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The Neoliberal Assault on Warren's Plan to Pay for Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/09/neoliberal-assault-warrens-plan-pay-medicare-all

Opposition to EIMFA is predicated on corporate profiteering being a higher priority than providing healthcare. It’s that simple, man.


Bernie has recently come out to criticize Warren health plan. He points out the the employer tax she is proposing will HARM workers in the middle class. Employers would have to pay a tax equal to 98% of cost currently covered by employers for each individual worker. Bernie says the reason he doesn’t think this will work is that employers will then continue to hold back WAGE increases because that is the excuse they use now. They pay so much for medical that there is no money left for wage increases.
Warren does exempt businesses with 50:or fewer employees.
I think Bernie has a good point here.
Because he Wrote the damn bill
Not Me Us


It doesn’t even matter what Warren’s plan says, or what criticism is made of it, since Warren would not fight for Medicare for All, beyond her signature grandstanding. For working families like mine, Medicare for All could mean the difference between life and death, so this is of more than theoretical interest to me. That’s why I’ll vote for no one but Bernie, the only one we can trust.


Dems shouldn’t be suckered into this debate. There have been plans showing the cost savings from M4A around since the ACA was being debated. No one ever asks how we’re going to pay for endless wars or Republican tax cuts. Dems should just say they will be regressing to Eisenhower’s tax structure to pay for it. Let the Republicans and Bill Gates attack Dwight as a socialist.


True that. Let Sen. Sanders and Sen. Warren winnow this field down. Then educate the voters and debate their different approaches. Without the hecklers from the peanut gallery chiming in.
In fact, there’s a huge amount of b.s. going on here by the usual suspects.The MSM blathers on without acknowledging upfront, 10 wannabe candidates in this marathon of a primary, are already dead in the water. Stuck in a snag together on the river of no return. And, we certainly know their names and voter preference %s. Bloomberg is just another example, like Steyer, of a richly ornamented piece of driftwood, floating into the river snag. Nothing more. The Clintonistas need to take their foot off the DNC scale and quit with their added b.s., too. They risk looking like Trump, getting booed at the 'ol ballgame, the habit of beltwayers kicking losers straight from the throne to the curb.
Biden and Buttigieg, Clintonista and Obamabot surrogates, are the anti-progressive contrast when it comes to M4A, etc. etc. They can defend the ACA quite well, I’m sure. Let them do it with only Sens. Sanders and Warren on the same stage. Progressives should like their odds, imo.


Bernies plan will be better