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The Mulvaney Doctrine: Sacrificing the Disadvantaged for a Corporate Agenda


The Mulvaney Doctrine: Sacrificing the Disadvantaged for a Corporate Agenda

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

There's a new doctrine dominating policy decisions in Washington, D.C., and it sacrifices the poor, elderly, and disadvantaged at the altar of corporations and the ultra-wealthy.


Mulvaney is one rude, obstreperous, imperious SOB. Watched some of his testimony (House) on CSPAN last night (replay) and he has almost mastered the craft of double-speak while saying nothing that comes near to answering the questions. But the majority GOP stormtroopers on the committee marched in lockstep (almost exactly the same words) spouting rancid rhetoric about how great the budget was...may they all (Mulvaney included) retire in ignominy and penury.


Not to mention that neither the Waltons nor the djts will be spending those millions, only stashing them away further out of the economy. Those of us dependent on paltry benefits from the targeted "compassionate" programs plow what we get right back in. I published this yesterday:


And all these years I thought Rosemary's Baby was pure fiction until Mulvaney appeared. I am a believer now.


Thank you. It actually brought tears...
I was on the verge of filing for SSDI. 70% of all applicants are denied on the first time. So unless you can get a good attorney, you are helpless. The inherent cruelty of it all. . .

And that work history stuff. What if you are in your 50's, take care of your parents in their 80's, cook, clean, house & yard maintenance, auto repair, plumbing & electrical--and help them save money from scammers----oh right, none of that is work is it?

And "clergy member" is sedentary? what the ____? So I guess painting a house is sedentary too, right?

"My attorney, given the chance to query the evaluator, asked just one thing: “How many of those ‘sedentary’ jobs can be carried out from a recliner chair [where we’d established I spend my days] with the feet elevated?”

The evaluator shuffled through her papers for a moment, as if she’d forgotten just what jobs we were talking about. “Um, … none.” I was so glad I hadn’t opened my mouth to challenge her."

Ah! A good attorney knows how to ask the right questions. That one was golden.

And the judge who asked about cats, and how many? I can't help but think there was a "crazy cat lady" stereotype behind such a question.
Does he know how beneficial cats can be to health?
Cat ownership and the Risk of Fatal Cardiovascular Diseases. Results from the Second National Health and Nutrition Examination Study Mortality Follow-up Study.


I love mind*&^% movies, and that is way up on any list. Watched it many moons ago, and still gives me the creeps thinking about it. I would give you 5 hearts if I could.


Yeah, I'm afraid taking care of your parents, especially house and yard maintenance, would count against a disability claim. It isn't work, but it demonstrates an ability to work. Yes, I had an excellent attorney, but note that she expected we'd succeed on the initial application. And a friend commented on my Facebook post that her husband got disability with no problem when he lost his sight. But his benefits plus a small pension took them out of qualifying for Medicaid, so she is now without health insurance until she reaches 65. It's a horrible system, already so far from compassionate I can't speak.Take care.


This person may be the (current) epitome of 45's sadistic reign.


Surprisingly, when I applied for disability I got it the first time. There is a burgeoning business for lawyers to get the SSDI after being denied the first time. (There must be a quota or something underhanded on this whole issue). They have cuts to this plan in the works in the new budget!! At least the worker I talked to didn't ask about my cat. I told the social worker that the could sue R.J. Reynolds tobacco co. for my care, after all they made billions and billions on selling addictive poison.(Don't smoke, folks!!) The poor and the marginalized are being left out of any consideration in the new budget. At least Bernie is doing something! Good luck.


Unbelievable! The video just makes me sick watching that smug bastard skate around the pesky question about the richest of the rich, Walton tax break. They, the capitalists, have a huge surplus of capital they don't know what to do with, but yet, they need a tax break. The military needs more money to make war, yet average Americans are screwed every which way, even including silly. The news daily just keeps getting more unbelievable as the rich get richer and the rest...rots.


Right..if they don't bring everything crashing down around them.
It's okay; we can wait while Don remains in office...


I don't know why you assume "something underhanded," and I don't know on whose part you see that. Yes, there have been underhanded lawyers with "arrangements" with SSA offices, but the reasons for mostly starting with the first appeal are that (a) most people like you who are clearly disabled (and maybe "ol" enough to not have a route back into the labor market), or who have no clue what the system is like, go ahead and file on their own; and (b) lawyers get paid only from the "back benefits," from between the date of disability and the date of award. And there's a cap on the actual amount the lawyer can receive (direct from SSA, withheld from the award). I tried for a year and a half to get well enough to get working again (actually more than 2 years from the time I got sick). So when I applied, I already had a back benefit from which my attorney would be paid. OTOH, she stuck with me and did the really hard stuff of a hearing after the benefit to her had maxed out. And if you read my account, you'll see she may have made a major difference in just knowing the right single question to ask the vocational evaluator to challenge the latter's opinion that I was still employable. And that was at age 63. When I got sick, I was still in my 50s and might well have been employable, at least self-employable, if the right doctor had been curious enough to figure out what was happening. That's the part of my story I'd like to ask Paul Ryan about.


Will democrats take up the fight for common people----this is what made the democrat party---this Trump budget is in complete contrast to what Trump ran on----this is a transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top------Sanders and Warren can't do this alone. I don't see the rich protesting this budget? Don't be fooled this is a war.

Corporate media said that the rep healthcare bill might pit young against old------No the real fight is against those who steal all the wealth---The RICH!-----Buffet,Gates, Waltons (how did they get this name)these people could all work to make our society more equal----but they do the opposite. Stop drinking the koolaide(water).


Even if we could figure out a way to put Mulvaney, and rest of these soulless, heartless creatures in government and business on space shuttle vehicles and launch them towards the sun. There will always be more of them coming, sort of like Agent Smith, and company from the Matrix. Stop voting republican, democrat, and libertarian America!


New doctrine; Greed before need.


Either that or just a symptom.


Yes the Waltons just do not know what to do with all those billions. Heaven forbid they use some of those billions to pay their employees a living wage. Their employees would plow that money back into the economy, but many billionaires and millionaires hoard their wealth especially off shore.


Of course mulvaney is being compassionate about the poor, Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses? Are there not graves for the poor? Decrease the surplus population. It will ensure the lazy poor will get off their asses and work more jobs than just 2 or 3. And as Trump said, americans earn too much money, no minimum wage should be allowed. All those poor people who seem to think that just because they work, they should be paid.
Back to the 19th century when people could be treated as slaves with no rights. It is foolish that the poor should have rights. Give them some rights and they will think they deserve better treatment and more money.
Don't criticize Mulvaney, honor him. He is just trying to protect us all from the demands of the poor that they be treated decently, as if they really mattered.

Do I really have to label this as satire?


And now, the Paul-satanic-child-ayn-rand-Ryan, the new plan is to take 10 billion $ from SSDI and give it to our struggling, downtrodden, war withered War Department, because if billionaires in tanks need cash, then just steal it from the disabled.

BTW: I am no longer a church member, grew up Southern Baptist, which was a strange cross between Hey-Haw and Osteen.

When I matured, I finally went PCUSA.
But the 3rd church was the charm. Minister named Barbara-- a little church in Littleton, mostly older folk, but I felt more love there than any other church in my history. We had a popular food pantry,-- just drive up and get a box, you don't have to say or do a thing--about 100 needy families every Saturday. What more churches should be doing. Before that at another PCUSA, the first lesbian minister (a fill in for the main one) I ever had the pleasure of knowing.

I moved on to no religion, but some Buddhist/Taoist philosophy and meditation does me well, ever trying to live in the moment.
Peace :wink: