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The New Age of Protest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/03/new-age-protest

Sometimes I’ll read a sentence and wish I’d written it. Feffer’s excellent overview of recent history contains one:

“If 1968 was a year of utopian protest, 2019 has been one long effort to prevent a dystopian future.”

Amen, brother.


This article is a breath of fresh air! Remembering those earlier protests touched a nerve of hopefulness, because they did, at least partially, work. But time is not our friend now. We don’t have 20 years to turn the tide. Our youth, however, are highly motivated, and perhaps this global rejection of climate devastation will grow quickly and be able make major changes to governments and policies. Fantasy? Probably. But it has been a bleak year, so I will take any rays of hope that come by.


I say, it’s A Breath Of Fresh Air.

This nation needs our youth to wake up to the fact that their country needs their voices.

I am sure that many of you have joined your friends and other activists in the streets in the past, and spoke your truths to the nation about the horror of war, or the ravaging of our Earth, or the crimes of politicians to name only a few.

We are not 17 anymore, and our bodies cannot take the stresses of what we once subjected them to, however, we can still add our voice to the chorus of our young people in so many ways.

Rejoice in the Power Of The People!

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