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The Mueller Report Was Never Going to Save Us. We Must Fight Collusion Ourselves.

The Mueller Report Was Never Going to Save Us. We Must Fight Collusion Ourselves.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Emboldened by his attorney general’s summary of special counsel Robert S.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to pursue something actual, rather than something made up out of whole cloth? Unfortunately, Rachel Maddow & friends just inoculated Trump against legitimate criticism, strongly enough, perhaps, to make him President for Life. Thanks, Rachel.

I hate to say it, but from a man of the cloth I expect more honesty regarding the errors on our side. It’s time to come clean, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II.


It is also very sad to see how many in government don’t even care what people in their own districts want. Who are these idiotic people? Betsy DeVos evades all questions and answers with words that not only do not relate to reality---- but don’t relate to America. Then the BAP team of Bolton, Abrams and Pompeo are surprised that Russia stands up for Venezuela—WTF are the so called leaders doing about this? NOTHING. Shouldn’t Pruitt be in jail- giving away public lands–how about the revolving door generals who solve nothing, win nothing but end up on boards or as lobbyists? IS anybody working for AMERICANS?

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An interesting read:


Excerpts from Jonathan Cook:

What Mueller found – all he was ever going to find – was marginal corruption in the Trump camp. And that was inevitable because Washington is mired in corruption. In fact, what Mueller revealed was the most exceptional forms of corruption among Trump’s team while obscuring the run-of-the-mill stuff that would have served as a reminder of the endemic corruption infecting the Democratic leadership too.

Further, in focusing on the Trump camp – and relative minnows like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone – the Russiagate inquiry actually served to shield the Democratic leadership from an investigation into the much worse corruption revealed in the content of the DNC emails. It was the leaking / hacking of those emails that provided the rationale for Mueller’s investigations. What should have been at the front and centre of any inquiry was how the Democratic party sought to rig its primaries to prevent party members selecting anyone but Hillary as their presidential candidate.

So, in short, Russiagate has been two years of wasted energy by the left, energy that could have been spent both targeting Trump for what he is really doing rather than what it is imagined he has done, and targeting the Democratic leadership for its own, equally corrupt practices.

Trump empowered
But it’s far worse than that. It is not just that the left wasted two years of political energy on Russiagate. At the same time, they empowered Trump, breathing life into his phoney arguments that he is the anti-establishment president, a people’s president the elites are determined to destroy.

Trump faces opposition from within the establishment not because he is “anti-establishment” but because he refuses to decorate the pig’s snout with lipstick. He is tearing the mask off late-stage capitalism’s greed and self-destructiveness. And he is doing so not because he wants to reform or overthrow turbo-charged capitalism but because he wants to remove the last, largely cosmetic constraints on the system so that he and his friends can plunder with greater abandon – and destroy the planet more quickly.

The other wing of the neoliberal establishment, the one represented by the Democratic party leadership, fears that exposing capitalism in this way – making explicit its inherently brutal, wrist-slitting tendencies – will awaken the masses, that over time it will risk turning them into revolutionaries. Democratic party leaders fear Trump chiefly because of the threat he poses to the image of the political and economic system they have so lovingly crafted so that they can continue enriching themselves and their children.

Trump’s genius – his only genius – is to have appropriated, and misappropriated, some of the language of the left to advance the interests of the 1 per cent. When he attacks the corporate “liberal” media for having a harmful agenda, for serving as propagandists, he is not wrong. When he rails against the identity politics cultivated by “liberal” elites over the past two decades – suggesting that it has weakened the US – he is not wrong. But he is right for the wrong reasons.

TV’s version of clickbait

The corporate media, and the journalists they employ, are propagandists – for a system that keeps them wealthy. When Trump was a Republican primary candidate, the entire corporate media loved him because he was TV’s equivalent of clickbait, just as he had been since reality TV began to usurp the place of current affairs programmes and meaningful political debate.

The handful of corporations that own the US media – and much of corporate America besides – are there both to make ever-more money by expanding profits and to maintain the credibility of a political and economic system that lets them make ever more money.

. All of the media cares more for Trump and the elites he belongs to than it cares for the 99 per cent.

Gorging on the main course

Similarly, with identity politics. Trump says he wants to make (a white) America great again, and uses the left’s obsession with identity as a way to energise a backlash from his own supporters.

Just as too many on the left sleep-walked through the past two years waiting for Mueller – a former head of the FBI, the US secret police, for chrissakes! – to save them from Trump, they have been manipulated by liberal elites into the political cul-de-sac of identity politics.

Just as Mueller put the left on standby, into waiting-for-the-Messiah mode, so simple-minded, pussy-hat-wearing identity politics has been cultivated in the supposedly liberal bastions of the corporate media and Ivy League universities – the same universities that have turned out generations of Muellers and Clintons – to deplete the left’s political energies. While we argue over who is most entitled and most victimised, the establishment has carried on raping and pillaging Third World countries, destroying the planet and siphoning off the wealth produced by the rest of us.

The “liberal” elites exploited identity politics to keep us divided by pacifying the most maginalised with the offer of a few additional crumbs. Trump has exploited identity politics to keep us divided by inflaming tensions as he reorders the hierarchy of “privilege” in which those crumbs are offered. In the process, both wings of the elite have averted the danger that class consciousness and real solidarity might develop and start to challenge their privileges.

A clarifying moment

Were the US to get its own Corbyn as president, he or she would undoubtedly face a Mueller-style inquiry, and one far more effective at securing the president’s impeachment than this one was ever going to be.

That is not because a leftwing US president would be more corrupt or more likely to have colluded with a foreign power. As the UK example shows, it would be because the entire media system – from the New York Times to Fox News – would be against such a president. And as the UK example also shows, it would be because the leaderships of both the Republican and Democratic parties would work as one to finish off such a president.

In the combined success-failure of the Mueller inquiry, the left has an opportunity to understand in a much more sophisticated way how real power works and in whose favour it is exercised. It is moment that should be clarifying – if we are willing to open our eyes to Mueller’s real lessons.


I’ve thought for a long time that if you got your long imperial noses out of other countries, stopped interferring in other people’s democracies, and concentrated on improving your own, you’d be making America great…

The charade in Venezuela is going over so poorly around the world that the MSM, at least in my country, have gone silent about it. Canadians in general aren’t dumb enough to accept a selfie sworn in pop up as the legitimate president of a country, after several of their progressive institutions, including the United Church, observed Maduro’s election last spring and found it essentially clean. No Canadian politician is so lucky as to get 67% of the vote, and if he did, he’d call it a consensus, not a dictatorship.

But your recycled fascists like Bolton and Abrams can declare Maduro a dictator, threaten him with imprisonment in Guantanamo, and the world is expected to buy that tripe:?..the Russians are the least of your problems…

The world is beginning to suspect you’ve used them as a scape goat, to hide the psychopathic brand of capitalist fundamentalists who’ve been running your country into the ground since Reagan. And it doesn’t even look like the Democratic elites are any better, on the whole…

Maybe time for a total ideological transformation…socialism anyone??? If only Bernie were 10 years younger, or the baby boomer generation 10 IQ points brighter!

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“Whether Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russians to subvert democracy, they have certainly colluded with homegrown and racist voter-suppression efforts to undermine the basic principle of one person, one vote.”

==What the Rev. Barber omits is how the right-wing Democratic party establishment has long colluded with the decades of GOP vote suppression that hits the very left-leaning voters establishment Dems want nowhere near their primaries: minorities, the poor, students, transients, the homeless, the young…

The party’s establishment has been more than willing to make the tradeoff of maintaining its hold on power and on the party at the cost of some losses in general elections. Looked at another way, why, when it owned national politics and a supermajority in the Senate in 2009 and 2010, did the Democratic party do nothing to protect voters and the vote? The answer’s painfully simple: It did not want to. The party’s owners preferred their hold on power to protecting democracy’s essential right.

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