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The New York Times' Pro-War Arguments Against War With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/10/new-york-times-pro-war-arguments-against-war-iran


Excellent essay Gregory, Thank you! A viewpoint that given the evidence and history paints a starkly accurate picture of US media complicity to US government aggression and deceit. That picture includes Israeli/Saudi subversion of US foreign policy, and fomenting war against Iran.

The NY Times is playing the role they have for decades to sound “journalistic” when they actually serve business-as-usual, the war-machine, neoliberal views, and Israeli interests with word-play.

The history of US aggression against the Persian people via the 1953 coup is forgotten, the suffering under the Shah and Savak, forgotten. The current pre-mediated war against Iran by destructive economic means ignored, and the fabricated claims of a “nuclear weapons program” an incitement and false narrative, much like the phony WMD claims used to “justify” the destruction destabilization of Iraqi society and tens of thousands of deaths, even such as Iraq was under Saddam.

Add to the list, Venezuela, Cuba, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, and the displaced ethnically-cleansed Palestinian people, and the ME/NA US policy of violently overthrowing, destabilizing governments effectively destroying societies for the benefit of the oil conglomerate, Israeli expansionist/racist agenda, and the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.becomes clear.

Given how the trump regime unilaterally abrogates treaties and agreements (foreign and domestic) when they don’t please trump’s tweet-flavor of the day, why should any nation enter into any such with the US, especially under a pathological extremist clown/idiot such an donald trump, or believe a word. When negotiated treaties and agreements are torn-up so easily no one should trust the US.

When wars, hot and cold, and are so easily “justified”, fomented and realized, by the likes of trump, john bolton and mike pompeo why should any nation or people believe any damn thing a US administration says? And why should anyone believe the New York Times?


Yes indeed, an excellent essay!

One of the main functions of NYT is to promote Israeli issues and propaganda. They have done that consistently for decades.


The Cheney war into Iraq only, 2003
There were NO nuclear related WMD’s and everyone knew it. The photo shown by Colin Powell at U.N. for the resolutions was aluminum tubing - same as used in Chicago basement for electrical wiring - not zirconium or titanium.

However:::: there were WMD’s left over from Iraq/Iran war and desert storm era.
5,500 to 6,000 artillery shells were uncovered and removed by U.S. Army soldiers in 2005 and 2006. Over 80 became very seriously ill due to exposure to shell leaking bacteria and virus that were developed at .-.-.-…—.---… and fermented at a plant 20 miles from Bagdad. This facility was destroyed in person by U.S. Army task force on April 15, 1991. One officer developed brain cancer because of this dangerous trek north from southern Iraq that day.

The U.S. gov’t did not confirm finding the buried WMD’s until October 2015 in NYT two day report. I do not know why the years went bye without our admission of finding WMD. One possible reason is that we knew exactly where they were hidden the whole time. Another is that we had blown up an Iraq WMD poison gas depot in southern Iraq during Desert Storm attack and the vapors wafted all over our soldiers.

Marvelous reporting on NYT mis-coverage. Thank you.


Here’s the CNN interview wherein Bush admits there were no WMD’s

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November 2010 interview.
I received two phone calls June 15, 2015.
The first is about cottonbalers in desert storm dying of brain cancer. This was also in writing by VA.
The second was the WMD question.
Army knew locations to dig up.
I asked why US Army or republicans had not released the info. August 2019, I know why they did not at that time. This story would never have seen the light of day if we had not badly poisoned so many military. And they asked for VA health care. Denied them for many years.

On second thought.
If Colin Powell had been elected in 2000, the WMD’s would still be there in Iraq - buried.
We might have much better consideration, politeness for each other also.

The Israeli lobby works to advance Israeli interests, and they are not the same as US interests.

It’s Freudian that the author refers to those pushing animus against Iran [overwhelmingly in the interests o f Israel] as the US ruling class.

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