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The New Chauvinists Try to Defend Women – But Who Will Defend Us from Them?


The New Chauvinists Try to Defend Women – But Who Will Defend Us from Them?

Laurie Penny

It’s a miracle. All over the world, conservatives and curtain-twitching bigots have taken up the cause of fighting violence against women. From Donald Trump, vowing to protect white Americans from “rapist” Mexican migrants, to European far-right groups that are mustering against the supposed Muslim threat to “their” wives and daughters, conservatives are rebranding themselves as the defenders of women and girls. But who will defend us from them?


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How did they manage to keep all of those knuckles protruding from haute coture cuffs from dragging on the ground? I don't know ... I do wonder if Rand Paul actually belongs in the lineup though.


Excellent analysis, insights, and observations, Ms. Penny.


Laurie Penny's book "Cybersexism: Sex, Gender, and Power on the Internet" is a book anyone who self describes s a feminist or who sympathies with feminism ought to read. She is a nervy, challenging, and tough minded valuable voice who can cause familiar things to be seen in new ways. I wish she was better known


Perhaps I am just trying to forestall a possible objection to Ms Penny's cogent remarks, but it doesn't matter whether some portion of those professing a belief in the need to protect is sincerely held. There is no question that among them are hypocritical scoundrels who manipulate ideas and people to their own nefarious ends that have nothing to do with protecting women.

The idea of protection contains a duality of both valuable and not-valuable at the same time: half is you protect something that is valuable, the other is, because of your superior strength you can protect. This too easily permutates into, "you are superior to what you are protecting."

Historically, the idea of protecting has been abused, subverted or perverted into a system of virtual enslavement. Earlier practices, well-intentioned or otherwise, have lead to oppression of women worldwide, ranging from a lack of education to being confined in hearth and home, from the burqa to the bedroom, marriage vows to veils.

It's best to scrutinize benevolent ideas/plans that require restrictions on others' lives.


Thank you for the book recommendation. I definitely like her writing style and find her oftentimes quite insightful.


Not a bad comment apart from the way it strains not to include gender in its analysis.


Rand and Ron Paul's libertarianism doesn't extend to women. They consistently favor government control over women's bodies. So Rand can stay in the photo as far as I am concerned.


Noted. thanks. it does seem to come with the territory of -isms, -esques, -ianisms and -ocracies
there are times when I want to just dive into a deep spring-fed lake to shed all the iamesqueocracies