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The Next Election Is About the Next 10,000 Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/24/next-election-about-next-10000-years



blatant Burn-It-Down Trumpishness


Pull-The -Wool-Over-Their-Eyes Bidenism

We fight either way, like our lives depend on it


We foolishly think that we know where the tipping points are. Ha! Nonlinearity is a Bitch! Targets of this and that seem all so civilized, but why not just not make the target doing the best that we can? Fuck the rich fucks who impede Progress because they want to continue to profit off of their troglodyte ways. The economic system must be reworked to remove the externalities that permit pollution, poverty, and the other pervasive regressive sins that hold People and the Planet in the grips of greed.


Our “fat is in the fire” as we say, and perhaps some good will come. Perhaps not.

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If the next election IS about the next 10,000 years then we’ve already lost. We have to take it outside the political process.
Does anybody know if Mr. McKibben has ever spoken forcefully about changing our industrial agro-business that is as bad as the energy sector in dooming the planet? It seems every time I read something about him he’s always railing about just King CONG (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas). I know he’s personally a vegetarian and advocates eating less meat (a noble idea I’d wish the Pope of Rome would enforce) but Bill could be using his influence to tackle the other big cause of Climate Catastrophe.


Sigh. Upping the ante on The Most Important Election Ever! ™

Can’t wait to see the gymnastics in 2024!


McKibben has been a professional fool his entire career.

His job is to favor one party and herd for it, regardless of the fact that said party does exactly zero to solve the problem he identifies.

It’s the only reason his mug gets the press it gets. He’s an excellent servant for power.


The best part is when politicians who were formerly involved in an earlier incarnation of The Most Important Election Ever! ™, now use the term for this one…and then the next one…and the next one…

Of course, it’s nice to see Obama and Hillary admitting their elections weren’t that important.


Your election choice: Planet-killing corporatism heavy or planet-killing corporatism sorta-somewhat-lighter. Enjoy your expression of “democracy.”


and then you die…


Before, I was only Depressed …


depression seeks the low places and so is like the Tao…

Oy, I’ve been reviewing the McK in more detail. Does anyone actually read this drivel anymore? Some report says we have very little time left. Oh really.

hahahahaha. “Well, it seemed pretty important at the time. Our bad!”

What a cynical racket, eh? :))


So why isn’t he endorsing the Green Party?


As a longtime Green, I’m allowed to say I wish the Green Party could do a better job, or even a marginally less lame job, of endorsing the Green Party. Rosa Clemente, for instance, is typical of thoughtful frustration with the Greens. Some good journalist should climb into that historical narrative and explain what the hell happened to the Greens.


Bill M. writes:

“And even within the world of politics, we need to do much more than vote: no matter who wins, Nov. 4 and 5 and 6 are as important as Nov. 3; we have to push, and prod, and open up space for the people we work to install in office.”

At least he is not using the term “hold their feet to the fire”---- if that is any consolation!
Whew! I was worried about more feet/toes rooted in greed that we need to hold to the fire!

We now just need to “push and prod”!


That doesn’t work as we know and can clearly see. The fact that we even need to “push, prod”, hold the 99.9 % (or more?) of politicians feet to the fire is evidence of how utterly f----ed this system and we humans are----especially in the u.s.

We can’t even get everyone to wear masks to save their own selfish selves let alone save other species or ecosystems.

As an aside:
I would add a “lol” but none of this is humorous to me. How many jokes, comedians have used trump as a springboard for their comedy routines? Is any of this really funny anymore?

Not to say that humor isn’t important------ it is.

I have little tolerance these days for trump jokes or imitations of him (a la Stephen Colbert, Alec Baldwin, Trevor Noah etc.). The collapse and great die off of life forms while surrounded by and headed up by a bunch of cruel sociopaths/psychopaths/narcissists is NOT funny.

Getting back to Bill M (and yes, Aleph I read the drivel!)

I don’t know what to think of Bill M. There are so many who seem to love to hate him and I can’t go there----- however I will say that Planet of the Humans made some excellent points that I completely agree with.

I bought his first book in 1989----- was relieved and grateful someone was sounding the alarm bells back then -----as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong) it was one of the first books written for a general audience on global warming.


The End of Nature describes nature as a force previously independent of human beings but now directly affected by the actions of people.
“If the waves crash up against the beach, eroding dunes and destroying homes, it is not the awesome power of Mother Nature. It is the awesome power of Mother Nature as altered by the awesome power of man, who has overpowered in a century the processes that have been slowly evolving and changing of their own accord since the earth was born.”
McKibben offers two paths forward: “The Defiant Reflex” or a “more humble” way of living.

The book had a huge impact on me, as did his wife’s book (Sue Halpern) book on monarch butterflies.
It was one of many catalysts that lead me down a path of dedicating my life to protecting wetland, woodlands, prairies . . . sadly many acres we “protected” are dying now due to AGW, pollution, your basic habitat destruction etc.

Lastly, back to the “election” and gist of this article:

All one has to do is look at MSM headlines today to confirm that what he is asking us to do is a stretch (impossibility?) for getting us out of this dire predicament.

Even if we get Biden we are voting to perpetuate capitalism/neoliberalism or whatever the hell you want to call this killing system.

Trending on MSM today IN THIS ORDER:

Regis Philbin, Peter Green, Portland protests, unemployment benefits, 2020 election, WNBA season, Hurricane Hanna, Bugatti Baby II

Full disclosure: I had to look up what the hell “Bugatti Baby” is . . but I can understand Peter Green trending.

In the meantime MSM is not covering: the arctic in massive meltdown, more fires in Siberia, a third of Bangladesh underwater and devastating floods in Nepal.

We have a record breaking hurricane season with over the top SST’s, tropical storm Hannah pummeling Texas and Mexico, hurricane Douglas and
disturbance invest AL92 which could be a serious problem.


If McKibbon were serious about the importance of this election, he would have encouraged everyone to go out and vote for Congressional members this November who are NOT affiliated with either of the corporate Party’s. We already know that it will be one of two imbeciles elected this November, but why compound the problem by voting for the enablers of these politically ignorant men? Whether it is Biden or Trump, both will work vigorously to accelerate global warming because that is what ‘the market’ demands. The real message for people who want to reverse global warming, and reverse it now, should be… ‘anyone but a Democrat or Republican this November!’.


I didn’t know about that, thanks. The Monarchs are probably the pinnacle of biologically inexplicable, at least until you get to the double-down devious evolutionary schemes of our microbial foes. The fact that several generations comprise a yearly transcontinental migration – I know of no theory of species-level knowledge which can explain it.

Folks decided to largely pave over one of the last major Monarch redoubts nearby – a bayside dome we call Albany Hill. Their numbers had already been dropping to nearly none, the last couple of years. Not much hope for the Monarchs, I fear.

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The drivel got my inner “ramble” drive going (sorry)! Trying weekend in the north woods.

Extra cranky today: not one monarch caterpillar (and there were a lot) in the prairies around my home made it to chrysalis stage (I monitor them). Nestling bluebirds fledged (tried to fledge) yesterday but are clearly sick (blow flies? or ??) and probably won’t make it.
So few bees, birds etc. Visible---- impossible to miss— death all around including dying trees. I read a piece (science based journal) that monarchs are functionally extinct.

“Natural areas”, lakes, rivers, parks are getting decimated by CFM’s who are packing them during covid, leaving trash, blowing off fireworks, jet skis, ATV’s, too many mountain bikes ripping up the woodlands . . . I could go on. It is rather bleak.

Just saw your comment about monarchs come in after my last few words here . . thank you. Sorry to hear about Albany Hill. It’s hard not to go full misanthrope these days . . . . I’m pretty darn close.


Because he’s a phony. Ask him where his money comes from, spoiler alert, the energy companies.

“Planet of the Humans”