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The Natural Antidote to Trumpamine

The Natural Antidote to Trumpamine

Stephen Trimble

New ideas get stuck in loops in my brain. I learn about a cool science story and want to overshare at dinner parties. Alas, the same happens with the daily political news.

My job as a writer in these challenging times is to synthesize, to respond. But I get dragged down by Donald Trump’s rants and tweets, by the scheming and lying described in the Mueller report. All that distress and dismay, day after day, brings me to a state of stupefaction.

Do the staggering scientific reports about human destruction of our biosphere “quell the tides of Trumpamine with an equal measure of endorphins.” If so, we should all be feeling great, because such news is furiously arriving daily now.

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Unfortunately, my “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has long ago progressed to “USAn Derangement Syndrome.” Trump is just a symptom of the madness of all of the USA with the exception of the inner urban areas of cities with populations of 400k or larger and/or host large universities, or other places where non-idiots reside.

Hi Writer Trimble: oh yes, when I read about the power of that asteroid, and how that water in North Dakota and the time line of the deposits showed an unbelievable demarcation of the immediate end of one time period and the beginning of another! Wow that was amazing. When I read about this beautiful Earth and all of the changes that mammals and plants and land have undergone in Earth’s time-------it is a magical and happy moment. Yes, there was that downer into app, when the old guard of Earth geologic study refused to believe that this guy without a PhD found something that they didn’t know----but humans can be ungrateful raptors ,can’t they. : )
To the alert everyone, as Bill Nye the ex- Science guy is freaking out about another asteroid from space, like the one that caused this dramatic Earth change and the demise of the dinosaurs! Earth changing events came quickly, and will again and maybe we will be blowing up asteroids like Star Trek! It’s nice to know that a state where I once lived is the place where an asteroid in the Yucatan is the event that gave rise to WE the Mammals: )