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The Netherlands to Counter Trump's "Global Gag Rule" With International Abortion Fund


The Netherlands to Counter Trump's "Global Gag Rule" With International Abortion Fund

Nika Knight, staff writer

The world has responded with fear and outrage to many of President Donald Trump's repressive actions since taking office, and the Dutch government immediately announced plans to counter one: the reinstatement of the "global gag rule" which cuts off U.S. funding to any NGO around the world that mentions abortions.

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen announced the government's plan for a new international abortion fund on Tuesday.


Saint Ron's Mexico City Policy created the perfect wedge issue that has enabled the GOP to corral huge numbers of single issue voters. Cut global funding for family planning, thereby spiking up the number of abortions and then point out how abortion is out of control and needs to be outlawed.

Team Trump will likely keep Dutch funding from any US recipients, so they can spike up the abortion rate here and keep the single issue voters in a tizzy.


The more nations that stand up to the American Exceptionalist Hegemonic Empire the better.
Let alone the importance of providing full spectrum health care for women which means health care for families which means health care for everyone.


Progressives need to put pressure on Democrats to stop comparing themselves to Saint Ron, quoting and praising him the way Obama and Clinton frequently have during the past decade.


It's time for women, who make of the majority of the planet's population, to put a stop to these idiotic measures--measures that are little more than attacks on their status as equal citizens with equal rights. I am hoping the Women's March movement is the beginning of a fierce, no-holds-barred push back. This has to stop, once and for all...centuries and centuries of global suppression must now end.


Let's hope and pray that this is the beginning of a worldwide backlash against Dr. Demento's dictates and executionary orders. We need to right the world and take away the demon and his tribe's power forever.


He is no Dr. or demon. He is the Devil Incarnate. Lies and Deceit are his MO. Thank You Netherlands for Being Human when our Ethically Challenged Bloviater-in-Chief and his Secretaries of Nonsense have lost all signs of their humanity.


If Geert Wilders (whom has even more ludicrous hair than Dump) becomes Dutch Prime Minister, not so fast. Plus Wilders will need to throw a sop or two to the Bijbelgordel.


Next, all those citizens of The Netherlands will be refused entry into the US and those already here will be rounded up and deported. In addition, all trade deals will be rescinded. Revenge is the executioner's euphoria-inducing elixir, obviously. He truly gets off on it.


Good for them. The Netherlands, despite the presence of a significant number of crazies, has shown the world how to behave in a civilized manner and the benefits that accrue to being civilized.


Absolutely. The rest of the World sees the US for what it is and WHO is behind the NWO of Predatory Capitalism, ECO distraction, and Continual WAR for profit and control. The interconnectedness of our collective souls in prayer and action WILL prevail for ALL of the PEOPLE and the Planet!! Women's emotional intelligence, systematically de-prgrammed from the MEN (born of the FATHER-MOTHER God) will be reinstated for their awakening. Until the Rational and 'good men STAND for ALL women's children's, and species' rights to life...... God gave us free choice for our soils evolution....it has been only MAN ho has corrupted every religion of the World for himself as the World's competing demigods for power, plunder, and profits. It's a Man's World.....and I wish the women and children could leave it to raise a new WORLD ORDER living in circle.