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The Next Big Fight: Saving Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security from Massive Cuts


The Next Big Fight: Saving Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security from Massive Cuts

Robert Reich

Fresh off passing massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, Trump and congressional Republicans want to use the deficit they’ve created to justify huge cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

As House Speaker Paul Ryan says “We’re going to have to get… at entitlement reform, which is how you tackle the debt and the deficit.”

Don’t let them get away with it.


There is no shortage of solutions and these are all excellent ones and I would add one more; do not allow companies to provide health insurance for their employees. Put all Americans in the same healthcare system and then see how concerned they become. When half of the population is insulated by their job provided health insurance they are not active participants in either the system or the discussion. Really though, the problem lies in implementing good solutions because it is difficult to overcome the oligarchy controlling the decision making process in the US. At this point I have totally lost faith in congress, the house, the judiciary, the presidency and half of the voting public. If voters couldn’t even see the truth of the criminal serial sexual predator they put in the white house what chance is there they will push for even the most beneficial changes to their system of retirement and health care?


When “they” (Republican and Democratic neoliberals) come for these programs, that’s when I take up arms because, at that point, I’ll have nothing to lose.


We are still fighting from the same place - a “GDP is All” outlook.

Here is an alternative - though I haven’t quite been able to wrap my head around it yet:


What we need is defense spending reform which has been the major cause of the U.S. debt and the deficit. But of course that is sacrosanct!


No Ryan you dumbass, you tackle the elephant in the room, our bloated WAR budget.
"Don’t let them get away with it"
I’ve got my pitchfork, how about you Bob?


Ryan didn’t wait until 2018 “to get around to entitlement reform”.

December’s Inequality Exacerbation Act (IEA) disguised as “tax reform” includes:

  1. a $25 billion Medicare cut this year, with $400 billion to be cut during the next decade, and
  2. revising the consumer price index (CPI) formulas to a “chained CPI” whereby increasing prices for goods and services are not included in the CPI, the assumption being that workers and others will stop buying whatever is subject to price increases. This will reduce (at best) or more likely eliminate cost of living increases for workers and beneficiaries of earned benefit programs.

Don’t want to think about Ryan’s upcoming additional cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and other “domestic” programs.


Too bad we couldn’t Reich back in a position of power. A true progressive in these terrible days.


Americans are noticing the Democrats being merely an embarrassing placeholder. They’re leaving the party in droves and the trend continued through 2017. Since 2009, D-Party identification has dropped from 37 to 29%, while the Rs have held steady at 27%. Ouch. Now’s the time to start that third party:


Keep writing letters to our senators and reps reminding them that it is intolerable for them to remove the social net of social security and while doing so remind them we know that it is a sustainable program etc. Keep the pressure on before they make their moves against us.


I am so tired of reading articles about SS (in particular) with nary a mention of the fact that congress, over the years, kept helping themselves to SS money to fund well, war mostly.
So, where’s the damn money?
And yes, I will be in the fight to keep SS, medicare and medicaid.


I asked a friend of mine if they have health insurance and he said let thy food and thy activity be thy medicine. Of course there’s catastrophic coverage, which I’d like if I could afford at the moment or the moment I get hit by a car etc, but we need to tackle the gmo, sugar , processed, meat-heavy, and anti-holistic diets Americans are programmed into. Honestly, more than I want to disrupt pharma profits, I want to help the average person I see who is painfully out of health. Herbs (lostempireherbsdotcom) are the answer.


Since Ryan has a problem with what he is called entitlements then he should get out and earn some of his own. As a 100% service connected disabled Vietnam Veteran I am a victim of the biggest government health scam there is - the Veterans Administration. Of course Ryan knows this . Ryan knows this but continues even to deny that VA care, by nature of our country’s contract with those it sent to war is part of the compensation due for our involuntary service to the profits of the MIC. While Ryan et al tout that VA benefits are entitlements they are simply part of the human right to receive healthcare no matter our financial status. Both the VA System and Medicare are set up to merely Manage Death at the least cost possible. With the VA system killing/letting us die usually takes the form of withholding or providing very broad based care where cost over treatment is the ONLY consideration. And now that we are being plagued by the Phony Opioid Crisis the VA denies even pain relief to the vast majority of us (another propaganda ploy to keep us divided since addiction is only a problem for a small percentage of those of us who legitimately need and use pain management - including your grandparents). For those of us who “dare” to raise hell about our lack of care then we are vilified. In my case, even though I am a 100% and was only demanding care for service connected injuries VA workers inserted false medical notes painting me as a terrorist. I supposedly threatened to harm doctors and others treating me. Merely raise your voice to a VA doctor, nurse, or other worker can and most often does result in immediate arrest by federal VA police and being hauled off to county jail. The lesson: Shut up or you will be subject to the full weight of the draconian laws involving the overblown US instigated War On Terrorism.

The Medicare System, which I also have, only functions today because it is being run by and for the profits of the good old Health Insurance Industry. Unless one has lots of money one must buy one of these insurance plans to even skim a few earned benefits off of the top. The Medical Industrial Complex is a price fixing organization that does nothing more than ration what little care it does dispense. As in all things with our society there MUST BE PROFITS!!! Unfortunately under the corrupt for profit system of Medicare the average senior is faced with monthly decisions about which medicine to buy, which doctors to see and how much of their meager income goes where just to keep on treading water. The real kicker is when Grandpa gets “really sick” or as the health insurance industry calls it “The End Of Life Scenario” or the last 6 months. At that point in time Grandpa, and especially the family’s finances are probably better off in investing in morphine or other opiods from the street and spending a few pain free months as the drugs help expedite the end. In our society the End Of Life Scenario should not be a time of medical torture but one of at least passing with human dignity and not in service to profits.

Sorry Mr. Reich, Medicare has already been destroyed. It is simply another Health Insurance Enrichment Act which along with Obamacare serves Wall Street’s immoral profit schemes. As long as we believe in the VA, Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPS or private health insurance we are nothing more than the cannon fodder of the Medical Industrial Complex where we are no longer human beings but merely interchangeable flesh bags symbolizing The God Almighty Dollar! We do not need to Save Medicare! We need to kick the private sector out of health care (yes both of the Corportist Parties are in the process of converting the VA system into a Medicare style profit center). Mr. Reich if you really want to change things then the very first thing you need to do is to reject both wings of our Wall Street Owned One Party System (WOOPS) and help build a party that represents We, The Rabble! Sort of like the pre-Clinton Democrats used to do.