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The “New Democrats” Confront a New Reality


The “New Democrats” Confront a New Reality

Richard Eskow

Several recent news articles have suggested that, in the words of a Washington Post headline, “there’s … a big economic fight happening in the Democratic Party.”


The system run by Big Money forces both parties to bow before those well endowed with it.

That same Big Money presents numerous strategic advantages. One involves hiring brilliant people with doctorates in Public Relations and/or Psychology. These individuals come up with the buzz words that seem to say what most citizens want to hear while ultimately advancing arguments (and policies) to the contrary.

Remember when Bush, the lesser hired Karen Hughes' firm to do P.R. In Iraq, a nation being bombed back to the stone age?

"Pay no attention to what your eyes and ears convey. Just believe the P.R. that tells you how glorious all this Democracy-building truly is!"

Part of the reason for this latest think tank "hot off the presses" new school of deception is the TPP and TIPP.

And Mr. Sanders IS speaking up about these anti-Democratic, middle-class busting "trade deals."

They are legalized forms of purchased Indulgences whereby the most damning and dangerous corporations proclaim their divine right to do whatsoever they wish unto human beings and nature; and see these egregious violations of human and Divine law enshrined into law... law so secreted that the public and many of its elected representatives are not allowed to see it!

This is insane!

So the old guard/1% pulls out the "Manufacturers of Consent" squads with their phony titles, and audience-tested buzzwords, and disingenuous platforms... all to do the work of the Great (and continuous) bamboozle.

Thank you for sayiing this, Mr. Eskow:

"This directly refutes the “Kodak argument.” What’s more, both of the job-destroying events cited by EPI can be directly traced back to New Democratic policies. The trade deficits in manufacturing products was spurred by NAFTA and other trade deals, while the financial crisis that triggered the Great Recession was the product of a fraud-riddled Wall Street left unsupervised by deregulation."

No matter what the offense, no matter how severe its outcome... these Deceivers will have an alternative reality and narrative at the ready to cast blame (or cause) where it is not!


As I stated in another thread earlier today, the "New Democrats" are really "Old Republicans."

And just as Tom Engelhardt recurrently returns to the meme that the U.S. keeps losing wars only to beg the question, what--or who---else can all that "losing war" benefit; it's inaccurate to use the frame that the New Democrats failed when their objective was to win support from their true donors: the 1%.

However, discounting the inaccuracy of the frame, all of the following represent Bill Clinton's Centrist triangulations and what these policies meant for most U.S. citizens... not to mention the hordes heading up from N.A.F.T.A's fiscally-raped turf throughout Mexico and Central America:

"The evidence is in, and the key economic policies of the “New Democrats’” have failed. Consider:

"Wall Street deregulation. When Bill Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley bill in 1999 he said it would “enhance the stability of our financial services system.” We now know better. Estimates for the total amount of national wealth lost as a result of that crisis range from $12.8 trillion to $25 trillion – or, by another measure, from $20,000 to $120,000 for every man, woman, and child in the United States.

"Trade. The “free trade” deals they have promoted have led to the loss of American jobs, as the EPI and others have demonstrated. One deal alone, NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), is estimated to have caused the loss of one million jobs in this country.

"Austerity. “New Democrats” urged cuts in government spending, especially in the wake of the 2008 crisis. The result, as Paul Krugman puts it, has been “catastrophic … going far beyond the jobs and income lost in the first few years.” As Krugman notes, the long-run damage could easily “make austerity a self-defeating policy even in purely fiscal terms.”

"Welfare reform. When he signed the “welfare reform” bill in 1996, President Clinton said that it would “end welfare as we know it and transform our broken welfare system by promoting the fundamental values of work, responsibility, and families.” We now know that poverty increased as a result of this bill, and there is compelling new evidence which shows that welfare undermines neither the work ethic nor the personal values of its recipients."

Another component of the damage done was the fusion of both parties into one: an entity beholden to Big Business and its interests with the support of our fascist-leaning (favoring business over human rights) Supreme Court.

No wonder the Clinton Brand ain't cutting it for The Mrs.


"His political fortunes were restored when he tacked somewhat further left rhetorically – in response to, among other things, the rise of the Occupy movement."

The key word - rhetorically - that is what we are seeing now, lots of "lefty" rhetoric coming from the Dems, including Sanders - and how do we know - his failure to welcome fellow non-corp progs into the debate ... "pay no attention to those non-corp 'spoilers' over there, stick with the Dems, we can fix it" - just like they have been "fixing" things for decades ....

We saw the same thing in '08 - the "battle" between Clinton and O was touted as a "battle for the soul of the DP" - lordy, lordy, some things never change, do they ...


“the panic of Democratic centrists.”

Centrists? These bought off beggars wouldn't answer a phone call for something measured in cents.

Their "Show Me The Money!" ethos is anything but penny-ante - they want the super-rich to ante-up.

And since when is toadying up to the wealthy and auctioning off democracy considered the center?

No, don't call them centrists. They're anything but.


Thanks Siouxrose11, Right, it's pure propaganda, designed to frighten the population into support. The Third Way has been a death nell to the New Deal by design. And, it is primary the Clinton Team of Bill and Hillary that are the face of it. What is behind it is full fledged Fascism. This issue is the giant dividing line between Hillary and Senator Sanders and it will be necessary for Bernie to fully explain that to his audience... It was the slow realization of this, I'm convinced, that forced Robert Reich to leave the first Clinton administration, thinking he was part of a progressive movement. NOT.


I certainly hope you're right Siouxrose!


I think this issue will decide the election. Elizabeth Warren will have to decide what side she is on, and in that decision, we will be able to discern Elizabeth's true motives as well. Politics is a dirty business.


The truth is that the "Third Way" is really a disguised "Republican Lite" old way. Hopefully, they can't shine that turd enough to sell it to Mr. and Mrs. middle America anymore.


It might prove strategically advantageous for Mr. Sanders to invite Ms. Warren to serve as his V.P. Of course, that would mean that she'd have to mark her line in the sand and as a career politician, I don't know if she'd be ready to go to the mat for Mr. Sanders. I wish she would. Or Jill Stein, for that matter!


there is no new party, the leadership is just being forced to move back to the political center of American.


Former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley is a long time corporate fundamentalist and sociopath. It is like quoting people from an insane asylum to help the country develop sound policies. Until Americans (the 99%) realize that corporate fundamentalism is the greatest threat to their well being, these corporate propaganda tools will serve their primary function of convincing the average American that corporations are good for the 99% and that participatory democracy and representative government are bad for the 99%.
I don't think that Progressives will be successful in wresting the Democratic Party away from corporate subservience anymore than the Tea Party could wrest away Republicans from the same evil puppet masters. It will be interesting for scholars in years from now, as they try to figure out how a populist like Bernie Sanders got torpedoed by corporate America despite his popular message. While occasionally a few left wingers try to convince us that we still have a functioning democracy, despite being on life support for quite some time, the reality is that democracy can never flourish in a corporate State. Though our "blue rights" (the rights to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, etc.) appear relatively intact after the corporate highjacking of our government over the years, most people remain unaware of who is responsible for our collective decline. The reinforcing of how fortunate we are to have these blue rights, works towards the corporate illusion that we live in a free and fair society. Meanwhile "red rights" (the right to food, to shelter, to universal healthcare) have been quashed in the process selling the idea to most Americans that you can't have both. The inability of the majority to tap into this reality (corporate rule is our greatest problem), means that once again corporate America will triumph over the 99% in all of our elections. Articles about the inability of the collective to overcome the propaganda, such as this article by Richard Eskow, should further confirm our suspicions that a return to an actual functioning democracy is nothing more than a pipe dream in the immediate future.


That is the essence of it, isn't it. Man I wish it weren't so. We are going to go down this road, like it or not.


I remember a standup comic once stated that "I have always voted Democrat; however, this time I voted for Clinton."


In one of his films (I forget which) actor/director Michael Moore refers to Clinton as our best Republican President.

This is the run-down:

  1. Reagan demonizes govt.

  2. Bill Clinton uses that demonizing to open the way to privatizing EVERYTHING; and that included the wave of deregulation (media, trade/NAFTA, welfare, taking down the wall separating investment banking from Wall St = Glass Steagall) which essentially turned govt. into Big Business' subsidiary (to quote Catherine Austin Fitts).

  3. Bush, Jr. works the Project for a New American Century by "mysteriously" coming upon that necessary Pearl Harbor that would elicit a response (re: War of Aggression) which not only unleashed the War Machine as a constant (business generating profits in the form of dark blood $); but also worked reciprocally to quell all dissent here inside the Homeland...or new Homeland Security Surveillance State.

  4. The new Draconian inverted totalitarian surveillance state was given a crisp, clean, "Liberal" appearance when it was Obama who was given the keys to the castle to preside over this infusion of fascism (so covertly) into every aspect of our lives. All this culminates in the normalization of torture, the "right" of a president to work from Kill Lists; and a war on whistle-blowers and truth tellers that is the resurrection of J. Edgar Hoover's FBI on high tech steroids. Oh, and add in TPP and TIPP...

Nothing says Democracy more than having secret trade agreements that effectively grant--to for profit corporations--the right to plunder the earth with nary a legal contest to be tolerated.

The People, along with all sentient life, be damned.

No wonder U.K has Jeremy Corbyn, and Canada is trying to lean Left with Trudeau, and Australia got rid of Abbott, and Sanders is on a rising tide inside the U.S, and Spain has its Indignados, and Greece tried to move left with Syrizia (spelling?), and for a time the Arab world bloomed in protests for its attempt at a political renaissance (Arab Spring).

People are fed up with the 1% and how it's passing laws that steal their assets, ruin their lands, make their bodies sick, and leave their souls in despair.

The usurpation against Democratic power in our nation happened through stealth and the progression of covert goals executed by this list of Presidents. (Some would add in Jimmy Carter for introducing the Carter Doctrine, whereas Bush, Sr. began the inflammation in the Gulf.)


Thanks again Siouxrose11. I think a lot about President Carter and my current thinking is that he was simply in over his head plus he had the truly awful Zbignew Brzezinski advising him (where do they find these people)...


The power elite of the Democratic Party will never let Bernie get the nomination because as long as the big money funds our political system, the power elite will stay with the big money -- and reject another 1972 election loss with a populist Senator like George McGovern -- even though the Senator got 38% of the popular vote. We cannot reform the Democratic Party because the power elite have rigged the rules against us populists.

For example, the Dem party here in Nevada continues to be top-down,
establishment, politics-as-usual:

• Winner-Take-All for the elected delegates from the Democratic State Convention;

• Super-delegates (but not called Super-delegates in Nevada) are not elected, but chosen by the oligarchy to go to the National Convention;

• No political speech allowed before voters choose their candidate groups at the caucus;

• If the candidate group is viable, voters cannot change their minds and move to another candidate group;

• State legislators must follow the party line or pay the consequences.

Bernie is right -- it will take a political revolution to FORCE the Democratic Party to be more Democratic and stand FOR the people again, like it was under FDR.

But unfortunately, half the voters think progressive taxation is a violation of their American Dream, and the other half only care about what time the next football game comes on TV.


Turd Way is a rebranded Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

The DLC, formed in 1985 by the Clintons and others, refocused the Party's mission to GET MORE CORPORATE DOUGH THAN THE GOP and turned the Party into a billion dollar organization that gets 95% of its revenue from Wall Street and its corporate cronies in exchange for pushing pro 1% / anti 99% legislation that the GOP could only dream of pushing through.

When Turd Way says that the Party is doomed if Sanders is nominated they mean that the corporate money flow into the Party will slow down.


Its not just the Clinton brand that dogs Hillary, its her personality.

Although I loathe Bill Clinton and Obama I will always rank them in the top ten percentile of celebrities who have the personality to sell you yesterday's newspaper for ten times more than you can buy today's newspaper for and make you happy that you did so.

No matter how much coaching they give Hillary and even if she was really the populist she is trying to impersonate, she simply does not have the personality to compete in today's celebrity idolized culture.


No, i am not talking about Lessig in terms of promoting him, actually i wasn't thinking about Lessig, per se at all - none of the D/Rs are worth consideration ... but for a fellow who talks about "political revolution", his apparent reluctance as to who can participate in it are revealing, IMO ...

So do you suppose he will welcome 3rd party candidates into the electoral debates ....