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The Necessity of Imagining An Unimaginable War

The Necessity of Imagining An Unimaginable War

Lisa Fuller

Top military and political experts warn that the risk of war is at an all-time high, the threat is imminent and the impact would be catastrophic.

"If activists take a breath from firefighting long enough to imagine a potential war with North Korea, they may realize that they need to proactively organize to insist that Congress urgently focuses its attention on the North Korea crisis, and implements an effective legislative strategy to prevent war."

Good write up. I agree, we need to face the grim reality of nukes, and as someone else mentioned, we need to recognize the futility of conventional war as well.

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Proact to a failure of imagination. Trump wants his name forever in history. He is near old-age death. Imagine the image of global fire and fury. Everybody, including the political elite, are vulnerable to death from the tiny hands of this mad man. He will do exactly the wrong things. I hope Pense grows a spine and proactively protects God’s creation with Article 25.

Trump, his disciples and followers view the world as one big TV reality show.

Nuclear war, especially a worldwide one is the ultimate reality TV show for them. The rapture crowd would be more pleased than any group.

Is nuclear war the most likely result of Trump’s antics, or is it more likely that an “enemy” will mess up our electrical grid, disrupting life to the extent that civil war erupts and Jay Gould’ nineteenth century dream of half of the working class killing the other half comes true ?

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Connecting the dots to World War Three:

  1. Trump warmongering, aggravating divisions worldwide, munitions build up, coddling, arming and rabble rousing right wing racist militants.
  2. Abject denial of global warming and catastrophic climate change sure to devastate communities worldwide, another form a warfare, sending refugees fleeing disaster into the crossbow target sights of likewise desperate nations.
  3. Continued support of globalization whereby dependence upon global trade for essential commodities - especially food and mechanized agriculture - can be disrupted at any time suitable to put entire nations at risk of starvation.
  4. Directing profits into giant businesses (like Amazon) which drive brick and mortar small businesses into bankruptcy whereby local economies haven’t the means to produce essential commodities.

We’re being led into World War Three because the billionaire class believe their livelihoods of privilege and opulent luxury can only continue with billions less people on the planet, survivors cowed and willing to work like slaves for food. Donald Trump is a modern day evil bastard Hitler ushered into power by Charles and David Koch, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates Jr, (yes, mister computer mind control too) and their insufferable ilk.


This is a crisis in Korea but it is not a N. Korean crisis. The USA is and has been threatening an isolated country. A country that has not attacked anyone outside of it’s borders. The USA is escalating threats of terror and mass murder with crazy shows of force. The military is not worried enough to deescalate the maneuvers and drills along the territory of N. Korea. The S Korean military is now and has historically been largely under the control of the USA. If war breaks out, operational control, known as OPCON, hands the USA command of South Korean military. If you search online, not CNN, you will see recent efforts by S. Korea to regain control of it’s military.
Good luck

Lisa at all,

We are in need of many projects to make the realities of a nuclear war widely known and experienced. How can filmmakers and TV producers be encouraged to do for this era what “The Day After” did for the nuclear freeze era? What things can be put online? Most people alive today did not live through the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis, and have no conception of what nuclear war really would entail. Does anyone have ideas about who could make that future possibility more real for all of us?

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It might be an idea to simply show, “The Day After” once again but maybe a new film could be produced. Now would be a good time for young and imaginative, or maybe better stated, “intuitive” people to get together and provide the world with an illustration in film form of just what a nuclear war experience might be like. It will be important to pull no punches in its poignancy as the loss of taken for granted availability of food, electricity, fuel, housing and road travel are no more; how this along with radiation and nuclear winter eventually ensures the agonizing death of any survivors left on Earth.

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To drive it all home a bit further the progress of a few much in love but inescapably doomed young couples might be shown through the film. The finality of the folly thus becoming achingly obvious.

I think showing The Day After is a good idea.

A few other ideas:
-The cover of Colliers Magazine in August 1950 depicted a nuclear attack on New York City- with an article to go with it titled “Hiroshima, USA”. You can still find it online. A modernized version of the article & pictures would be both highly effective, as well as quite feasible.
-People often ridicule the Cold War civil defense program (duck and cover drills, etc) these days, but it at least had the advantage of forcing people out of denial. Japan and Hawaii have started doing drills.
-We shouldn’t underestimate the value of having real life, in-person conversations. People seem to have stronger reactions when i talk about the risk of war than when I write about it, despite the fact that I am a far less articulate speaker than writer. It usually starts a chain reaction- the people I talk to begin talking to others. And this is something that all of us can do.

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We also have a generation that is tuned to video games/false reality and the training tool aspect of playing military games is fundamentally to trigger reflexes rather than thought. Real life training in the military, when there is thought, is assiduously circumscribed.

Ideally it would seem desirable, though impossible, to crash all the military video gaming for one year - and witness what would no doubt be a year of vast sectors of society exhibiting symptoms of withdrawal tantamount to cold-turkey narcotics withdrawal.

What makes you think Pence will not support war? He is behind Trump’s push to make jerusalem the capital which pushes that region closer to war.

What Trump did today does not change anything. Jerusalem is still a tale of two cities.

The choice between Evangelical Pense and white racist Trump may be a choice between a limited religious cold war and a global anti-Muslim hot war. I can read Pense. I can not read the mind of the insane. Trump is a clear and present danger to civilization and to the survival of humanity. I have some doubt that we have time for impeachment.

Two more good movies on what a nuclear war would entail…,”Fail Safe” and “On the Beach”.

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There is no doubt about it! Dr. Strangelove has his hands on the nuclear trigger and is provoking North Korea to a very dangerous point.

My opinion is that trump gave the finger to the arabs and sucked Bibi’s third foot. That won’t go over very well in the end. I agree that trump is dangerous because he is unpredictable in how he will hurt us.
But Pence is just as dangerous, he will be able to get congress to work with him. His goal of a religious country threatens us. And if he can get one more conservative on the court, they will be overturning everything they hate.
I don’t think we have much time at all. Besides the republicans will never impeach trump, he could murder people and they would back him by saying the president is above the law.