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The New York Times Should Hire Climate Scientist Michael Mann as Op-Ed Columnist on Global Warming


The New York Times Should Hire Climate Scientist Michael Mann as Op-Ed Columnist on Global Warming

Howard Friel

Last Tuesday, September 11, while watching Democracy Now!, I listened to the lucid, conversational way in which Penn State climatologist Michael E.


The New York Times should be nationalized and liquidated with the funds going to training real journalists and supporting real news outlets in the tradition of Julian Assange, Dianne Johnstone, Black Agenda Review, etc.

Sorry folks, I keep getting these hopeless revolutionary fantasies…

It should, but it won’t, so we will continue to see ridiculous articles like these begging capitalist institutions to act against their own interests – the primary one being to make money any way they can and the rest of humanity be damned.


I want some of what Howard is obviously smoking…


Any credible voice would not be one that writes for the New York Times. This would be a sure way for Michael E. Mann to lose credibility.


An op-ed on climate change makes little sense to me. Krugman is an economist but economics is not a hard science, it is a social science so there are completely different views on economics with no objective way to determine which are right or wrong. Climate science is hard science. We want to know Mann’s views but we also need to know the views of other leading climate scientists. It is important to realize that leading climate scientists sometimes have differing views and there is no reason Mann is right and others are wrong. These type of disagreements are the subject of studies and often it takes years to reach a consensus view. Mann is one of the outspoken climate scientists so his views reach a lot of people but the important thing is to demand that any view of a climate scientist is firmly backed up by the results of studies. What Mann or any other climate says should lead us to ask what is the evidence for that assertion. The main thing is to search for the truth because the right wing is trying to obliterate the concept of truth. In their world what Donald Trump says about climate change carries more weight then what climate scientists like Michael Mann and James Hansen say.


Oh come on.
All you have to do is look at the track record of prediction. James Hansen and Michael Mann have been spot on for over 20 years. Reality Trumps consensus at this point.


Michael Mann and Michael Moore could definitely put together the best Reality TV Show possible for those us who care about our Mother Earth.

Perhaps, Democracy Now would give them 15 minutes or more on their daily show to talk to America.


“to lose credibility”???

Ahhh, he passed that marker years ago. He falsifies data and completely left out the medieval warm period from about 1000AD to 1300AD in his bullshit “hockey stick” graph. Now locked in a 6!!! year lawsuit, he refuses to provide his research for his results.

But for The NYT, he’s perfect fit. A proven liar and crazed REgressive. He’ll fit right in with Paul “if Trump is elected expect a catastrophic global recession” Krugman and white hating bigot Sarah “I love being cruel to old white men” Jeong.

Talk about CrazyTown


Michael Mann, the fellow who made personal, libelous attacks on Dr. Guy McPherson, while using McPherson’s work as news? Yes, that would be consistent with how the Times behaves. But for anyone who wants to know about abrupt climate change and near term human extinction, I suggest visiting Guy’s site, Nature Bats Last.


You took the print right outta my finger-tips, Bless You, you have done us all a great service!


Both of these climate alarmists you mention have been busted falsifying data.


I wonder why if there is AGW, your side feels the need to lie.


In my opinion, they are honest and you are not.