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The Movement for Black Lives, the Palestinian Struggle, and a Creeping Genocide


The Movement for Black Lives, the Palestinian Struggle, and a Creeping Genocide

Zeina Azzam

The newly released platform of the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL)—a collective of more than 50 organizations representing thousands of Black people across the United States—articulates a powerful and comprehensive vision. Its “policy demands for Black power, freedom, and justice” touch on a multitude of rights and issues, going to great lengths to embrace the marginalized Black communities and their diverse experiences, including gender identity, incarceration, immigrant status, religion, class, and disability.


Intersectionality, great. Acknowledge and appreciate, sure. But let’s not hijack the M4BL platform for a single patch on its flag.


Kudos. Great article. When I think of what’s happening in Palestine I think genocide with no reservations. It is horrific and intolerable in today’s world. The only reason it is allowed to go on is the U.S. We must stop the support of this obvious genocide by our own government. This is all done in our name.
For Black Lives Matter to include the struggle in Palestine in their platform is both intellectually spot on and deeply touching. I am so happy to see this group grow and mature as it is profoundly needed.


What is your definition of genocide and how does it apply to Palestine?


Wasn’t the UN definition in the article?


Yes. And Israel doesn’t qualify. If they wanted to commit genocide they could easily do so. Doesn’t mean they are justified in their actions. It just means genocide is not the correct term here. BLM also says the United States is committing genocide against African Americans. White Nationalists also make the same claim about themselves using that same definition.


Before Americans pontificate about “Palestinian rights,” lets have a good long talk about American Indians.

That said, Israel is both the historic and the modern Jewish nation. It’s a tiny country, roughly the size of New Jersey, and it is surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab nations, all of which are militarized to the teeth by China, Russia and the US. “Palestinians” are Israeli Arabs, each living within easy traveling distance of an Arab nation. They are used as dispensable tools in the effort to wipe out Israel and ultimately establish a pure Moslem Mideast. Israel remains determined to survive in spite of this.


Disagree. Israel is the historic and modern Jewish nation, the sole Jewish nation. The “Palestinians” are Israeli Arabs, all living within easy traveling distance of an Arab nation. The call to eradicate the Jewish nation is a call for genocide. The efforts to destroy Israel, establishing a 100% Moslem/Arab Mideast, meets the definition of “genocide.”

Now, how about if we all sit down for a good long talk about American Indians. When we give their land back, then we can talk about the Mideast.


There was no need to found a “Jewish Nation” by dispossessing the owners of the land either in Mose’s ,Saul’s and David’s times or in 1948. Judaism is a religion, not a nation, and as such Judaism can be practiced anywhere, as can any other religion. Palestinians are Arabs upon whom the State of Israel was foisted at the point of gun, bayonet and bulldozer in 1948, and they are “Palestinian” Arabs and not Jordanian or Syrian or Lebanese or Saudi Arabian or Iraqi Arabs because of the provisions of the Sykes-Picot Agreement and Versailles Treaty foisted upon them and the other Arabs between 1916 and 1919


That’s your evaluation. Make your argument if you have one, but you aren’t the arbiter any more than I am. BLM is not the only source to employ the term in this or their own case.


What @George_III said. And Native Americans are off topic here.


Israel is the sole nuclear state in the ME. They have always been supported by the U.S. and have never been in any real threat of genocide except in Germany. What they do now, to Palestinian people is genocide in Gaza and the U.N. has called it all crimes against humanity. It is wrong and to claim anti-Semitic every time they are accused of it is cheap. To really think there is any threat to Israel is simple minded and just continues to support their crimes.


WOW what BS.


But far from the only place Jews live and prosper. There’s only one Christian nation in the world either, the Vatican. And there were Jews living in Palestine before Israel was forcibly established by guilty mostly Christian nations in 1948. You’re properly vague about “The efforts to destroy Israel,” and whatever such efforts there may be would not amount to genocide because the Jewish faith exists across many nations and cultures. You can’t logically object to Muslim theocracies at the same time that you defend Israel as a theocracy (which it isn’t quite, thank God).

As to the off-topic Native Americans, when are you headed off to wherever your ancestors came from?


http://commons.commondreams.org/users/Icelandhttp://commons.commondreams.org/users/DHFabian Palestinians have lived on their land for centuries. Since Britain colonized Palestine, Jews have been moving there & displacing the Palestinian population. Palestinians do not get enough water in their homes because Israel uses it to irrigate their farms.

    Israeli Arabs are Arabs in Israel with Israeli citizenship. They don't have the exact same rights as Israeli Jews.

    Black Ethiopian Jews in Israel are guaranteed equal rights on paper but not in practice. Many of them lived there since the famine in Ethiopia in the '80's.  They too are victims of police brutality. 

 Jews were not the 1st people to live in Israel. They committed genocide against the Caananites.  The Native Americans were the 1st people in the Americas & most of them were killed with your ancestors diseases & wars. 

 Whether genocide is being used against Palestinians or not, Israel persecutes its non-Jewish population & Black population.


Palestinians have never had an army, a navy or an air force, yet according to the JVL Israel has murdered more than 90,000 Palestinians. Israel has murdered more than 2000 Palestinian children in the last fifteen years alone. Is your argument that that’s “only 90,000 human beings, but not genocide?”


Every single human rights organization in the world that monitors the conflict, including the UN and some excellent Israeli ones report that Israel is subjecting the defenseless, native Palestinian people to systematic, violent racist oppression daily. Israel has murdered more than 2000 Palestinian children in the last fifteen years alone. But that’s a nice try at blaming “the Arabs” for Israeli war crimes and mass murder.


Apparently you think events in the 19th Century rationalize Israeli racism, terrorism, colonialism, mass murder and apartheid in the 21st Century. Wouldn’t that same principle apply to rationalizing the Holocaust? After all, the French slaughtered the Huguenots in the 17th Century so the Germans slaughtering the Jews in the 20th Century is OK? No? I didn’t think so. That argument is reserved exclusively for the only apartheid state in the world.


Sorry, I looked at their Web site and couldn’t find any such purpose. They list 3 main program areas:

the Humanitarian Link raises funds to provide relief, medical services, and community development support; the Palestine Center hosts educational and policy analysis lectures and conferences in the DC area and disseminates information online; and the cultural arm features an active art gallery called Gallery Al-Quds, a film series, and musical and literary offerings.

Now, I suppose the educational and policy analysis might at some time hear something about destruction of the state of Israel, but I couldn’t see it in what I found under that tab. I think you need to document some of your claims and trim up your brush a bit. For a start,“teens” is a very different thing from what you imply with “using their own children.”


Please be more specific.