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The Mueller Report: An Indictment in All But Bame

The Mueller Report: An Indictment in All But Bame

David Cole

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report, released to the public in a redacted version on April 18, lays out in meticulous detail both a blatantly illegal effort by Russia to throw the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump and repeated efforts by President Trump to end, limit, or impede Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference.

Yes the B and N are right next to each other.

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Best analysis of this issue I have seen. Very much in line with a similar article from the editor of Jacobin.

Mr. Cole, did you read the Mueller report? I challenge you to identify the evidence that Russia tried to throw the 2016 election. Sure Mueller makes a lot of allegations, but he presents no concrete proof. Mueller does make a lot of references to US espionage assessments, but US espionage agencies make a common practice of lying. Mueller’s report is on a par with Colin Powell’s ‘evidence’ of an Iraqi weapons of mass destruction program.


What did we expect from someone ignorant of politics, foreign affairs, and constitutional law? No, we hired a real estate developer to run the country as his own housing project, with our money.
This isn’t even the beginning of the end just yet.

Someone has to pay for the USB attack!

I trust Mueller as much as I trust Trump, or the major media----which is —not much.
In fact when anyone says Russia did this-----really, well where were the spy people?
Why did Come decide not t even look at Hillary’s emails which she kept all over the place. I believe Julian Assange and Bill Binney and VIPS. It is very sad that so many who used to be journalists-----no longer are. : (