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The Mystery of Turkey’s Failed Coup


The Mystery of Turkey’s Failed Coup

Joe Lauria

More than two weeks after Turkey’s dramatic failed coup, what exactly happened remains shrouded in mystery leaving only speculation that has hardened into “fact” in the absence of convincing evidence.

Two main theories have emerged: The first is that this was yet another in a longline of CIA-backed coups. The other is that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan either staged or let the coup happen to give him the opportunity to consolidate his rule through a vicious and ongoing purge of his perceived enemies.


CD has not picked it up, but here's a different take on the attempted coup in Turkey from Patrick Cockburn, who writes that he tends to accept the involvement of the Gulenists in the attempt.


Questions remain.

On the day of the Coup NBC reported Erdogan had fled the country and sought asylum in Germany. They cited a "Senior Pentagon Source".This hours before it learned the Coup failed.Who was that "Senior Pentagon Source" and if there no US role why would a "Senior Pentagon Source" give out fabricated information?

This is very much like the BBC reporting WT7 collapsed before it had in fact collapsed.

Next question. Press outside of Turkey reports that Erdogan received a warning that in the works and this warning is suggested to have come from Russia from intercepted communications. The USA has the greatest surveillance system on this Globe spying on everyone yet the USA officialy claims it had no idea the Coup in the works. How could Russia know and the USA not know?

Lastly why did Iran and Russia immediately condemn the Coup attempt as it unfolding while the USA waited several hours to do so after it became apparent it failed?

Watch the interview . Ms Edmonds speaks directly to the false infomation being fed to the media as part of the CIA backed psy--ops.


It was very obvious to me the CIA was involved. We've nukes in Turkey, the entire U.S. military would of mobilized if we lost control.


There's a saying: "Who smelled it, dealt it". Russia wanted to kinda stop the US ability to use Incirlik as a base of operations against Syria and interfere in their area of operations. Pretty obvious if you think about it.

Plus, Russia could have put all this together without the US intel knowing about it. Remember they have Mr. Snowden who is probably familiar with internal NSA protocols and network topologies so Russia can probably circumvent some of them. You don't really think they keep Snowden in Moscow cuz he released some PowerPoint presentations about US domestic surveillance.


Now why would Hillary Clinton use her private email system for confidential USAian emails when Secretary of State? Clearly, she is a Russian sleeper ....................It was a clever move, her hacking those DNC emails and blaming Russia. What superb cover...........!