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The New Republican Gilded Age


The New Republican Gilded Age

Ryan Cooper

The Republican Party has the run of the federal government. What sort of society do they wish to create? The Gilded Age — an often-overlooked period from the mid-1870s to 1900 — provides some important lessons.


If frog marching the German citizenry through concentration camps was appropriate, why not frog march every Republican through toxic waste sites, make them hold their pee until their work masters say they can release it, live on the street for an indeterminate time, etc. Oh, and make sure that they must hug a person of color and/or alternative lifestyle at least once per hour. If they still persist in their ignorance and hate, then tell them that the upcoming election is really on Thursday. They just might bite.


Yeah, why not. You start, I’ll record it…


Yes–DUH!!! The infamous “Powell Memo” (1971) urged precisely that, which amounts to a fascist coup. Events since that time have aligned very closely with what Powell urged. This is a key document of modern history. Everyone should read it in its entirety and think long and hard about what it is saying.