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The New World Order Is Here

The New World Order Is Here

John Feffer

You know the story: the globalists want your guns. They want your democracy. They’re hovering just beyond the horizon in those black helicopters. They control the media and Wall Street. They’ve burrowed into a deep state that stretches like a vast tectonic plate beneath America’s fragile government institutions. They want to replace the United States with the United Nations, erase national borders, and create one huge, malevolent international order.

The only thing that stands in their way is—take your pick—the Second Amendment, Twitter, or Donald Trump.

Yep, there’s no “new world order” … no “conspiracies”, okie dokie. I cannot stand trump… but the globalist corporatist oligarchs ARE very real, very much a threat to morality and freedom everywhere and as you’ve noted are causing chaos globally due to climate change denial and installing puppet politicians to implement further catastrophe. To deny that is to be an oblivious fool.


Yes…you have something there . In rhe oligarchs establishing that New World Order…I do however, understand his use of this in the way he used that idea here…

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James Warburg helped found the Institute for Policy Studies which Feffer writes for.

In 1950 the son of one of the Council on Foreign Relations’ founders, James Warburg emphatically decreed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,

“We shall have world government whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent.”

Start-up funding was secured from the Sears heir, Philip Stern, and banker, James Warburg. Most of the money came from a foundation of Samuel Rubin.


The New World Order is here, and it must begin now.

Lower and Middle classes must prevail before any consideration is given to those not in deed of anything.

The wealthy must be put in their place and receive only the 1% of any benefits they deserve.


The history of the “new world order” is simple: Starting in 1978 New Deal regulations that kept corporations under control for nearly half a century started being decriminalized in the name of “deregulation” and corporations accelerated purchasing US politicians. Within two decades corporate ownership of US politicians had provided returns on investment far higher than anybody expected, so corporations started buying politicians around the world and now have faux populist movements around the world to maintain the new world order of corporations owning gubmits.


Thanks for this! I get regular email updates from IPS, but have never been able to figure out where they are coming from ideologically. Feffer can be all over the place at once with no identifiable orientation.

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There are plenty of lousy conspiracy theories. Of course, were governments more forthcoming about conspiracy, the theories might improve.

It is odd that the term conspiracy theory has come to suggest that an observation is not accurate or not reasonable. All conspiracy suggests by itself is a plan between multiple parties in secret that is not undertaken for everybody’s benefit. Is there any possibility at all that conspiracy does not therefore describe the basic operation of government?

Surely there’s no creditable “lone gunman” theory of the presidency, is there? I suppose there is some air of lack of planning around political events. But do we really imagine that these things are not in some way planned. however often plans backfire? Or do we imagine all of our politicians as little angels, leaving us no need for transparency in government or for balance of power?

No, there are plenty of lousy conspiracy theories, but every non-conspiracy theory of government is lousy.

For whatever reasons–of unity, whatever–Feffer seems to want us to imagine that all or most of the conspiracy theory is generated by the self-styled “right.” But no, those of us who questioned the killing of the Kennedys and of King, those who read of and tried to piece together COINTELPRO and Watergate and Bush’s “October surprise” and Iran-Contra,. those who rejected NAFTA and the TPP, those who suspect 9/11/01 for an inside job are still out here.

And a lot of you here are adding in incidents that I have left out as well, aren’t you? No, a lot of us who suspect governments and reject globalists are not right wing nor imagine that we are.

After how many conspirators does it become reasonable to suspect a serial conspirator? Does it mean nothing to us that agencies that govern us are called secret and can, without review, label documents top secret and so forth?

“You know the story,” Feffer opens, assuming assent. I know a bit of it, sure. Does Feffer?

Large capital globalists and large capital nationalists both have everything to do with global warming, as well as with the rest of our ecological debacle. Stepping back and giving these goons a free hand does nothing whatsoever to resolve such issues.


Nothing wrong with a “one world government” - it sure would mean the end to wars and exploitation of weak states by powerful states, and unilateral actions by some states that harm other states. But, it would need to be democratically accountable with strong consensus-decision making mechanisms. And of course, it would have to be a federal-type government to provide autonomy on local issues. Yeah - a tall order.

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Personally, I don’t see anything necessarily bad with the concept of a one-world government, or a much stronger United Nations. Something of the sort, if it reduced or eliminated war, would be a good thing. It may also, in fact, be the only realistic way to slow climate change and to mitigate its disruptions.

If Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, Pat Robertson, Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, and Ted Cruz all are against a one-world government, then I guess I’m all for it.

The issue I have is a person writing for an institution that promotes one World Government seeming to dismiss the notion that such institutions exist as a Conspiracy theory.

ONE world Government by definition is Globalization. Globalization by definition is centralizing the decision making process which directly impacts the ability to do this at the local level. The question that has to be asked when advocating for this type of Governance is how do we get there from here and who decides what is good for everyone else?

We can see the consequences of this at work when we look to Libya . Yemen, Syria , Iraq and the like when a cabal of other Nation States decided it knew what was best for these Countries and sought to impose their view on these nations and their peoples via the use of force.

I happen to believe that while there should be some supra national agency, its powers should be very limited and that decision making power has to remain at the local level. One of the things that is leading to Environmental destruction is that the LOCALS trying to defend their forests, rivers and streams are powerless to prevent foreign Multinationals headquartered in some other nation State wreaking havoc on that same environment.


I do not mean, of course, rule by the globalist cabal of financial and fossil-fuel capitalists. As Feffer correctly points out, that is exactly the de facto “New World Order” that threatens our existence as we speak.

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Understood , but in any system of Governance where laws and regulations passed by a single entity no matter whether it driven by the financial industry, the Fossil fuel Industry , Global Capitalists or well meaning socialists desiring to promote equality and environmental protections, there has to be some form of enforcement. As soon as you create an entity that ENFORCES these laws you are concentrating power in the hands of the few. Mechanisms need to be in place that ensure power not concentrated in such a manner or that power will be hi-jacked and abused.

What the answer is exactly I do not know but Chavez in Venezuela was on the right track with those peoples Constitutions and peoples Committee’s. Switzerland has some model of this at a much smaller level and the underlying issue is how this could be made to work Globally.

The Green Revolution in India , implemented by the UN and massive infrastructure projects funded by the World Bank are examples of initiatives that just failed to consider all of the implications wherein the voices of the locals were dismissed because they were deemed un-educated when compared to the technocrats that came up with those projects.


Regarding the term conspiracy theory, no link, but I’ve heard from several directions that the term became a derogatory slap on ideas when the CIA began using it to describe others’ interpretation of events.

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Libya’s takedown followed Gaddafi’s movements to unite Africa. Libya was the richest nation in Africa at that point.

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I do agree with the author that our thousand or two problems boil down to FASCISM
and fighting it.

But I don’t know why anyone expects Elites to all be of one mind – and that’s somewhat
suggested as an expectation in this article. Nor do I think that Elites are all equally greedy
or suicidal in their exploitations. Some may never give any thought to ever being held to
accountability, and some (like Nixon and LBJ) may be driven insane in the end by those fears/
paranoia – perhaps guilt/conscience?

Fascism comes from a deep darkness of secrecy and stealth which arrived here with Columbus
and the methods it would use to profit by controlling nature, animal-life and other human beings
didn’t have to be thought out because they had already existed for some time – Manifest Destiny
and Man’s Dominion Over Nature. “God says…” “Enslave or Kill …” Capitalism.

The invention of one all male god and the creation of organized patriarchal religion was an
already existing system of control over more than half the world – the majority of humans who
were female. And each dividing of humanity provides stronger controls over all humanity.

And it had come to an astonishing level of control over nations and citizens by violence –
actually by new precedents of violence which included horrific instruments of torture specially
invented for the purpose of breaking the bodies of human beings.
The Natives American here had no chance of surviving as they would not be enslaved, they
were familiar with the land, their language was shared by many others – and they couldn’t be
left to live by the invaders to ever again claim their land.

“A single thread runs from the White House to the State Department to the Council on Foreign Relations to the Trilateral Commission to secret societies to extreme New Agers. There must be a new world order… There must be world government, a world police force, world courts, world banking and currency, and a world elite in charge of it all.”

But by no means must any of those systems lead to justice, equality, unity.

– Btw, it is weather actually which is taking men off of golf courses, just as women had begun stepping
onto them - and new demands on males of marriage/family.


France was the Nation that took the lead in getting rid of Qaddafi. The Wikileaks data from Hilary Clintons server exposed that toppling of Qaddaffi for what it was. Many of the ex French Colonies in Africa still have to use the French Banking system. The French take a cut of African monies each year and all those Countries foreign reserves are held in France. If those Countries want access to those monies they must ask France.

France has used this to drain literally hundreds of billions of dollars from Africa and to France since they ended their Colonial Empire in Africa claiming this as restitution for their lost investments when they were kicked out. Added to that those Countries must give FRENCH Coporations the right to access any mineral resources found AND must allow French troops in their Countries to protect French assets.

When Qaddaffi suggested the Dinar , this would have ended the french Post Colonial system of wealth extraction and those White Guys in France were not going to allow any dark skinned people in Africa to do this.


Golf courses? Good riddance. Reforesting opportunity.

Thank you –

When Qaddaffi suggested the Dinar , this would have ended the french Post Colonial system of wealth extraction and those White Guys in France were not going to allow any dark skinned people in Africa to do this.

They originally created the term to discredit anyone who challenged the official narrative surrounding JFK’s assassination, which was pretty much everyone at the time.
Specifically, in April 1967, the CIA wrote a dispatch which coined the term “conspiracy theories" and recommended methods for discrediting such theories. The dispatch was marked “psych” – short for “psychological operations” or disinformation – and “CS” for the CIA’s “Clandestine Services” unit.

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