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The New Enlightenment?


The New Enlightenment?

Robert C. Koehler

What remains endlessly hinted at about the 2016 presidential race, but not fully articulated, is that something enormous — bigger than politics, bigger than America itself, perhaps — is trembling and kicking just below the surface, struggling to emerge.

I have a name to suggest for this hypothetical phenomenon: the New Enlightenment. Nothing less than that seems adequate.

"Something enormous — bigger than politics, bigger than America itself, perhaps — is trembling and kicking just below the surface, struggling to emerge."


A "New Enlightenment" must fix the primary problems with the original (self-proclaimed) "Enlightenment."

Koehler writes:
"The old Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, which began sweeping across the consciousness of Western Civilization in the 17th and 18th centuries, implanted science, democracy and capitalism at our social foundations and fomented the industrial revolution. But the shortcomings of this enlightenment are many. Slavery, for instance, flourished through much of the Age of Reason. So did war. So did genocide. The worst of who we are maintained its grip on power. We have yet to begin implementing our deepest values in the social and political realm."

There's a structural reason why "slavery... war... genocide" were outstanding elements of the "Enlightenment" culture: The liberalism that gave rise to the Enlightenment, simultaneously unleashed the rule of capital. Colonialism, imperialism, and "corporate globalization" are not aberrations, but embody the principles of "freedom" that grew from the Enlightenment. (Despite any "good intentions" and lofty rhetoric of the intellectual founders of the Enlightenment.)

Capital, by its nature, sees everything - including land, life, language, culture, and you - as resources to be exploited for profit.

The New Enlightenment must recognize - in the words of the cooperative principles of the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation (the world's largest worker cooperative): "The instrumental, and subordinate, nature of capital."


True mystics and devotees of Astrology understand that the solar system is a network of intentional cosmic clockworks. Each planet is endowed with purpose and its cycle associated with specific curriculum necessary for the evolution of mankind.

Jupiter, the liberator and planet of faith-based positive thinking (and other New Testament ideals) adheres to a 12 year orbit.

Saturn, the antithesis of Jupiter, is the planet of fear, caution, and conservative thinking. It holds a very real resonance with Old Testament beliefs. Saturn adheres to an approximate 29-year orbit.

Uranus, the maverick, is the planetary principle that disrupts the status quo by introducing the anomaly, the invention, the innovation, the surprise element, the rebel, and the revolution. Uranus adheres to an 84 year orbit; and it's presently transiting Aries where it was when unrest over economic inequities dominated Europe during the l930s. (Clear evidence that predictable cycles indeed do repeat.)

Neptune, the deceiver, is the planetary principle that is two-pronged. On one side, it represents the spiritual calling and that part of the individual that seeks contact with the numinous. It's other side (or "fish more traveled by") is prone to all sorts of addictions, delusions, illusions, and escapist behaviors. Neptune adheres to a 165 year orbit and is currently transiting its own sign: which grants enormous emphasis to the Power of Illusion.

Pluto, the Phoenix planet that tears down in order to rebuild is also related to primal power. Pluto's orbit is 248 years and it's been transiting Capricorn, the REALM OF strict, stern, Conservative Capricorn since 2007. It remains in this sign of state surveillance and other Big Brother controls until 2024.

Thus, in answer to this perhaps rhetorical question (posed by Mr. Koehler), astrology has clues, if not THE answer:

"Why was Reagan still the de facto president, with the head of his chosen scapegoat still on the altar of American politics? Bill Clinton’s Democrats surrendered to Reaganism: to the pursuit of black “super-predators” and the defunding of “welfare queens.” They surrendered to racism, as American as apple pie. The New Deal was dead and the Old Deal had reclaimed control over American politics and American thought. And it’s still in control today, settled and unquestioned at the level of the political status quo."

Since the Reagan era, EVERY ONE of the outer planets has transited Capricorn. The emphasis on this earth sign thereby empowered the calling of ambition and material prosperity (above all other ideals). Saturn represents the test faced by Christ when it came to embracing the riches of this world, or instead turning to the kingdom within.

No other planet better actualizes the premise: "What profiteth a man to gain the world and lose his soul."

The emphasis on Capricorn (as cosmic curricula) coincided with the Hindu understanding of the various Yugas with this one being the one fully ensconced in materialism...rendering the cosmic vision (for mankind) nearly lost. The emphases on this last of the Zodiac's 3 earth signs gave rise to the political class that indeed HAS gained the world and lost its soul.

(If anyone is interested, I'll post a link to David Icke giving a fascinating presentation on Saturn and its influence over our planet starting with its link to elite families and how THEY rule.)

Saturn (along with its sign of dominion, Capricorn) catalyzes earthly ambition and the desire for power over others.

The following individuals truly depicted the persona of Capricorn in their actions: Richard Nixon, Karl Rove, J. Edgar Hoover, Ted Cruz

It's interesting that Pluto (which rules the sign of Scorpio and links with secrets, secret spy programs, and secret govt. entities) now in Capricorn also works in resonance with those Scorpios who did much to maintain the Deep State: Joseph McCarthy comes to mind.


Well that really helps. Are you channeling Nancy Reagan?


No matter what happens in this presidential election, it's becoming clear that "Democrats" like the Clintons are DINOsaurs who are soon to be pushed aside by a new generation of more enlightened voters. Kudos to Bernie Sanders for accelerating the process.


When Newton proposed his law of gravity (the force of attraction between any two objects in the universe is directly proportional to the mass of the objects and inversely proportional to the distance between the objects squared), he was naturally asked: what is the cause of this force of attraction? Objects must be touching each other for one object to exert a force on the second object (If the cue ball doesn't hit the eight-ball, the eight-ball won't go into the side pocket). How can the moon cause the tides on earth when it does not touch the earth (how can there be action at a distance)?

Newton said he didn't care what caused the force because his mathematics accurately predicted the behavior of the planets in orbit. It wasn't until Einstein showed that a mass will curve space that we now understand the mechanism of gravity. But we still use Newton's mathematics to predict where the moon will be in the future.

Now astrologers think the position of the planets can somehow affect human behavior without presenting any mechanism or mathematics that predicts human behavior. You ought to heed Shakespeare, Siouxrose. "The fault, dear Brutus, Is not in our stars, but in ourselves."

Besides, if you can blame bad behavior on the stars, then you cannot be held responsible for your bad behavior. Or, as Flip Wilson used to say: "The Devil made me do it."


The article neglected to point out that Bernie Sanders supported the crime bill and defended his vote about 10 years ago. It also failed to point out the role of the states in passing laws that gave long sentences for nonviolent crimes. Now that violent crime rates are much lower than they were in the 1980s and 1990s these laws should be reexamined and better laws should be passed. And the profit motive should be removed from prisons. Unfortunately in some areas prisons have become the basis of the local economy but that should not stop reforms being made in the criminal justice system. There is no question that a tremendous amount of reform is needed. I am glad this has been raised as an issue in the Democratic campaign. Maybe that will lead to actions which should have already been taken.


It certain CAN help since an understanding of cycles explains a great deal that otherwise is taken as accident, caprice, or unrelated. But then, one has to be intelligent and possessed of an OPEN mind.


The reason Bernie voted for the crime bill:



As an English Lit. major, I am probably more familiar with Shakespeare than you are.

Those who require 3-d tangible "proof" for processes, mechanisms, and phenomena that don't conform to 3-D argue FOR the continuation of their own limitations, and with it, a narrow-minded world view.

See if you can conjure the willingness to listen to this 18 minute Ted Talk.

Maybe you (and other earthbound critics) will learn something:


Don't insult the Dinosaurs. They were a very successful group that lasted 150 million years before a meteorite the size of Mt Everest hit the Earth and the ensuing climate change finished their food supply.

Madame Hillary will be more like that meteorite engendering a nuclear winter, unless we are very lucky and insofar that the Russians manage to put up her for the next 8 years.


There's nothing new about people getting fed up with the greedies nicking their resources. It's an age old story. Slavery and oppression were alive and well long before we discovered the steam engine and gravity. And so was revolt against slavery and oppression. What is happening now is that Europeans and some USAians are waking up to the realisation that after 34 years of post-WW2 social democracy they have been ripped off thoroughly for the for the last 40 years by the greedies, as are epitomised by Maggot Thatcher and the accolytes of that lunatic Russian refugee, Ayn Rand, and a couple of idiot Austrian academics, Hayek and von Mises.


No that's "The Hillary's" job.
It is no accident that the first people of prominence that the Clintons visited after winning the presidency were not Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter (the last elected president of their party at that time) or even Poppy and Babs Bush (the first couple they would replace).
Nope, it was Ronnie and Nancy Reagan. I imagine that Bill made the best small talk he could through Ronnie's growing Alzheimers haze while "The Hillary" and Nancy talked astrologists, seances, and poltergeists.


Excellent Article !!:grin:


from Wikipedia: Under Maimonides

"Maimonides answered an inquiry concerning astrology, addressed to him from Marseille. He responded that man should believe only what can be supported either by rational proof, by the evidence of the senses, or by trustworthy authority. He affirms that he had studied astrology, and that it does not deserve to be described as a science. He ridicules the concept that the fate of a man could be dependent upon the constellations; he argues that such a theory would rob life of purpose, and would make man a slave of destiny"


During the 80s and 90s the Democrats retained control of Congress but not of the conversation. GWBush did not invent "compassionate conservatism" -- the Democrats did that. Their electoral message was little more than a promise of a slightly less vicious conservatism. True liberals were in retreat. The survivors were timid and opportunistic. It is only with the Sanders campaign that unabashed and unintimidated radicalism has returned to the mainstream conversation. The Clintonites may try to walk that back, but it won't work.


Thank you for the link.


Maybe it's the results of a broken, monstrous system. Maybe it is the building to critical mass of a consciousness of existential oneness exacerbated by both plant wisdom and mass communication, or maybe it is both but I see the growth and coalescing of a movement for a different world. One rejecting greed and hate for a vision of sanity and sustenance. Occupy was a dawning, the Sanders campaign a catalyst, #Democracy Spring a further coalescing. We need to set aside our traditional nit-picky idealism and build the movement if we are to survive much less attain an enlightened civilization -- if it isn't already too late.

As Jim Morrison sang, they've got the guns but we've got the numbers.


i do not believe koehler means to imply that sanders himself IS the enlightenment. "I say this," robert writes,"with full cognizance of the flawed, compromised nature of politics in general and the Democratic Party in particular." the awakening is a world-wide experience, "bigger than America" and especially visible in the energized millennials no longer complacent with a broken and immoral system.


Very interesting. Thank you!