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The Nasty Blowback from America’s Wars


The Nasty Blowback from America’s Wars

Ray McGovern

Brutality thrives in American police treatment of common citizens reflecting an ethos of violence that has flourished over the past dozen years with almost no one in authority held accountable. Much of this behavior can be traced back to U.S. wars of choice – and it is not as though we were not warned of the inevitable blowback.


Coleen Rowley got it right. My belief is that even those that did nothing or were actively in favor of the Iraq invasion knew that it was a violation of international law. We lampoon George W but history may put him in a different light. He was a very effective leader, setting an example that was quickly lived down to by many in decision making positions. He and his administration did what they did because no-one would stop them, and everyone took note. And Bush was shockingly honest. “They hate us for our freedoms” means for the freedoms to do what we may by right of military force, and because no-one would stop them.


“If we see this video coverage, watch this sort of brutality, and do nothing, I fear for what will become of our country.”

Too late, my friend.

As for the idea that this is some kind of subtle inductive process brought on by illegal foreign wars, that is patent nonsense. These guys have been trained on US soil to behave this way against US citizens in order to control them, and it has nothing to do with anything else.


I agree. All one has to do is gaze back at our history right from the beginning. Mindless hatred and brutality have characterized western expansionism and behaviors for centuries. We’re recording it now, granted, and talking about it. But it’s nothing new.


“The post-World War II Nuremberg Tribunal carefully defined such a war as “the supreme international crime, differing from other war crimes only in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.” Accumulated evil? Having just emerged from the nightmare of world conflagration, the jurists on the Tribunal understood that it was the unleashing of the dogs of war – launching an aggressive war – that also loosed all the other atrocities and barbarities associated with warfare.”

Mars rules whenever might makes right.

Mars rules when aggressive force is preferred over diplomacy.

Mars rules when weapons are virtually idolized and when mostly male citizens view their guns as a direct extension of their “firmness.”

Mars rules when nations prone to using force dominate trade deals and use their muscle to determine which laws will be respected and which ones disobeyed

Mars rules when a particular people is stigmatized as an enemy

Mars rules when the language of soldiers and soldiering filters into everyday parlance

Mars rules when the mainstream media is saturated with the voices and barren smiles of military officials, war-hawks, and those who promote (senseless) wars

Mars rules when punishment is used in lieu of justice

Mars rules when ‘codes of blue’ protect police brothers irrespective of their callous lawless conduct

Mars rules when what Authority Says goes, and any who deviate from obedience are ostracized, punished, demonized, or disappeared

Mars rules when those who destroy nations claim records of victory

Mars rules when those who demonstrate sociopathic tendencies (in such things as their LUST for torture) lecture good people on the importance of not looking back, as if any form of self-reflection is for sissies

Mars rules means writing a false historical record, one that lays homage to the victor-warriors

Mars rules when it’s mostly men (if not only men) who arrogate to themselves the unquestioned right to speak for both genders

Mars rules when churches feign Divine approval for wars

Mars rules when instead of funding Head Start, Soup Kitchens, arts programs, and investments in Green Energies, $6 trillion ends up burned up in developing always that next generation of killer weaponry

Mars rules when the footprint of MAN and all that is MANmade rapes, pillages, and plunders the Great Mother, Gaia, our beloved planetary home.


And until The Mars-Machine decided to subsume women and gays into itself, any WE-frame that essentially designated the mindset of the Mars-ruled male dominator as the norm represented primarily the Dominant Gender. It mostly still does. And that’s why it must be challenged. WE women do not subscribe to the Mars-ruled vision of our world.

If this limited “WE” frame is one that can be so closely identified with all that is warlike and bestial, and IT is taken for a universal norm that accurately depicts all or most citizens, what hope of any wiser collective human expression exists?

This frame, albeit used passively too often by thoughtful persons who ought to think more deeply on this subject, is to human possibility what Margaret Thatcher’s “There is no society,” and/or “There is no alternative” (TINA) are to global governance and so-called Free Trade.

Words matter!


"Looking back on the last decade, think of crimes like kidnapping, black prisons and torture as well as the slaughter of so many civilians as the Bush/Cheney war of choice has spread violence and death "

Too often left under the radar IF noticed at all is that violence against women and girls has also escalated dramatically. That’s part of the macho war fever syndrome, too. And the analogy was brilliantly laid out with plenty of historical documentation by Riane Eisler in her important work, “The Chalice And The Blade.”

All along the U,.S.-Mexican border and throughout Latin American nations impacted by the twin punch of NAFTA (alleged “free trade” benefits) and CIA infiltration into local elections, as a result of these upheavals one form of blowback shows up in the form of thousands of bodies of dead women found. Little is done in the way of crime solving or remediation.

Afghanistan had been a place of relative modernity with many women completing college degrees and finding work as attorneys, doctors, and teachers. Enter the U.S. and as blowback, the Taliban regains control along with all kinds of virulently misogynistic tribal clans… plus those henchmen preferred by Western military-elites since they do the work of strong-arming their own people into submission.

Rape is escalating on college campuses, and Video games are programming young males–just when they’re coming of age sexually–to couple sexual release with violence against females.

The right wing pro-war machinery aims plenty of firepower at women’s rights starting with basic reproductive sovereignty. The 2nd punch there comes from economics where not only are women paid less than men for working the same jobs; they tend to occupy job fields that (because these venues are traditionally linked to women) pay less.

And these examples are a mere tip of the iceberg.

So many male writers don’t even NOTICE the gender item. That, too, is about male bonding and Mars rules. By making matters relevant to women irrelevant, male hegemony continues on and is portrayed as the norm.


Interesting that you left out the seminal event–a trauma that dumbfounded much of the American population–that allowed Bush his macho pro-war prowess and call to marching orders. Seems like you are doing your own homage to the chimp by rewriting a very selective history.


It’s all connected. If you can’t see the relevant dots hardly means they’re not there.