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The New Normal: Organizing to Break the Cycle of Climate Disaster


The New Normal: Organizing to Break the Cycle of Climate Disaster

Rae Breaux

The record-breaking floods in Louisiana are the latest example of what many working people already know all too well: climate change has already begun, and it is wrecking our communities.

So far, over 30,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, 10,000 people are in shelters, and those numbers are rising. The shelters themselves are experiencing flooding, and some families have already been relocated multiple times. At this point, almost 30 parishes have been declared major disaster areas.


Step 1: Nationalize the fossil fuel industry.
Step 2: Rapidly convert to renewable resources.
Step 3: Outlaw the burning of fossil fuels.

Do all of this within 10 years.


There is another new normal in that unlike years ago when awake and well informed people would speak about climate change they would encounter deaf ears or bald faced denialism from the average person.

That has changed big time! Now the average person knows about climate change and the denialism freaks are pushed to the crank fringe of public opinion. Now people are ready and willing to listen but most importantly, activists will find that there are receptive ears and willing hands to volunteer in fighting climate change.

That is the new normal. The era of climate activism has finally arrived because everybody sees the reality is no joke and of pressing urgency. A tipping point has been reached in public opinion where when people organize to stop climate change they are finding lots of new supporters willing to help.

God bless them one and all. We grow sane and purposeful at last.


When karma runs over your dogma the teaching moment can be one heck of a new horizon.


No one is going to 'break the cycle of climate disaster' in the foreseeable future.

There are initiatives such as this one which Rae Breaux is a part of - fighting piecemeal a juggernaut made by us, in large part due to our "ignorance and stupidity', as a recent article at The Guardian on Arctic Sea Ice phrased it.

I don't expect to make a lot of friends blogging negative like this, but I can only think its time to face reality:

1) Collapse is now all but inevitable - in many systems, both natural and social.

2) What we can do is self-educate - hard work long long overdue.

The article I referred to in The Guardian was about Arctic Sea Ice specialist Peter Wadham's upcoming book "A Farewell to Ice". I will be ordering this in the near future I expect, and it will compliment a series I am now reading and which I recommend to all who think as I do. This is the Princeton University series on climate change arranged in four volumes, ca 2010/2011;

  • "The global Carbon Cycle"
  • "The Oceans"
  • "The Cryosphere"
  • "Atmosphere, Clouds and the Climate"

I've read the last mentioned, quite excellent, middling technical, which is good - too much dumbing down is counterproductive at some point.

"The Cryosphere" has been ordered and should arrive in a week or two.

Then the other two - read in reverse order for inexplicable reasons of my own.

As Joshua Slocum put it in his enduring classic "Sailing Alone Around the World":

"Let fail all else, my books were my friends."



It now seems to be TOO LATE to break the threat of "climate disaster": See this: http://guymcpherson.com/2016/08/the-politics-and-science-of-our-demise/


You obviously don't live in the middle of United States
Or just far enough of an urban area


I don't think we're anywhere near "everybody" but increased awareness is a good move in the right direction. I wish it was a central issue in the presidential campaigns. "Everybody" does not seem to include Clinton and Trump, one of whom is likely to be called upon to do emergency management if all hell does, as I believe is likely, break loose while whichover of them is holding down Fort Oval Office while positioning for a reelection run.

Jill Stein's face and voice actually appeared on CNN a few minutes ago and effectively debunked the false accusations that she's anti science anti vaccination.

More! More! More!


It is not clear what "Cycle of Climate Disaster" the author proposes breaking.

If she means the "build-flood-rebuild-reflood-rebuild" cycle then she's got it.

Rebuilding where a 1000 year flood just occurred is madness, given that such floods will now be occurring much more frequently than every 1000 years. It's not a cycle. Low lying areas are no longer habitable. Period.

Either move to higher ground or "rebuild" with a different kind of housing. Houseboats, maybe.