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The Never-Ending 'Willie Horton Effect' is Keeping Prisons Too Full for America's Good


The Never-Ending 'Willie Horton Effect' is Keeping Prisons Too Full for America's Good

John Pfaff

At a time when Democrats and Republicans appear incapable of working together on even the simplest of matters, one area of surprising agreement has been prison reform. Despite Atty Gen.


And just think, soon, protest of the government, or even corporations may be deemed a felony. One may get years in prison for stepping on a street, or blocking a sidewalk. Expressing opinions contrary to government policy may bring many years of imprisonment.
* Nothing new here folks, we've been reading about this in other countries for years. Now we get to experience it up close and personal. It is just what happens when Constitutional Republics turn into Nazi dictatorships.
* You should read It Can't Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis, and/or The Iron Heel by Jack London, and of course 1984 by George Orwell. A more recent entry is America 2014, An Orwellian Tale by Dawn Blair. She missed the date by a few years, but the story fits.
* What is going on today in the erstwhile "United" States has been foreseen and written about by many authors. And now it appears to be coming to pass.


"And now it appears to be coming to pass."

Steve, not to totally disagree with you, but, it will only 'come to pass' over my and many others' dead bodies.

I'm not a 'bad ass' like a lot of others, however our ancestors didn't fight and die for these freedoms which TPTB are threatening for us to allow them to be taken away.

It's been a long time since we had a civil war in this country.

Watch the Patriots appear in numbers when those who 'Would be Kings' attempt to take away free speech in this country.


Really want to agree, but I have to point out the preponderance of supposedly vigilant people who have complacently accepted an erosion of rights and a diminishment of economic opportunity, via the slow-simmer from the D-Party half and the full-boil from the R-Party half of the duopoly.

Jeff Sessions, DJT: full-boil, now on display.

Hillary, Bill, and Obama: militarizing police and amping up the mass-incarceration prison-industrial complex.

Both talking tough on crime, locking up 'super-predators,' promoting all-encompassing surveillance, and getting cowed by the Willie Horton effect. Both going easy on corporate criminals, too.

And to those who point out that the Ds have learned their lesson--it took Bernie's pressure to get the Clinton's to admit that their crime bill was a failure. Plus, the slow-simmer toward a police state makes the process harder to detect.


The only answer for the future of all in America, is the complete 'Reversal of Fortune' for the Duopoly.

The Complacency you mention complicates this.

I too was 'bewitched' for decades by the Democrats. Never again.

The Awakening of the electorate to the devious nature of the Duopoly may take decades unfortunately. Earth and Mankind/Womankind, cannot afford decades of complacency.

A new political Messiah must arise soon and begin to draw his or her following into the fold, and create a widely viewed much better alternative to the lies and inequality the Duopoly has sold quite successfully for many, many years.

I have liked your contributions since you started commenting here at Common Dreams. Thank you for your replies SkepticTank.


Likewise on your contributions, PB.

Keep up the good fight, yo.