, war profiteers!


The use of the MOAB is a game changer.

While never sincerely opposed to the US use of weapons of mass destruction, the Democrat/Republican 'leadership' and mainstream media are falling over themselves to come out as cheerleaders of the US use of WMD. This paves the way for broad acceptance of the US use of nuclear weapons.

If we are to stop this, or at least stop the trend of encouraging the public to become inured to the US use of weapons of mass destruction, those of us engaging in grassroots community organizing must work to end the US use of WMD and the US perpetual worldwide wars. We must ensure that Trump, and all government war criminals, be tried for their crimes against humanity.