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The Name of the Only Reopublican Possibly Worse Than Donald Trump Is Mitch McConnell

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/11/name-only-reopublican-possibly-worse-donald-trump-mitch-mcconnell

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One disgusting individual. I never thought it could be personality or good looks that interested Chao. Still doubt this southern racist does not want to destroy the union for the Confederacy of old and enrich himself simultaneously?


Chao must like Turtle soup, otherwise, she wouldn’t have chosen a four legged bottom dweller like Mitch for a pet.

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I have watched and hoped to see him defeated for years; nevertheless, he persists…not like a cancer but like a festering, pus filled boil on ones ass. Leave Moscow, Muleheaded, Masticating, Malignant, Malevolent Mitch.

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What you mean-um “Possibly” & “Perhaps”, Kemo Sabé?  Tweetle-Dumb is so sick that he has no idea how utterly evil he is — like the homicidal maniac who avoids the death penalty by reason of insanity.  McConnell – being rotten to the core like Kavanaugh and Epstein – has no such excuse.


Shouldn’t it have been "Get off your (“bony”) ass? Or would that have been true? Perhaps it is only his wild turkey face that makes the rest of him seem skinny too?

McConnell is truly the epitome of the soulless politician. In all the years he’s been in the Senate, I can’t recall him ever taking a stand or position based on morals, basic right or wrong or anything remotely resembling humanitarian values. Hitler would have loved him.


Chao is absolutely as vile as he is.


I’m not even on the sauce, but someone just has to say “The Tortoise and the Hair”. There, I feel better.


Serial lying ever since he was first elected to the US Senate in 1984 is what has propelled Moscow Mitch’s political career. The 2016 elections that put the GOP in control of both houses combined with the election of Smokescreen Donald was a dream come true that gave Mitch the green light to destroy Murka the way Sherman destroyed everything in his path between Atlanta and the Atlantic.

After the 1% get their neofeudal paradise where they own everything and the 99% own nothing, statues Moscow Mitch will adorn every Murkan city, his face will appear on currency and the SCOTUS building will be named for him.

If Mitch came out of the closet, he might lose some of his macho authoritarian posturing and accept his gentler female side.

I hate his political positions but I admire and respect how he uses his power.

The Republican Party is viewed unfavorably, yet they have been defeating Democrats a lot. And frankly, Trump is going to win again and the Senate is structurally in the hands of Rs for years to come. So hate Mitch all you want but he’ll be around a while.

He calls himself the Grim Reaper - and given his refusal to consider gun legislation he certainly had earned the title.


I was liking the article until the—Russia influenced the election," and then I couldn’t read it anymore. America is doing what large and well armed military do when they fall apart-----as did the ancients-------- we are falling apart from within-----so OMG, please no more Russia did it----: (

I hope you are wrong, but fear you are not.

A truly civilized society would have already removed from authority these two fraudulent sacks of woe .

" Russia is now proven to have intervened in the 2016 elections in favor of Donald Trump." when will this disproven bullshit end? Why is Common Dreams running a piece from the MSM, Tribune Newspapers? I

I think if you were to investigate the computers on election night you would find in Kentucky, you would find them connected to the internet, so they could be manipulated. Election O fficals are not allowed to look at the software because of trade secrets? Give me a break.

Not possible.