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'The Next Big Fight Begins': Groups Mobilize to Stop 'Grotesque' GOP Tax Cuts


'The Next Big Fight Begins': Groups Mobilize to Stop 'Grotesque' GOP Tax Cuts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"If enough of us raise our voices, we can make sure that the public learns what's really in the GOP bill and how it will hurt families around the country."


Note to all MSM: Tell the American People the Truth for a change.


Mobilize, spread the word, lend a hand and give support…I am unable to do this until the beginning of next month…but…there is no place like home and our shared common dream, there really is no place like right here on these pages so why not start here and send a few bucks their way? remember how Bernie got it done with 27 bucks a throw? we can do that here too you know and there really other place on the web that has us covered they way they do here…Gilbert


It’s Letter-to-theEditor writing time. – The place to start is not right here on these pages…that’s preaching to the choir.

The place to start is the local and state-regional MSM-owned rags that are read by the people who don’t frequent alternate media. Those people are the rednecks and ordinary folks who go to the MSM rags to see who won the high school football games, photos, and the current standings, the “funnies”, horoscope, and assorted self-help columns, amusements and other trivia.

Someone feel like writing a template?


I fully expect Trump to attack NK to divert attention from action on the tax bill. The republican party, not content with waiting on the supreme judgment that will send them all to hell, is trying to recreate hell here on Earth. They are doing a bang-up job of it so far. As for why all those republicans are smiling, they just fucked 300 million people and are still in the afterglow.


Just updated the press release from Americans For Tax Fairness to include the Senator Criminals and sent around all the major papers in Vermont where I live.

Posted some articles for neighbors to read too.


It is incredible that ideology should “trump” the well being of the Earth herself and all of us. But then they are dangerously unevolved shells.


Good idea:

Check out the “Big Six” list–they need to be swamped with calls and letters.


You can use and update the excellent press release the Americans For Tax Fairness posted.


I agree. That’s the thought I had regarding Las Vegas. Keep us occupied with horror and fear, while they steal from us

All these other bills that they tried to pass were minor compared to this one. This is the one that they absolutely want. I’m not so certain the $1.5 trillion over 10 years, stated here, is the whole story…I’ve got some reading to do to get myself up to speed; because just three weeks ago, the rags were reporting that the House is after a $5.8 trillion tax cut:

September 28, 2017

The proposed tax cuts in the Trump plan would total $5.8 trillion over 10 years, according to an analysis by the Committee for Responsible Federal Budget and other reports…

…families could no longer reduce their taxable income with personal exemptions for dependents in their household…

…$1.6 trillion would, in theory, be generated by repealing most of the itemized deductions (excluding mortgage interest and charitable deductions)…

September 27, 2017

An analysis by Americans for Tax Fairness…that Trump’s tax cuts could total a massive $6.7 to $8.3 trillion, $3 to $5 trillion of which may not be paid for by closing other tax loopholes and/or by limiting tax deductions. The resulting jump in the deficit threatens funding of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education and other vital services.


Thanks very much.

Do you know, off the top, what bill this was in the Senate? Was it H.Con Res 71? If so, my state (Maine) had Susan Collins voting for it; and, King voting against. If this is the case, I’ll be writing a Letter to the Editor, chastising Collins; and, that I will enjoy doing…

See: https://www.senate.gov/legislative/active_leg_page.htm


Letters to the editor only go so far seeing as the trolls swamp those pages as well. I have been going around to different communities that have senior centers or buildings where senior citizens go. Start spreading the word there to people who have fallen for the plethora of lies from the partisan media and speak the truth in a calm voice.

These are the people who actually show up and vote so making sure that they have ALL the information to make an informed decision is vital. Few people are willing to troll you face to face but it is a lot easier to refute bad information or give the entire story instead of just snippets.

Others can do the same at colleges or any other venue where giving the entire story to people is much easier to do than can be accomplished by letters that rarely give you the opportunity to instantly refute any talking points meant to keep people focusing on the wrong thing.

The main thing is to interact with people as much as possible even if it means admitting that sometimes the other people have a valid point but are blaming the wrong target.


I was thinking of the people that still read the printed versions of these rags, rather than the online versions. Here in Maine, there are still a lot of people reading the print versions, especially with regard to the local printed news media that shows up in our mail boxes. Even regional papers like the Portland Press Herald still have a significant print version following.

But, I’ll also be interacting with the online trolls. That’s somewhat enjoyable when you’re arguing the truth.


Anyone interested in reading what the Repugs are going after, within their budget, may download the text of the H.Con.Res.71 bill, which the Senate approved today, from the following link. I recommend the pdf version.

To get an idea of what they wish to privatize and what they want to “reform”, simply scroll down through the Table of Contents, which starts on Page 2. This stuff is fairly easy to read…not very much on specifics…but, if you read between the lines, it paints a picture of what they’re up to. I suggest starting with the items that most interest or concern you.


Great ideas here. Thanks very much.


I agree. We are in for another major, catastrophic war.


I just read that H Con Res 71 is for the 2018 budget, so this is not the tax cut, but it smooths the way for the gop tax cuts for the rich and prevents democrat filibuster. I am surprised Olympia Snow voted for this budget given her words of protecting her constituents, so she was the #51 they needed for the dirty deed … sigh.


So true. Living in a conservative place, I find the best way to persuade others is to wait until I actually hear a person make a valid point, which they will. I jump into the conversation and agree wholeheartedly. I follow thru with my reason for agreeing with their point, which often deconstructs what they just said without refuting their talking points. I build an Us vs. Them case (the people vs. corporate rule) case. The fact is a little logic and respect goes a long way.


Yes, H.Con.Res.71 doesn’t contain the code for the tax cuts; but, it contains the Policy Statements of Sec. 525 and 526, which appear to advocate another eight years of application of Reagan’s “trickle-down” approach, which has been proven wrong continuously. I think I first need to dig up the articles that debunk this approach; because, that should probably be the major point of anything I submit to the media.

And, yes, again…I agree that Susan Collins was likely hoping there would be more votes in favor; so, she could get her GOP colleagues’ okay to appear moderate by voting against…a ploy she often uses. I will say, however, that I was surprised when she was a deciding vote against their health care plan. But, this vote certainly negates that vote; and, shows exactly where her loyalties lie.


Thanks. I need to attach a Post-It, containing this sentence, to my laptop; so, I can start to ingrain it into my subconscience. I’m contending with that now in a local matter, where I have to pretend that I have respect for a couple of long-time officials, so as not to alienate their more recently elected board colleagues, whom we are trying to educate to our way of thinking.