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The Myth of Voter Fraud—And the Truth About What's Threatening Our Elections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/23/myth-voter-fraud-and-truth-about-whats-threatening-our-elections

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Robert, you pretty much missed the gorilla in the room. You did a good job of using real numbers to show a lack of fraudulent voting. And, you did manage “Policies established in the name of election security – including voter ID laws, needless registration deadlines, limited access to polling places, and purges of the voter rolls” at least.

Except that all run together, in a very brief list, almost buries the items on that same list. I had to go back to make sure of what I read. Those are all topics which deserve expansion. The Russian interference doesn’t deserve that much treatment, mainly because (1) “Citizens vs United” is far heavier interference from all the money right here in the “homeland” and (2) voting machines and their software and their uploaded destinations are more central.

All voting machines are produced by companies owned by Republicans - rich and political, including politicians. Worse, all software in those machines is hidden, hiding the very process of voting, making the poll workers nothing more than a smokescreen. Supposedly poll workers and watchers are mechanisms to make sure the process is open. Proprietary software completely hides the process of counting. If you had human counters and they were hidden in a back room away from any poll watchers, it would be illegal. But we let the software hide the process.

Further, there is the “cut 'em off at the pass” approach which is to own the programmers at the location where all this is uploaded to. No visible controls, once again.

So forget illegal voters, way too much effort and way to visible. No point in that. Forget Russia or any other country, “Citizens vs United” is way, way ahead of any foreign interference.


“Trump and his enablers are” NOT “ignoring the real threats to our democracy”, Ralph, they ARE the real threat to our democracy" and democracies abroad (Bolivia being the most recent example) and have been at least since Eisenhower sent the CIA to overthrow Iran’s democratically elected government in 1953.

And, look who was named in the Bolivian coup. Sen. Rubio and Cruz are expected to be strong and openly pro allies of the Neo-Fascists supporting Anez’s so-called Christian gangsters.
Sen. Menendez probably didn’t want to be outed as just as rotten and corrupt, however. His CIA/MIC camouflage let him down. Don’t forget that in the 1950s the CIA was often shorthand in South America for Catholics In Action.

You are right that Robert Reich could have expanded on all his topics. But how many people would have watched a 5 hour video?

In the 80s, Alaska still had paper ballots and I did my terms of election judge - and counting the ballots. We were lucky to finish by 1 or 2 in the morning. I was a newbie, but some of the old timers would page through the voter list during slack times and name off the dead people still on the rolls 8 or 10 years later, or having moved out of town. So why weren’t they purged? Because the Feds had rules and the state had to obey them - and the State had rules, too. The governor alternated between D and R, and his Lt Gov’s main duty is overseeing election.
The poll workers between them knew most of the voters who walked in the door. Small town of about 11,000, smaller poll districts.
If someone was unknown but on the rolls, sometimes they had to fill out a Challenged Ballot, which get counted later.
Of course, the “voter fraud” was the gerrymandering. Alaska had some bizarre districts with admittedly some unusual issues. Nor sure how any times redistricting went to the courts. And less than 50% of Alaskan voters register as republicans or democrats, even now.
Now, Chicago had lots of dead people voting when i was a kid in the 50s. The days of the Daily machine, dontcha know. My best friend drove cab in the late 50s, early 60s, was given five winos, and drove them from polling place to polling place on voting day. Ah, those were the days.

It doesn’t have to be a 5 hour video. One other area of voter fraud would be the Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz debacle in 2016. We had massive voter purges during the primary, long lines (Arizona had lines around the building at 10 pm), those machines were reported to have switched votes according to election judges who went to the Illinois Election court, and they agreed Sanders votes went to Hilary happened and next time they’ll look into it. Or how about calling the election on Superdelegates the night before 6 states were supposed to vote, including California. SUPER delegates should be included in this discussion.

Just took me a couple minutes to get through Dreamdancer’s post, if that, I’d have appreciated Reich tackling that much.

I don’t know that he ever does, though. It seems that he can analyze a problem fairly well if the Republicans are guilty and the Democrats not. Too bad there’s not so much of that as there was.