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The New Nuclear Arms Race


The New Nuclear Arms Race

Katrina vanden Heuvel

On a frigid day in February 1994, William Perry was sworn in as President Bill Clinton’s secretary of defense. Perry would take over at the Pentagon during one of the most fluid times in geopolitical history — between the end of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.


Every society has its share of turn-the-clock back traditionalists, a/k/a Conservatives. To this ilk, M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) has never gone out of style, nor have their simultaneous efforts to drown The New Deal in a bathtub.

Responding to the quote below, all I can think of is how this M.A.D. ness is a lethal plague to mankind as a whole, not only for what it could mean in the way of full-scale annihilation; but what it produces in the way of phenomenal fiscal loss just when major funds are needed to pay 3rd world nations some kind of compensation for global warming, and also needed to WEAN nations off of fossil fuels.

"As Joe Cirincione described in the Huffington Post, the Pentagon plans to spend $1 trillion over 30 years on “an entire new generation of nuclear bombs, bombers, missiles and submarines,” including a dozen submarines carrying more than 1,000 warheads, capable of decimating any country anywhere. In the meantime, President Obama has ordered 200 new nuclear bombs deployed in Europe."

More and more I see astute people questioning language frames. It's time to challenge the premise of National Defense for the following reasons:

  1. The so-called acts of National Defense are producing blowback that is not defending this nation's peoples' interests
  2. The boot of militarism is desecrating more and more of the earth and putting its climate at risk
  3. The money being cannibalized by the BEAST for which Defense constitutes its raison d'etre, is no longer available to finance all of the things that should be done to produce real defense in the form of preserving human life... those of Americans and all others

And then there is the massive karmic debt... a payment that has not yet begun to be addressed.

With this M.A.D. ness driving policy, if any human beings manage to survive past 2050, they will write history about the imbeciles who did so much harm while arguing all the way that all this destruction was done to protect humanity.

The same military bigots and small-minded macho Neanderthals who argued back in Vietnam War days that they had to bomb the village in order to save it... are bringing their "savvy" into this new round of nuclear madness. And it's all based in a wounded mythology of what masculinity means.


Another thing of note: The education model that came out of Europe was based on a "separation of the disciplines." That's why often a PhD. will be brilliant in some arcane field and clueless in another. Only a few have escaped the Cuckoo's Nest that structures the learning process into cordoned off regions (a/k/a subjects).

With that being said, I often take what I find to be of value from sources with whom I disagree on many other points and stances.

That is the case with what I am reading in the book, "The Pink swastika." Its authors are listed as purveyors of Hate speech since their tolerance for homosexuality is low. However, the research they present on the influence that a particular macho brand of homosexuality played in the formation and philosophy of the German Nazi party is relevant because as our own society morphs into a similar military order, that same disdain for all things Feminine rears.

Here are two quotes that reinforced what I have noticed as a result of scholarship in Feminist literature and actual time spent with a variety of shamans and Indigenous peoples. The latter offer spiritual paradigms that respect the MOTHER principle and tie this Feminine component to the earth. That stance is anathema to (and forms the antithesis to) the Monsanto style structuring of the plant world to conform to a manmade machine model; and it's also anathema to those religious teachings (patriarchy's stock and trade) that leave out any and all mention of the Mother principle. Everything instead is absolutely attributable to a male father god.

Speaking of Plato's writing:

"What remains most relevant to this study is that the Greek military establishment enthusiastically embraced homosexuality. Here we find the model for the new Hellenes--an ultra-masculine, male supremacist, homo-erotic warrior cult. The armies of Thebes, Sparta, and Crete were examples of this phenomenon (as are the modern Islamist terror groups)."

And this from Wilhelm Reich: "The Mass Psychology of Fascism":

"Among the ancient Greeks, whose written history does not begin until patriarchy reached a state of full development, we find the following sexual organization: male supremacy... and along with this, the wives leading an enslaved and wretched existence and figuring solely as birth machines.

"The male supremacy of the Platonic era is entirely homosexual... the same principle that governs the fascist ideology of the male strata of Nazi leaders. The fascists affirm the most severe form of patriarchy and actually reactivate the sexual life of the Platonic era."

Riane Eisler also equates the denigration of all things feminine with the rise of all-male military cultures. (Her brilliant book on this and related subjects is entitled, "The Chalice and the Blade.")

I see the correspondence again intensifying in the way that popularly "consumed" pornography aims at degrading women, and the video games that boys "come of age" viewing purposely feature sexual violence as an intended turn-on, and meanwhile the right wing Christians take aim at women's right to reproductive sovereignty.

Meanwhile, the Catholic church keeps females out of leadership roles, the Taliban forbids the education of females, Saudi women are under national house arrest, and the recent Paris COP21 talks had a mere handful of women at the decision-making tables.


It all makes me sick. And it's proof-positive that the GREAT BALANCE is off; and THAT balance is based on EQUAL input from both genders, intended partners. The efforts to close off, silence, denigrate, render invisible and irrelevant--the voice of the Feminine is very real and it's crippling the human race and forging the race to weapons of mass destruction and ecocide on so vast a scale as to heavy the hearts and souls of anyone but the braindead.


"As Cirincione described, Russian state media recently revealed plans for a new kind of a weapon — a hydrogen bomb torpedo — that can traverse 6,000 miles of ocean just as a missile would in the sky. On impact, the bomb would create a “radioactive tsunami,” designed to kill millions along a country’s coast."

While it never occurs to the sociopaths who invent these weapons, imagine what such an item would and could do to the marine world's myriad creatures and the millions of years of evolution that made their lives possible? All of that eradicated in the blink of an egomaniacal mortal male's eye. Playing god, alright... but not the God of life: the god of death. That is what's truly worshipped (and identified with) mostly by the males in uniform who are drawn into military life and service.

And now, rather than reform its serial killing enterprises, the Beast instead invites wounded females into its ranks to "be all that they can be" as partners in Crimes Against Humanity, Life, and Nature.


It is not too late to change things. Russia should be invited into NATO and both the US and Canada should become simply observers in that institution. No one today believes that these two nations have anything in common with the Continent nor that they are necessary to an effective force. Today, Russia is a nascent democracy, Christian and Capitalist. It is not Communist so just what is there abut it that deserves such hatred? Why is the US provoking it? Why install a puppet, Fascist leaning government illegally in Kiev? What possible good does that do for the US? What good does it do for the US to create instability in Europe by pushing the boundaries of NATO right to Russia's borders? Does anyone know?


Golly SR1 ,you really tore into that topic. I must say that I truly feel a bit of fear with all these "maniacs" ready to unleash hell on the living. All living things. Also, "they worship the god of death", that's haunting. Excellent, excellent work, thank you.


There might be no more need for Canada to become observer since the warmonger ex-prime minister of Canada, the ideologist and very conservative and anti-scientist Stephen Harper, has been defeated in the last national election. As the new liberal prime minister has declared, «Canada is back», and a world of difference will come back to Canada on the international scene. Harper had probably taken on himself to challenge Putin. What an idiot! Maybe he thought he would sell Canada's ultrapolluting tar sand oil to Europe if he managed to take Putin's Russia out of the picture by pushing the West Ukraine agenda down Putin's throat... That's the warmonger Harper willing to send the Canadian military into harm's way throughout the world, and to look good as an efficient economic administrator going as far as cutting the funds required to properly care of the injured soldiers once back in Canada and who hid in an office closet in the Parliament building when an armed man went into the building to kill politicians I assume...


It started in 1898 in Cuba, with the case of the sinking of the USS Maine in the bay of Havana. The US accused Spain, the empire controlling Cuba, of having sunk the ship. The US then started its Spanish war, took Cuba, Porto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. The Cuban had then factually succeeded getting rid of the Spanish empire, and the US took over, letting mafias organize all the types of activities forbidden in the puritan USA: nightclubs, casinos, bordellos. And the US legit big enterprise put its hands on the Cuban minerals, the best agricultural lands for the production of sugar, the banana and other fruits production (the United Fruit Company, becoming later on Chiquita, and later on Dole), etc., using the Cubans for real cheap labour. We know how it ended...


The only question on nuclear weapons asked at last night's Republican debate presumed the inevitability of these monstrous devices: "Which leg of the nuclear triad do you think is most important?" The front runner Trump was not familiar with the issue, it appears, and this gave up-n-comer Rubio the chance to show that he was all in favor of mass destruction. The hapless Dr. Carson was offered the chance by rightwing hack Hugh Heweitt to tell why he would be tough enough to "to kill hundreds or thousands of innocent children" - the doc seemed to think that killing kids had some connection to his work as a pediatric surgeon, not sure why. And Chris Christie was ready to show how tough he was by offering to shoot down Russian planes. And of course, Ted Cruz wanted to see the sands of Syria "glow," presumably from the effect of nuclear explosions.

Republicans are funny - they are scared to death of terrorists under their beds but not at all worried about the wiping out of humanity by either nuclear weapons or catastrophic climate change. That leaves a large space for Obama (and Hillary) to look rational while authorizing a trillion dollar buildup in nuclear weapons over the next thirty years - and provoking nuclear-armed Russia and China at every opportunity.