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The Name Of The Elephant

The Name Of The Elephant

Joan Wickersham

The tale of an elected president turned self-declared emperor.

"We have a leader who has gleefully and recklessly been dismantling and destabilizing our government and our ties with other governments around the world, and the majority party in Congress has been colluding."(Photo: Samantha Stamas/Globe Staff Illustration)

Tragically, the many innocent will suffer along with the guilty few unless we can turn this thing around.


I both hope and fear that you are correct.


Beelzebub?   Oh, I thought you meant the 8,000 pound Orange Oliphaunt in the Oval Office.

I doubt we’ll get off that easy.

Although there ARE many who are relatively innocent, I seriously doubt that they outnumber the guilty.   The REALLY Guilty, maybe – like War Criminals, Banksters, CEOs and Politicians – but not the Somewhat Guilty and the Gullible.

What once was our democracy, like Paris’ poor Pollux the elephant, has been savagely butchered by our own ignorant and blundering version of war with Prussians. Now we have Trump, holding up Pollux’s trunk in self-congratulation.

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And Americans have the unmitigated gall to criticize Constitutional monarchies for being dictatorial. The truth is that such governments are far more democratic than the US government can ever hope to be. Constitutional Monarchies give all the authority to the Monarch but all the power to democratically elected Parliaments. How better to prevent a true dictatorship?


First of all, who has been calling constitutional monarchies dictatorships? Second, your description of constitutional monarchies are nonsensical. Monarchs in such systems do not have “authority”, they have formal and ceremonial roles. Yes, parliaments have actual power. What exactly is authotity minus power?

Well B you are obviously ignorant of the constitutional authority granted to Monarchs. You can easily cure your ignorance by simply googling the matter. In the UK for instance, the government is referred to as the Queen’s. It could fall if She loses confidence in it. Every criminal case is referenced “Regina” vs (the accused). Authority minus power is the true meaning of a true democracy. You wouldn’t know it unfortunately, because you don’t have it. Separating authority from power makes it extremely difficult for a dictatorship to arise. It takes two to tango so to speak.

The government falls if it loses a confidence vote in parliament, not if the Queen has a bad day. Don’t rely entirely on google. Authority minus power equals zero. Her position is ceremonial.

Archie1954…it is plain to see you are across the pond from us. There are many times I have enjoyed your government and been disappointed by ours. To view the silent power of The Queen is a joy to me at such times. It is even more fascinating to see her power extend across the pond a time or two.

I am of the belief that the Second Bill of Rights as proposed by FDR in 1944 is the answer on how to turn this around. It is my dream that we all push for it in our time of need.

What you don’t have knowledge of is best left without ignorant comment.

Words to live by, Archie.

Then please take it to heart.