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The New Civil Rights Movement Doesn’t Need An MLK


The New Civil Rights Movement Doesn’t Need An MLK

Cathy Cohen


Thank you for this article. I appreciate the view that says that just because today’s movement doesn’t follow yesterday’s parameters hardly makes it less of a movement. Indeed the tools have changed.

This is a wonderful statement:

“The ancient Greek philosopher Plato knew that if you could change the garden of symbols in which people grow up — that is, their intuitive sense of the beautiful and ugly, of the good and bad, of the fair and unfair — you would change their choices, and therewith the world.”

Looks like Yin to Goebbel’s Yang… in how to shift cultural norms.


Just as the civil rights movement enabled a period of learning and recognition of the existence of appalling exclusion of real history to float the empire, today the generational legacy is looking at that dynamic being played out in the environmental sphere - both share the economic underpinnings of a corrupt system and its ‘externalized costs’.
I would add that we really need to get informed about the situation of indigenous peoples around the world because their land rights, a MAJOR component in the basis for the ‘externalized costs’ of the system that continues to threaten across the board with its utter blindness to scale and its embrace of injustice. From the silencing and buying of science, legislators and collusion with megalithic transnational corporations - yup, organization and mutual respect is, as always, absolutely key.
Excluded in the case of indigenous peoples is the reality that world views that actually work are different, diverse and essential, with social modes for shaping and being well shaped by place and environment. The monoculture of major industry under constant growth economic models is in freefall and its clawing for foothold.