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The New York Times Opinion Desk Has a Neoconservative Problem

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/06/new-york-times-opinion-desk-has-neoconservative-problem

Hate will always have a voice in this country unfortunately.

It’s our job, as those who embrace the opposite of hate, Love, to show the world that racial hatred is a systemic, destructive force which has no place in civilized society.

The rioting of police in the streets these past 9 days is a part of what must change if we are to call this a nation of ours a Democracy.

If the government will not institute changes to Law Enforcement to make them understand that We the People are the ones they have sworn to serve and protect, then, We the People will be the ones who will need to make the changes ourselves.

In the end, We the People will prevail.


the nytimes continues to deteriorate daily. awful so-called reporting. will we ever forget how they pushed the Iraq war???


The NY Times has lost all credibility many years ago if it ever had any to begin with in the first place. But to publish a rant from a psychopathic warmonger such as Tom Cotton is inexcusable. They might as well just advertise for all the war material manufacturers and war itself. Only this time it’s a war against us all. The neocons are going to be the death of America, if it already hasn’t happened since the attacks of September 11,'01. They used that as an excuse to go crazy and destroy the Middle East and I’m sure Cotton was whooping and hollering up a storm after the invasions. So now he’s all in on Americans themselves. Arkansas needs to primary him out as soon as possible. PLEASE~~!!!

the NYT exists for one main purpose.

Cool comment on another NYTimes opinion piece (“Tom Cotton’s Fascist Op-Ed” By Michelle Goldberg) which was a counterpoint to the Tom Cotton opinion piece:

Ontario via Massachusetts | June 5

@Bruce Rozenblit

I too am glad the Time published the article. It exposes exactly how unhinged some of our right-leaning Senators are. It is important for us to know this.

What Cotton’s article most made me conclude is that it’s time to listen to the founders’ wisdom: standing armies are dangerous to liberty and will almost inevitably be used against the people. In fact, Cotton’s article could well have been titled: “A Proclamation, For Suppressing Rebellion and Sedition”—which was the title King George III used when he published his authorization to use force to restore order in the American colonies.


Agreed —people have a right to be heard and critisized----Another commentary was by Melanye Price a poly sci prof from Prairie View A@M Univ of texas------she is actually calling for the stopping of these videos of police violence —she writes that these videos “should not be used as tools of instruction to teach lessons that are already familiar to us. There must be some new rules of engagement around these videos.”------WOW---------Do we live in a free country???

The U.S. operates through a combination of neoconservatism and neoliberalism.

This whole country has a neoconservative problem. Obama, a few months ago, didn’t warn about going too far right. He was instead warning about going “too far left”. The entire Democratic Primary was about the “woke” neocons with a D next to their names quashing the Progressive movement and installing their corporate stooge Biden, even if it meant handing a second term to Trump and destroying what’s left of the US. The Democrats finally put up the fight of their lives and it was to make sure people don’t get healthcare, decent, livable wages, access to affordable higher education, a meaningful social safety net and a system that for once works for them instead of just for those on top.
They didnt want someone in the WH who wasn’t going to obscenely increase the DoD’s budget and continue our immoral wars for the benefit of the oligarchs.

The New York Times is a propaganda arm of the US empire. It has dutifully supported every single US imperial war, printing lies to help justify bombing Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yugoslavia, etc. As the Intercept reported, we have dropped almost one bomb per hour on Afghanistan in 2019 thanks to Pelosi giving Trump more money for the DoD than he asked for. That’s blood on our hands.

It was only a matter of time before the NYT published calls for war directly on the American people. Remember the editorial board actively sought out and asked Cotton to write this piece.

And for anyone who wants to erroneously make this a free speech issue: a publication doesn’t owe anyone a platform. And inciting wanton murder and violence against the american people by encouraging the deployment of the military on US soil to handle protesters not only seems to be marching dangerously close illegality but even if it is not illegal, the point is that an article like that normalizes state sponsored violence.

When was the last time Chomsky published in the New York Times? How many Progressive voices do they ever give a platform to? For the New York Times (and much of the mainstream media it appears) Noam Chomsky is beyond the pale, but clearly fascism is not.


I’ll simply suggest that readers weigh the truth, factuality, political leanings, and track record of any news source they imbibe. The NYTimes news reporting is fair, well-researched, and accurate (for the most part). Their opinion department is a national forum – this country has viewpoints all over the map. In general, I pretty much skip the NYTimes op-eds. Hell, I’m light years to the left of every op-ed contributor they’ve ever featured.

That said, the NYTimes just shook up their op-ed department based on this particular controversy.

Thank you for introducing the NYT’s solicitation of Cotton’s letter. I was going to comment on that matter myself. Why was it left out of the article?

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