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The New Congress Needs to Create a Green Planet at Peace


The New Congress Needs to Create a Green Planet at Peace

Medea Benjamin, Alice Slater

A deafening chorus of negative grumbling from the left, right, and center of the US political spectrum in response to Trump’s decision to remove US troops from Syria and halve their numbers in Afghanistan appears to have slowed down his attempt to bring our forces home. However, in this new year, demilitarizing US foreign policy should be among the top items on the agenda of the new Congress.


This is exactly right:

Our movements need to be making demands to abolish nuclear weapons and roll back the monstrous military machine, and instead fund actually productive programs that meet human and ecological needs.

Green New Deal, Peace New Deal. A New New Deal that goes beyond the social democratic programs of the original New Deal, specifically to invest in Peace, and Ecology, as well as Society.

We need big demands, and we need to keep moving in these directions. Everything is in play, and we need a strong game plan.


A commitment to worldwide Peaceful Coexistence will require a 50 % reduction in Military expenses, an equal reduction in arms manufacturing, and the wholesale closing of the 700+ Military bases worldwide.

Anything short of this is no commitment and a reflection of a government bent on spreading hate for profit.


With a Green New Deal, a New Peace Deal.
Each necessarily comes with the other.
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We still need to figure out what to do with all that nuclear stuff that is oozing out into the ocean, and going into the ground and no doubt into the air. Will America et al load all that stuff up and send it out beyond Ultima Thule and ruin another universe?


With 89 of 100 Senators voting in favor of ever growing “defense” budgets that include more money than the Pentagon requests we are a long way from peace or green since the US military burns fossil fuel like there is no tomorrow. These budgets are approved with no input from the CBO and with no discussion or debate.

Much of the “defense budget” has nothing to do with defending the US and allies, it is pure corporate welfare for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that owns enough Congresscritters to get their way every time.


What every progressive should be saying. Pacifist eco-socialism is our only hope.


Good start; what is probably called for in the interest of lasting peace and sustainability is closer to a 99% reduction.


That would be ideal, however, that would require commitments from all nations.

This would enable nations to spend all available monies on their people and their nation’s infrastructure.


Earth’s Biosphere Under Siege

Reflections On 2018, Forecasting 2019

Alot of info in here w links-- GReat Article



Check out above link


We can’t wait on Congress.


Yes, Medea, President Trump once again does the right thing in withdrawing our military from Syria and Democrats turn on a dime and start bewailing that we should listen to the military man who wants to keep them there. Same as North Korea. Oh, much better to balance on the edge of a nuclear war than to try to have a more peaceful arrangement. Democrats are so invested in bringing down Trump that they will disown their own their supposed policies toward a peaceful demilitarized world in favor of using the military to make Trump look bad. Where is the statesmanship in this country?


Thanks for the link!


military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC)

Infotainment appears more absurd even than the MIC…at least in its come-ons But, Ray, you are probably right. If everyone in film is driving hot cars or SUVs, that in itself is massive infotainment. If the infotainment complex by itself tried to get folks to drive dune buggies with old VW engines, it could probably accomplish said goal to a remarkable extent. But they aint’a gonna do that.

Between Saudi Arabia and Turkey lately I’ve had to switch to reading DETAILS like crazy just like back in Iran Contra days…cause truly, as Marthaorne says, we’re balancing on the edge of nuclear war. In Iran Contra days it was the audacity that had you glued. Today it’s the danger. Yes, this means detouring from real political coalition building (work) to seeking out MoA, Juan Cole, Al Jezeera, eastwestaccord, posts on Phyllis Bennis’ page, and/or Counterpunch [on the Kurds 1/4/19]…just to prove to yourself someone still has some notion of WHAT’S FAIR! And just to see how close we are to real trouble.

People theorize if PBS and NPR weren’t so conservative, important truths could get out and change people’s minds. But even if these entities reformed, how long would the dike last against the MIMIC reservoir? It’s visionary to add peace in with climate…yes, it is. But who will see that you have to add healthcare into the mix too? Our speakers like Medea…were there ever any better? But the fact is often, if you’re published, you’re a person who can scrape together enough dough for the doc. So, at that level they’ve got us…before long even many “liberals” could resort, in their marginalization, to some savior like Rand Paul…just like the Hungarians resorted to Orban (due respect to Paul on clear vision re crazy wars…though smaller gov will not save us).

Any message of the concerned masses to themselves [members here to members there…smoke signals] as with, say, the yellow vests…can be downplayed by media. So how do we send a message to ourselves that gets around this kibosh of theirs? The only way I can see is as Ralph Nader says…we all work hard on piecemeal issues. If we can’t abolish, then at least work to bring back the INF treaty. If we can’t get pull-outs everywhere, than at least be vocal about the Iran crusade (oppose it, bring back JPOA). If we can’t get $15 p/hr in our city, then at least stay hip to Global Trade Watch, and support’em…and support trade deal reform. I know, it’s almost absurd beyond belief to expect the folks struggling along on $10 to keep themselves more astute than Obama (who loved TPP). Absurd hope…guess I’ll keep posting here in support of it.


PS - Converting the Orwellian surveillance network would OTOH help save us. Bulk data is not “intelligence” if it can’t be interpreted in a timely fashion. It’s too bulky. If it’s only a political tool to (slowly) discover when/where Joe Blow will next meet with fellow asylum activists…then it’s the most insane retrograde boondoggle ever concieved by a first world nation.


yes. we have to make it in their interest to oppose war. now is the time to build up the pressure, and the pressure all presidential candidates to have a peace platform!


The world could end the imperial competition and provide for all, but will not do so until people shed their fear of one another.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” FDR


israel wants war in the Middle East to balkanize Arab states. Israel controls America, therefore we will be funding more war.


This is how Finance Capital likes it!