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The New Zealand Shooter’s Rhetoric Sounds Like Something You Might Hear In Congress

The New Zealand Shooter’s Rhetoric Sounds Like Something You Might Hear In Congress

Matt Fuller

When I read the New Zealand shooter’s manifesto, what struck me most were the similarities between his writings and some of the things I hear from members of Congress on immigration.

I don’t blame anybody but this shooter for his horrible actions, and I’m not suggesting there’s some equivalence between what he has done and what some lawmakers have said.


Both King and Gohmert, along with my Tea Party (or TP, for short) Representative, “represent” Trumplandia in its truest form. Washing machine breaks and it is relegated to the yard to sacrifice itself to the elements. Toilets, refrigerators, freezers, etc. are welcome, too. While redundant, Confederate flags and MAGA symbols proudly proclaim the FEAR on the residents. All other animals seek to die in seclusion. Racists insists on making a show of it. While they will deny it until their end, they are nihilists to their core. (OK, you got me–they don’t know the term, but they do live it.) It must truly be a living hell to be born into such a subculture. While I grew up in a relatively conservative home, there was enough value of knowledge in it to allow me to develop my Progressive self. I travel through Trumplandia a lot as I seek pockets of semi-preserved natural beauty. As I listen to them converse amongst themselves I can discern that there is a genuine humanity within. Unfortunately, it is all too often constrained by the subcultural conditioning. Education is the only possible remedy. Of course the conditioning abhors education as we progressives have seen. At the end of the day it is the proverbial horse-and-water conundrum.


So western culture is so fragile that immigrants can easily destroy it?

That tells me everything I need to know about the right – they need daddy to protect them.

Fun fact: the 20 most prosperous congressional districts are all represented by Dems. And 16 out of the 20 least prosperous are represented by Repubs.


King sez:
“… even importing one single person, you are importing their culture. If you don’t import one, ten, or a hundred, but a million: they will subsume the native culture.”

… or ply it with smallpox-infested blankets.


The income of average Trump voter is NOT poverty: it’s $75,000. You’re blaming working-class & poor whites for MIDDLE-CLASS & WEALTHY viewpoints

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“You’ve got to be taught to hate”


I post this frequently, my friend. GMTA!

The “takeaway” from such horrific events is being inerpreted in different ways by various groups trying to promote their own agenda. As example and already there groups claiming that the removal of the videos of the event from facebook and other platforms and the encouragement “not to share it” as proof they are lying about what occurred and that it was not really a “white Australian” that committed these acts.

In other words those that spread hate such as Gohmert and King will never change no matter the results of their words and those that support those Politicians will continue to do so.

This leads me back to an article on “Magic” that I read several years ago. In that article the person claimed Magic was not the hocus pocus stuff we see in Fantasy movies where fireballs shoot out of fingertips. Magic was about using WORDS to shape and mold peoples perceptions so they act in a way the Magician wishes them to act. WORD magic is used to “encrypt reality” where the subject of the test froms a reality and thus acts in the way the praticer of magic wishes.

With the onset of Mass media and with School systems ignoring teaching Critical thinking skills and focusing instead on a model that dictates thought , populations are much easier to manipulate and control. Truth and the light and freedom that truth brings is subverted when the words of these Politicians are accepted as fact.

Unquestioning uncritical input of data can let in falsity that gets stored as “factual truth” in memory, a memory corruption. Processing information is required to verify if it represents reality accurately or not. Without thought on the data, there is no choice but simply blind acceptance of the data input. Freedom comes with knowledge of ourselves and the reality we are in, especially the knowledge that has been suppressed with counter-mechanisms to not look into this. Learning is how we acquire knowledge. Thought is the key to decrypting the occulted reality by learning about occulted knowledge. Hiding knowledge removes it from our available information data-pool to collect, and encrypts our understanding of reality. To actively learn about deeper aspects of our consciousness , psychology , behavior , and the world we live in is to be unlocking ourselves, our own “minds”, and the reality we live in.


Sounds to me like progressive writers from Janine Jackson, to Matt Fuller, to Will Bunch, to Chris Brauchili are straining hard to find some linkage between out of context quotes from the past and their views of how they should apply to the present. Sad!

Archie Bunkerism is a learned disease. Imprinted then with fear and mistrust. Whether that results in institutional bigotry, or outright hate is the settling point of who you become.
Education, and mixed activities early on please.
Whites created a separate reality for the early American slave population, and the African American continued to build a separate culture because of the way things were, not because they wanted a different one. Now we have separate everything including a subculture of language. Humpty will never be whole.

Kick your wife or your dog enough times and they will leave for a better life.

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Louie Gohmert gets testy if you cast aspersions on his asparagus.

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And here’s something King said in August 2018 about fertility rates:
I’m watching emotion take over reason. When I made a statement on Twitter saying, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,” it seemed to be more irritating to the left than anything I have ever said. First of all, the total fertility rate in Europe is below replacement rate. When that happens, you are a dying civilization.

Here’s the shooter on the unprecedented “invasion” of immigration:
We are experiencing an invasion on a level never seen before in history. Millions of people are pouring across our borders, legally, invited by the state and corporate entities to replace the white people who have failed to reproduce, failed to create cheap labor, new consumers and tax base that the corporations and states needs to thrive.

For at least three decades the best congress money can buy has resembled an organized crime syndicate more than a governing body in an alleged democracy.


Exactly- wherever did people get the notion that all Dumpians live in or near poverty? Poor people usually do not vote- they don’t have the means and have other issues to contend with.

Actually we need negative population - not growth- we have far too many humans.

Sick of hearing that schools do not teach critical thinking! Excuse me but that is really the role of the parents with reinforcement from the schools. Why do people like Dump and Devious hate public ed? Notice they never criticize corrupt bankers and realtors.

Plato . Confucious and Buber all spoke of the role of the educator and teacher when it came to students. None of them suggested it was up to the parents to teach a child how to think critically . That is the role of a teacher . It is what they train (or should be trained) to do.

Finland has one of the highest rated education systems in the World. Teachers in Finland are held in high regard as is their Public school system. At the core of their teaching is teaching Critical reasoning skills. They feel education is more then just “learning and reciting” facts.

A number of teachers that write articles here are in concurrence. They tend to be opposed to “common Core” and they do not like the trend of the diminishing of the Liberal arts that go on in the US School systems as they feel this takes away the ability to TEACH.

Trump , Devos and crew villify this part of the US Education system as they feel the system should be little more then a job training program so the person can have a career after school. What Trump and crew want is a system where the child is told things like “Slaves had a better life on the Plantations than their brethern did in Africa” and not have the question question that “fact”. (Fact in parentheses for a reason. The teachers in your Public school system , at least the good ones, fight against that.

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Apologies – I lost this post before I could compete it and then couldn’t find
it again –

I had planned to refer to the unprecedented visit by Pope John Paul to the Italian
Parliament to move them to encourage women in Italy to have more children.
That event further underlines the reality that the Vatican underpins Elites/Patriarchy.
The overturning of Roe has nothing whatsoever to do with morality or Evangelicals.
That’s a cover story for GOP acting for wealthy who want overpopulation which brings
them cheap labor – higher profits.

GOP actions are intended only to benefit Elites/wealthy always – and no one else …
other than perhaps themselves, personally.

Someday we have to turn them upside down and see what comes rolling out of their pockets.

Again – they’re overturning Roe for Elites – not Evangelicals.

Evangelicals did NOT support the theory that life begins at conception.
NOR did Evangelicals agree with GOP efforts to deny therapeutic abortions to women when
their lives, health or future fertility was threatened.

GOP doesn’t want you to know who they really work for.

Mealouts –
The comments I made flew away from me before I finished them …
went into Pope John Paul’s outrageous visit to Italian Parliament –
unprecedented by the way - where he tried to move the Italian parliament
to encourage women in Italy to have more children. He cited the need for
corporate workers – for expansion – not for love of children.
(Except to rape them)


As I see it this wasn’t only the first non-Italian Pope, it was the first CIA Pope.
And certainly – despite beliefs of Gloria Steinem that she was working for “the liberal CIA” –
the CIA is fascism and certainly anti-feminist movement and pro-support of overpopulation for
the Elites it represents – to continue cheap labor/higher profits.

Apologies, I couldn’t find the post after I lost it.

(New reply below)

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Parents have the kids on a permanent basis- teachers should enhance what is taught ( or not) at home. Parents also control the school boards which hire and fire teachers. Yes, teachers in Finland and New Zealand are held in high regard. Even China holds them in high regard. We used to in the USA- now many schools are told to train five year olds for the future. Thank goodness many teachers see past this and are there for the humane needs of the students. Devious sees schools as a religious training ground. She is ignorant and wouldn’t know a school if she stepped on one!