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"The New Normal": Thousands Flee India's Extreme Heatwave as Temperatures Topping 120°F Kill Dozens Across Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/17/new-normal-thousands-flee-indias-extreme-heatwave-temperatures-topping-120degf-kill

Feels like another threshold is being passed.

I wonder how many “thresholds” there are. And this article is from 2017.

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Despite the deniers claims, the financial world is taking climate chaos seriously.

For example, the hedge fund Blackstone is building added risk into municipal bond investments offered by cities like Miami Beach and Phoenix because of approaching environmental unsustainability and the reduced ability of those cities to repay the debts. Being underwater like Miami or baked dry by the sun like Phoenix is not a good foundation for borrowing money, especially for projects to deal with flooding or lack of water.

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The point here is that at a certain temperature we will die from heat whether it is 2017 or 2025.

Beside this heat catastrophe in India there are critical consequences for Central and South America contributing to the “migrant” and refugee crisis the trump regime chooses to ignore to instead victimize the most vulnerable to create profit for cronies - very like the typical Mo for the scumbag bully the Ginger Pig is.

Guatemala’s poor and indigenous people especially hard hit.

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Hi SlepticTank:
I have read that the Colorado River once flowed all the way to the Pacific Ocean. States along the way all shared the water Not any more---- the Colorado River ends in a land based mud hole. "India’ comes to southern Ca. and Colorado and Arizona…et al : (

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