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The Necessity and Importance of Teachers

The Necessity and Importance of Teachers

Steven Singer

Are teachers necessary?

That’s the question big business is asking.

Well, “asking” isn’t really the right word. They’re implying an answer.

Hedge fund mangers and ed tech soothsayers are betting hundreds of millions of dollars that educators aren’t really all that important.

They’re planning a future where real live people play a much smaller role in student learning.

Anyone who believes teachers are not needed, leads me to think this is someone who wants the dumbing down of our population to continue at an accelerated pace.


We the People do not need Hedge Fund Managers and Tech Soothsayers, telling us “how” our children must be educated.

Resist this intrusion with all of your being parents.

Tell them to stick to Hedge Fund Managing and Tech Soothsaying, and keep their noses out of our children’s education.


The teaching profession arose from the habit of the wealthy employing the scholarly minded to educate the progeny of the monied. Often, inducements were offered such as living quarters, laboratories, and studios were included for the tutors. In more enlightened societies than ours, teachers are venerated as valuable contributors to culture, morality, and competitiveness. In the US, the primary purpose of public “education” is indoctrination into the “worker” class mentality of debt slavery. Those few that leak out of their system with their self esteem and thinking prowess intact are carefully watched to ensure that they do not overly stimulate the masses into an awareness of their plight. The ruling class uses divide and conquer as their primary and persistent tool of oppression. It happens to work, but the desperation of the ruling class is becoming apparent through their naked power grabs of the past few decades. The future will be different, but will it be more utopian or dystopian in character? Only time, suffering, and perhaps revolution will tell.


The latest attacks on teachers and the neo-liberal model of school privatization does nothing to help educate students. It will only ensure another generation of people without critical skills to think for themselves. A dumbing down that seems to have taken hold especially in low income districts as funds are funneled to rich districts or privatized charter schools. I grew up in the public school system which was inadequate for college but at the time(60’s early 70’s) did include ecology, population control, global warming and evolution. (class of '72) What’s happened since then? Why do a large portion of the people seem so ignorant these days? Why the rush to destroy the backbone of any good society? Has war become more important the children? In my view murdering women and children with US munitions has become more important than anything else. Especially our health, education and hunger.


Teachers are the primary means by which a society transmits it’s cultural, intellectual and technological heritage to the next generation. I’m not sure much needs to be said after that other than to work out how to get and keep the best teachers possible.

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I learned about politics and government mostly from home. I cannot understand how so many people are ignorant about the power structure that governs their lives. Schools are set up a certain way to keep people down—and the sad fact is that teachers become part of this system. Of course the corporate elite just want to take their mind control to the next level.

Your public school system was inadequate for college? Maybe YOU were the inadequate one. I went to public schools and college. People are dumbed down not because of public schools but because of a whole lot of other things. For starters, many have kids when they cannot even take care of themselves, Not only that- they do not vote, and there is a large dumbing down with TV, a higher rate of illiteracy than some other countries( mainly due to poor home life not teachers.) If your public school was inadequate for college- then what do you suggest? There is a big difference between intelligence and educated. Yes, being literate is certainly one type of intelligence, but you cannot earn a degree in common sense.

Shame on you. As someone who has worked in schools, you know nothing. Sometimes teachers care for students more than their own parents do!!!